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The story of Jaya Kelly, a transition child, biography, age, parents, career, and net worth

In our world of constant change, topics like politics, sexuality, and gender remain intriguing. Today, let’s delve into the story of Jaya Kelly – a name you might be familiar with. She happens to be the transgender daughter of R&B singer R. Kelly.

If you’re someone who stays connected to worldwide events, the story of R. Kelly is probably known to you. However, let’s direct our attention towards Jaya Kelly. At just 23 years old, she’s an American singer who’s creating ripples not only due to her famous father but also because of her own remarkable talents and personal journey.

The pivotal moment in Jaya’s life arrived in 2014. With immense courage, she publicly disclosed that she identifies as a transgender male. This revelation signifies that although she was assigned a female gender at birth, it doesn’t align with her true self. Jaya candidly expressed her feelings of being confined in a body that didn’t reflect her inner identity. This transformative experience occurred during a Q&A session, marking a significant milestone in her path of self-exploration and self-acceptance.

Who is Jaya Kelly?

Jaya Kelly, known as the child of Andrea Kelly and R. Kelly, has gained recognition as a prominent American musician. R. Kelly, Jaya’s father, is a notable figure in the American music scene, specializing in R&B, soul, and hip-hop genres. He is currently serving a 30-year prison sentence due to various sex-related charges.

Meanwhile, Andrea, also from the United States, has established herself as a choreographer, film actor, and dancer.

In this article, I want to provide facts about Jaya Kelly as well as everything else I know about him. But first, let me take a short glance at his biography…

Bio summary of Jaya Kelly

Full NameJaya kelly
Nickname Jaah baby
Date of birth26 November 2000
Place of birthUnited States of America 
Age23 (As of 2023)
GenderTransgender (female)
Ethnicity Black
ParentsFather: Robert Sylvester Kelly, Mother: Andrea “Lee” Danyell 
Siblings2 (Joann kelly and Robert kelly jr.)
Height 5 feet 8 inches, 172cm
Weight 123 pounds, 63kg
Hair colourBlack
Eye colourDark brown
Marital statussingle
Famous forBeing R.kelly daughter
Google has well-covered Jaya Kelly

Early Life of jaya kelly

Let’s dive into the captivating story of Jaya Lee Kelly, a member of the renowned Kelly family, led by the iconic R. Kelly. Jaya’s journey began in the year 2000, stepping into the spotlight of R. Kelly’s famous family. His parents are none other than the accomplished American choreographer Andrea Kelly (formerly known as Lee) and the renowned singer R. Kelly. With deep roots in African American heritage, they proudly hold United States nationality. Jaya’s roots trace back to the bustling South Side of Chicago, Illinois, USA, and he takes his place as the second child among three siblings.

You might know him by a couple of other names – Jaah Baby and Jay Kelly. A pivotal moment arrived in Jaya’s young life when his parents finalized their divorce in 2009, a significant change for a child who was merely nine years old at the time.

The family’s story is woven with both moments of joy and sorrow. They faced the loss of Jaya’s grandmother, Joanne, who passed away due to cancer in 1993. The family tapestry extends to include Jaya’s paternal aunt, Theresa Kelley, along with uncles Carey Kelly and Bruce Kelly. Among them, Luscious holds the position of Jaya’s paternal step-grandfather.

Jaya’s educational journey saw successful completion of both preschool and high school. He learned clarinet, piano, and trumpet in school.

Currently, Jaya lives in Atlanta, Georgia, USA.

Meet Jaya Kelly’s Family

Now, let’s shift our focus to the parents who molded Jaya’s world.

Jaya Kelly’s Father: R. Kelly

The R&B music legend Robert Sylvester Kelly was Jaya’s father. Born in Chicago, Illinois, on January 8, 1967, R. Kelly sold over 75 million records worldwide. Renowned as one of the world’s top-selling musicians, his journey had its shadows. Despite soaring fame, serious legal issues cast a cloud over his reputation.  Numerous sexual assault charges led to criminal prosecutions and civil lawsuits. A New York court sentenced R. Kelly to 30 years for sex trafficking and racketeering in 2022. Convicted of child sexual molestation in another Chicago federal trial. He is in Butner Federal Prison in North Carolina serving his term.

Jaya Kelly’s Mother: Andrea Kelly

Andrea Kelly, also known as Drea Kelly – a dynamic figure in the American entertainment world. 

The Chicago native was born on January 28, 1974, and became a successful dancer and choreographer. Her career includes being R. Kelly’s ex-wife. The couple have three children from 1996 to 2009. Andrea Kelly’s story, both in her relationship with R. Kelly and their subsequent divorce, garnered media attention. She also appeared on reality TV shows like “Hollywood Exes” and “Growing Up Hip Hop: Atlanta,” offering insights into her life and experiences.

There you have it – a glimpse into the captivating lives of Jaya Lee Kelly and the influential figures who have shaped his world.

