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Who is Gabriel Basso?

Gabriel Basso is an American actor best known for starring in the 2023 Netflix action thriller series “The Night Agent”. Basso has also appeared in other popular TV series like “iCarly” and “The Middle”.

Gabriel Basso’s full name is Louis Gabriel Basso III. He was born on December 11, 1994, in St. Louis Missouri. He was born as one of three children to a lawyer father, Louis J. Basso and Marcie Basso (mother). Gabriel Basso is 28 years old as of April 2023. He has two other siblings named Alexandra and Annalise Basso respectively. The actor was said to have been homeschooled alongside his two sisters.

 Gabriel Basso Wiki

Real NameLouis Gabriel Basso III
Nick NameGabriel Basso
Years Active2007–present
Marital StatusUnmarried
Girlfriend NameNot Known
Children1 Child
Age28 years old
Height6 ft., 183 cm, 1.83 m
Year of Birth11 December 1994
BirthplaceSt. Louis, Missouri, United States
SiblingsAnnalise Basso, Alexandria Basso
Father NameLouis J. Basso
Mother NameMarcie Basso
Net Worth$7 million approx.

Gabriel Basso Career

Basso began his acting career by playing minor roles in two feature films in early 2007 while residing in St. Louis. These films were Meet Bill, featuring Aaron Eckhart, and Alice Upside Down, which starred Alyson Stoner. Interestingly, Basso’s older sister, Alexandra, also had a role in Alice Upside Down.

Shortly after, he relocated to Los Angeles with his mother and sisters. During his first week there, he secured representation and landed a leading role in the Dailymotion Kids web series Ghost Town.

Basso’s talent also earned him various guest appearances on popular television series like Nickelodeon’s iCarly and ABC’s The Middle.

From 2010 to 2013, he enjoyed a recurring role in the Showtime comedy series The Big C, portraying the character Adam Jamison, the son of the show’s main character portrayed by Laura Linney.

Additionally, Basso starred as Hal Mitchell in the independent film Alabama Moon (2009), directed by Tim McCanlies and based on Watt Key’s bestselling novel, featuring renowned actors John Goodman and Clint Howard.

He further showcased his acting abilities in notable films such as Super 8 (2011), a science fiction adventure directed by J. J. Abrams, and The Kings of Summer (2013), a comedy-drama directed by Jordan Vogt-Roberts that premiered at the 2013 Sundance Film Festival.

Basso’s filmography also includes Barely Lethal (2015), an action comedy helmed by Kyle Newman and starring Hailee Steinfeld and Dove Cameron. In September 2014, he joined the cast of Ithaca, the directorial debut of Meg Ryan, acting alongside Tom Hanks.

Additionally, Basso appeared in the courtroom drama film The Whole Truth (2016), directed by Courtney Hunt and featuring Keanu Reeves and Renée Zellweger. In 2020, he portrayed author J. D. Vance in the Netflix film adaptation of Hillbilly Elegy.

Continuing his successful career, Basso joined the cast of Trigger Warning, an action-thriller film directed by Mouly Surya, set to release on Netflix in September 2021.

Furthermore, in November 2021, he was announced as the lead actor in the political conspiracy thriller series The Night Agent, created by Shawn Ryan and based on the bestselling novel of the same name by Matthew Quirk, with Luciane Buchanan joining the cast. Both projects are slated to be released on Netflix.

Gabriel Basso Net Worth

As of 2020, Gabriel Basso’s net worth was estimated to be over $1 million.

Gabriel’s acting career started in 2007 with an uncredited role in Meet Bill, and then with another uncredited role in Alice Upside Down. After that, Gabriel moved to LA with his mother and sisters.

By 2009, he had secured a lead role in a web series called Ghost Town. After appearing on random roles here and there, he found a steady role on the Showtime comedy series The Big C. He portrayed the character of Adam Jamieson from 2010 to 2013.

Gabriel also appeared in the sci-fi movie Super 8 (2011) and a comedy-drama, The Kings of Summer (2013). The latter had premiered at the 2013 Sundance Film Festival. In 2015, he appeared on Barely Lethal, alongside Hailee Steinfeld.

Furthermore, in 2016, he appeared alongside Keanu Reeves and Renee Zellweger in the courtroom drama The Whole Truth. He was part of Meg Ryan’s directorial debut Ithaca with Tom Hanks.

And in 2020, he starred in Netflix‘s Hillbilly Elegy. The movie was adapted from J.D. Vance’s memoir of the same name and Gabriel was appearing as the main character of J.D. Vance himself.

There was a period before Hillbilly Elegy when Gabriel had not worked on any project. Joining the big movies like it right after the break was a bit nervous for him.

Gabriel Basso Age

Gabriel Basso, hailing from the origins of St. Louis, Missouri, and ushering into existence on the 11th day of December in the year 1994, now finds himself in the embrace of the age of 29 as the calendar turns to 2023.

His foundational years were sculpted amidst the cultural tapestry of St. Louis, Missouri, nurturing his essence during his early phases of existence.

In the contemporary timeline, he seeks solace within the confines of an abode situated in the bustling cityscape of Los Angeles, designating it as his domicile. Basso, with a sense of pride and identity, claims the mantle of an American citizen, an emblem that solidifies his authentic affiliation with the United States of America.