Jaya siblings

In the constellation of the Kelly family, we find JoAnn Kelly, Jaya’s older sister, born in 1998, making her a vibrant 25-year-old. JoAnn’s name stands as a heartfelt tribute to their grandmother. On the flip side, Jaya’s younger brother, Robert Kelly Jr., who goes by the name, was born in 2002 and is now 21 years old.

Jaya Kelly’s Parents’ Journey: Marriage and Divorce

Before Jaya Kelly’s parents tied the knot, let’s take a peek into the intriguing tale. Jaya’s mom, Andrea Kelly, 49 years young and known by the stage name Drea, was actually R. Kelly’s backup dancer. Their paths intertwined in the world of music and dance.

The connection deepened when R. Kelly and Andrea Kelly exchanged vows in an intimate wedding ceremony held in the picturesque backdrop of Colorado, U.S., back in 1996. At the time of their union, Jaya’s father was 29 years old, while his mother was 22 years old. They embarked on this journey together with dreams and aspirations.

However, the road wasn’t as smooth as they might have hoped. Less than a decade after saying “I do,” the marriage faced rocky terrain. In 2006, Andrea took a step towards ending the relationship by filing for a divorce. This pivotal move followed a restraining order she had sought against R. Kelly in September 2005. Andrea alleged that R. Kelly had assaulted her after she communicated her desire for a divorce.

In January 2009, the legal chapter of their marriage concluded and the divorce was finalized. Their separation involved an additional layer of confidentiality, as Jaah’s parents signed a non-disclosure agreement (NDA). As part of this agreement, Andrea received an undisclosed sum of money for alimony, providing her with a fresh start.

Life took another turn for Andrea after her divorce from R. Kelly. She found love again, this time with R&B singer Brian McKee, 36 years old at the time. Their love story led to marriage in 2014. However, their union was brief, and they parted ways within a year. The reason? Reports surfaced of Brian’s numerous extramarital affairs. This revelation prompted Andrea to end the marriage.

Since then, Andrea has chosen a path of personal growth and independence. Her romantic history has remained relatively quiet, devoid of any known relationships.

In a poignant interview with The View in 2018, Andrea, Jaya Kelly’s mother, courageously shared her painful past. She disclosed her physical, verbal, and mental abuse by R. Kelly. Andrea recounted being assaulted in his Hummer and being “hogtied” in bed, raped, and tied as he slept.

Andrea came out after years of silence to fight domestic violence and support victims. Her tale inspires those who have faced similar challenges.

Jaya Kelly’s Inspirational Journey as a Transgender Male

Have you wondered about Jaya Kelly’s amazing transgender male journey? A great tale awaits. Jaya, who was born female, found himself in a unique way.

Despite being born a girl, he proudly identified as a man at 14. This began his extraordinary journey. He decided to become a guy in 2014. Interestingly, Jaya’s gender and sexuality inclinations begin at 6 or 7. He liked girls, but he thought he had to be a boy to pursue them.

Taking steps towards aligning his appearance with his identity, Jaya began wearing men’s clothing at school and events. Despite facing tough situations and ridicule from classmates, he remained resolute in his determination. His mother, Drea, stood by him every step of the way, providing unwavering support that proved crucial to his journey.

Jaya’s path was not without its challenges. Before finding acceptance, he battled depression, spending time in a psychiatric hospital for treatment. Throughout this difficult period, his mother remained his anchor. While little is known about his father’s perspective on the transition, Jaya was determined to align his body with his true self and underwent realignment surgery.

Growing up, Jaya encountered bullying from peers due to his choice of clothing. However, he didn’t let it deter him. With incredible perseverance, he embraced his genuine identity and continued his journey. Today, Jaya lives authentically as a transgender male, serving as an inspiration to those around him.

Jaya Kelly’s story is a reminder that the journey toward self-discovery and acceptance can be challenging, but with determination, support, and authenticity, individuals can overcome obstacles and live their lives as their true selves.

Jaya Kelly surgery

Once Jaya shared the video online, he began embracing masculine pronouns, opting for “He” and “Him.” He made it clear that others’ perceptions – whether they saw him as him, her, or they – didn’t hold him back. The details regarding whether Jaya underwent realignment surgery remain shrouded in uncertainty. While some claim he underwent the surgery at 14, the truth remains a subject of speculation.

How Jaya Kelly’s Family Reacted to Her Transition

Jaya Kelly shared her family’s reaction to her gender change. During an interview, she said her mother and sister have supported her throughout her journey and totally accepted her as transgender. Her mother has always used the right pronouns for her. After revealing her transition, Jaya struggled. Due to the situation, she fell into serious melancholy and spent weeks in a psychiatric hospital.

Jaya said her mom and sister had always supported her during her coming out. Despite this, the obstacles she endured after exposing her transition to the world left her mentally ill, requiring her to stay in a psychiatric facility.

“I came out through a text to my mum and then I told her when I got more comfortable. Since she’s never judged me, I knew she’d always adore me. She always loved me and allowed me to be myself. It was fantastic when my sister called me handsome and her little brother, which I love. I believe I am a boy and want surgery, and the medication to help me (be) who I was supposed to be.”