Is Gabriel Basso On Instagram?

Well, technically Gabriel was present on Instagram. He had a profile and all. And he posted in regular intervals. However, he had very few followers, only 1.6k, which was too low for a celebrity of Gabriel’s level.

The reason might be that he was not a frequent poster, only a few posts every few months. Also, he had created his Instagram, only in late 2018.

He was also present on Facebook. In fact, we found both a usual profile and a page of his name. Like his Instagram, his page also had very few followers. It had 1.5k likes and followers.

Gabriel Basso Parents

Let’s delve into Gabriel Basso’s family and background a bit more. Gabriel has a rich Spanish cultural heritage that’s part of his lineage. His parents are Louis J. Basso Jr. and Marcie Basso.

His father, Louis J. Basso Jr., used to work in a local business, contributing to the family’s livelihood.

Gabriel’s mother, Marcie Basso, played a crucial role in their household as a homemaker, creating a warm and nurturing environment for Gabriel and his siblings.

Growing up, Gabriel enjoyed a wonderful childhood in a Christian household, instilled with Christian values and traditions.

In addition to his loving parents, Gabriel is blessed with two younger sisters, both of whom share his passion for acting. Their names are Alexandria Basso and Annalise Basso. It’s evident that the acting bug runs in the family, and they’ve all pursued careers in the entertainment industry.

With their Christian upbringing and shared love for acting, the Basso siblings had a close-knit and fulfilling childhood.

Gabriel Basso Wife

As we mentioned earlier, Gabriel recently welcomed a baby daughter into his life. On August 12, 2020, he shared a heartwarming picture of the little girl on his Instagram, accompanied by the caption, “There is a new Basso on the planet.”

Gabriel himself confirmed the joyful news in a recent interview with However, the identity of the baby’s mother remained a mystery.

Then, on September 7, Gabriel Basso posted another endearing photo. This time, it featured a woman carrying the little Basso baby in a Bjorn, and the caption simply read, “Family day at the dunes.” It strongly suggested that the woman was the mother of Gabriel’s daughter.

Still, it left us wondering whether she was Gabriel Basso’s girlfriend or perhaps his wife. Marriage seemed less likely, as such a significant event would likely have garnered some attention and celebration. Regardless of their relationship status, one thing was evident: Gabriel was thoroughly enjoying the company of his new daughter and her mother, creating beautiful family memories.


Early Life:

Louis Gabriel Basso III was born in St. Louis, Missouri, on December 11, 1994. He has two younger sisters, Alexandra and Annalise Basso, who also act, and is Christian.

Acting Career Start:

While in St. Louis, Basso made his film debut in 2007 with tiny roles in “Meet Bill” and “Alice Upside Down”.

Relocating to LA:

His family moved to Los Angeles, where he promptly found representation and launched his entertainment career.

Notable TV Roles:

Gabriel Basso worked on “iCarly” and “The Middle,” achieving fame.

The Big C:

From 2010 through 2013, he played Adam Jamison in “The Big C” on Showtime.


Basso appeared in “Super 8” (2011), “The Kings of Summer” (2013), “Barely Lethal” (2015), and “Hillbilly Elegy” (2020).

Netflix Projects:

He starred in “Hillbilly Elegy” and the 2021 Netflix action-thriller “Trigger Warning”.

The Night Agent:

The Netflix political conspiracy thriller “The Night Agent,” based on Matthew Quirk’s bestselling novel, will star Gabriel Basso.

Personal Life:

Gabriel Basso has a daughter in 2020. The mother’s identity is kept confidential.

Presence on social media

Gabriel Basso has a modest profile on Instagram and Facebook with few followers.


Gabriel Basso is a successful American actor in cinema and television. He has played several parts in his long career and remains a major figure in the entertainment world. His Netflix employment and increasing family have expanded his personal and professional life.


Who’s Gabriel Basso?

American actor Gabriel Basso has been in Netflix films like “Hillbilly Elegy” and “The Night Agent.”

How old is Gabriel Basso?

Born December 11, 1994, Gabriel Basso is 28 as of April 2023.

Gabriel Basso’s latest project?

Gabriel Basso leads Netflix’s political conspiracy thriller “The Night Agent,” his next film.

Who are Gabriel Basso’s relatives?

Gabriel Basso’s parents are Louis J. Basso Jr. and Marcie Basso, and his younger sisters are Alexandra and Annalise.

Gabriel Basso on social media?

Gabriel Basso has Instagram and Facebook accounts, but little followers.

How much is Gabriel Basso worth?

Gabriel Basso’s estimated 2020 net worth was over $1 million, but it may have changed.

Gabriel Basso’s breakthrough role?

In J.J. Abrams’ 2011 science fiction picture “Super 8,” Gabriel Basso became famous.

Has Gabriel Basso received acting awards?

Gabriel Basso’s performances in various projects have been lauded by crowds and reviewers, with no big accolades.

The Netflix series “The Night Agent” has what genre?

“The Night Agent” is a political conspiracy thriller based on Matthew Quirk’s blockbuster novel.

Gabriel Basso has any forthcoming projects?

Gabriel Basso appeared in Netflix’s September 2021 action-thriller “Trigger Warning,” according to the newest information. Since then, his forthcoming ventures may have been revealed.

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