Jaya Kelly’s mother, Andrea Kelly, wrote him back in response to his coming-out text message to his mother, saying:

“You know I love you if you were bi, homosexual, lesbian, you name it and I would still love you so much.”

During this challenging phase, Jaya’s mom stood by her side every step of the way, becoming her biggest source of support. However, things took a different turn with Jaya’s father, R. Kelly, who has remained silent about her announcement and they don’t share a close bond. Their relationship is complicated, and since Jaya made her announcement, her father hasn’t reached out.

Despite these circumstances, Jaya holds onto hope that things might change in the future between her and her dad. She openly shared her aspiration to undergo gender reassignment surgeries, understanding that she’ll need to wait for a few more years before embarking on that journey. Jaya’s determination and outlook shine through, even in the face of challenges.

Jaya Kelly Career

Jaya Kelly, like her father, is a rapper and artist who started performing as Jaah Baby at 13. Her 2014 first track, “Reservoir,” blended hip-hop and techno. SoundCloud streams this song.

Taking a step forward in her musical career, she dropped her second single titled “Focus” in October 2019. And continuing the momentum, she released another single called “Lost It” on 20 April 2020. These tracks showcase her diverse musical style and creative expression.

Other songs he has released include;

  • Reflection (Freestyle) 
  • Stalling ft Kel 
  • Interlude 1
  • Lost It 
  • Focus ft Buku Abi 
  • Eachother (Use Me) 
  • Wrong (Weakness For Kindness) 
  • Did (Wendy) 
  • We (Us) 
  • Fall Into
  • Reservoir 
  • Gentle 
  • No Regards ft Kyd Taurian 
  • Stalling ft Kel 
  • Subtle.

Jaya has also taken the stage by storm at various events and music concerts, going by the stage name JaahBaby. Despite her family’s affluence, she wants to make her own mark on music. She’s dedicated to her music profession and self-taught herself piano and music production.

Jaya’s drive to create her own path is clear – she’s not relying on her family’s status. Her sights are set on building a thriving and independent music career. Through her dedication and self-initiative, she’s showcasing a strong commitment to establishing her own mark in the industry.

In addition to her music pursuits, Jaya also enjoys playing basketball. While she doesn’t play at a professional level, it’s more of a personal hobby for her. It’s another way she engages her interests beyond her music, showcasing her versatile and well-rounded nature.

Jaya kelly Instagram

Indeed, he is. There’s an account associated with his music on SoundCloud, bearing the handle @Jaah.bby. However, this account has been inactive for a while and holds just two posts. It seems that the celebrity has chosen to keep a low profile on social media, possibly in response to the unfortunate cyberbullying that stemmed from his father’s legal issues and convictions related to sexual abuse.

Interestingly, Jaya values her privacy significantly. Her public social media activity is low. She might have a secret account for her close friends and family and block public access. This guarded approach reflects her desire to maintain personal boundaries and protect her space from unwanted attention.

Jaya kelly net-worth

Net worth$300,000

The young star is said to have a net worth ranging between $300,000 and $500,000. Jaya primarily earns her income through her singing career. Alongside this, performing at various live events has added a substantial amount to her earnings. Additionally, Jaah’s tracks on SoundCloud bring in revenue through royalties.

In contrast, Jaya’s father, R. Kelly, was estimated to have a net worth of $100 million when he faced legal troubles. Considering his 30-year prison sentence, he would be released at the age of 85 in 2053. This leaves room for Jaya, her two siblings, and her mother to potentially inherit his fortune and net worth. On another note, Jaya’s mother, Andrea Kelly, is estimated to have a net worth ranging from $5 million to $20 million.

Jaya Kelly Now

As of 2023, Jaya is in a comfortable space regarding her gender identity. She’s thriving as a musician, releasing her music on SoundCloud. Jaya’s dedication to her craft remains strong. Despite having well-known parents, her aspiration is to establish her own distinct identity. Her focus lies in enhancing her musical journey and exploring new opportunities for herself.

People also asked (FAQs)

What is Jay Kelly’s age?

Jaya Kelly is currently 23 years old.

How long was Andrea Kelly married to R Kelly? 

Andrea Kelly was married to R. Kelly for a duration of 13 years. However, she emphasizes that she never truly felt like a wife.

Was Jaya Kelly born a male child?

No, Jaya was originally born as a female child. However, in 2014, she announced her identity as a transgender male.

Does Drea Kelly have kids?

Absolutely, Drea Kelly, the former spouse of R. Kelly, is a mother of three children. Their names are Joann Kelly (also known as Buku Abi or Azriel Clary), Jay Kelly, and Robert Kelly Jr. These kids are the result of the union between Drea Kelly and R. Kelly.

What is R. Kelly’s Ex-wife’s net worth?

Drea Kelly’s net worth stands at 5 million dollars. She’s known for her roles as a dancer, choreographer, and television personality. Her financial status can be influenced by a mix of factors, including her earnings from her career, business ventures, and personal investments.

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