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Haart is the cast member of Netflix with the highest estimated net worth, reportedly worth over $50 million. However, Silvio, who has an estimated $1 billion in wealth, has a far smaller role in the Netflix series.

Although the Haart family’s exact earnings from their TV endeavors haven’t been made public, it is anticipated to be a considerable sum. This is due to the fact that reality stars in the lifestyle genre, especially those who are already well-known, typically make a lot more money than competitors on reality competition series. The Kardashians reportedly get roughly $900,000 each episode, while stars of Bravo shows like Vanderpump Rules and The Real Housewives purportedly make up to $2.75 million every season.

In contrast, contestants on reality television programs like The Bachelor are not treated as employees and merely get payment for their expenses. To be sure, it’s well recognized that appearing on television can lead to influencer status and, in turn, money chances.

Julia Haart Net Worth

Julia Haart is a renowned fashion designer with an impressive net worth of $50 million. Before pursuing her career in fashion, she held the position of CEO at the media conglomerate Elite World Group. Her own line of shoes carrying her name and her work as the creative director for the renowned Italian luxury brand La Perla are two other ways she has distinguished herself in the fashion world. The Netflix documentary miniseries “My Unorthodox Life,” which explores Julia’s brave decision to leave her Haredi Jewish community in New York, features Julia’s life story as its main focus.

Julia Haart Net Worth Growth

YearNet Worth
2019$27 Million
2020$300 Million
2021$39 Million
2022$43 Million
2023$50 Million

How did Julia Haart build her net worth?

Julia Haart embarked on her entrepreneurial journey in 2013 when she founded her own shoe company, Julia Haart Inc. Her vision was to create a line of shoes that seamlessly combined style and comfort for the wearer.

Her talent and creativity caught the attention of La Perla, leading to collaborations on accessory collections. Impressed by her work, La Perla appointed Julia as their creative director in 2016. Under her leadership, Julia designed a “ready-to-wear collection” for La Perla, which turned out to be a tremendous success for the brand.

Julia’s professional endeavors also led her to meet her future husband, Italian telecom magnate Silvio Scaglia, during her work with the company. Scaglia had acquired La Perla in 2013 for $69 million, having purchased the brand at auction for $90 million. In addition to their personal connection, Scaglia named Julia as the CEO of Elite World Group in 2019, just a few months after their marriage.

However, Silvio Scaglia encountered legal issues related to tax evasion, which ultimately led to his imprisonment and house arrest due to his actions.

In 2017, Julia made waves by organizing the La Perla Manor runway show, featuring appearances by renowned models like Naomi Campbell and Kendall Jenner. Her creative talents extended to designing a dress for Kendall Jenner for the Met Gala that same year.

Julia took on the role of CEO at Elite World Group in March 2019, where she excelled in her position. More recently, she ventured into the world of television, appearing on the Netflix series “My Unorthodox Life” in July 2021. The show delves into her life as the CEO of The Elite World Group, but it faced criticism from the local Jewish community for her involvement.

What is the net worth of her family?

Batsheva Haart

Julia’s oldest daughter Batsheva is valued $4–6 million. She is a 30-year-old wannabe influencer with over 500,000 Instagram followers. Her influence has led to collaborations with prominent brands like Amazon and Farmacy Beauty.

In 2021, Batsheva made headlines when she separated from her husband of nine years, Ben Weinstein. Their split reportedly stemmed from differences in their visions for their future family.

Miriam Haart

Miriam, Julia’s second daughter, has a promising future ahead of her as a computer science graduate from Stanford University. She holds the title of Chief Technology Officer (CTO) in her mother’s metaverse project, Haart Sphere. Since fans watched the business talks on the show, the project hasn’t changed much.

Miriam’s estimated net worth is reported to be around $500,000.

Yosef Hendler

Julia and Yosef tied the knot in 1991 but decided to go their separate ways in 2019. Yosef is the biological father of Julia’s four children: Batsheva, Miriam, Schlomo, and Aron. He currently holds the position of CEO at DBA Logical Building and is reported to have a net worth of approximately $2 million.

In 2021, Yosef entered into a new marriage with Aliza Schulhof. The couple made a short appearance in season 2, episode 5 of the show, where they celebrated Batsheva’s birthday together.

Robert Brotherton

Due to his strong friendship with Julia Haart and his role in their Family Feud special, Robert Brotherton is almost an honorary Haart. Robert has an estimated $5.5 million net worth and works in marketing and operations.

While Julia was creative director and Robert was global director of marketing at La Perla, they likely became great friends. Later on, Robert took on the position of chief operations officer at Elite World. Interestingly, he left that role in March 2022, just one month after Julia was removed from her position at the company.

How old is Julia Haart?

Julia Haart, born April 11, 1971, in Moscow, Russia, is a fashion icon. She exudes confidence and vigor at 52. Originally named Talia Leibov, Julia Haart has undergone an extraordinary transformation, breaking away from her ultra-Orthodox Jewish upbringing to become a prominent and inspiring figure in the world of fashion. Her birthplace, Moscow, holds the memories of her formative years, where her curiosity and passion for the arts first blossomed.

Early Life and Education

Originally known as Juliaa Leibov, Julia Haart was the oldest of eight children born into a Haredi Jewish household on April 11, 1971, in Moscow, Soviet Russia. Her parents moved to Austin, Texas, when she was three. Julia was the sole Jewish student in her private school.

The family then relocated again, this time to Monsey, New York, which is recognized for having a substantial Haredi Jewish population. At Brooklyn’s Bais Yaakov Academy, Julia continued her studies while living in New York. She learned to sew during this time, discovering a talent for it.

When she turned 18, Julia made the decision to alter her first name to Talia, choosing a name that sounded more in keeping with Orthodox Jewish tradition in the hopes of finding a mate in the community who shared her views.

Julia Haart Biography

In the world of fashion, Julia Haart is a seductive and enigmatic figure whose life story inspires interest and attraction. She was born Talia Leibov in Moscow, Russia, on April 11, 1971. She was reared ultra-Orthodox Jewish. Her story gains further appeal from the mystery surrounding the particulars of her upbringing and the occasions that inspired her to reject tradition.

When Haart changed from Talia to Julia, that was the turning point in her life. She accepted her newfound independence at this pivotal moment and set out on a voyage of self-expression, self-discovery, and extraordinary entrepreneurial success. How did she overcome her sheltered background to rise to the position of CEO and creative director of Elite World Group, a significant international leader in the fashion sector? The solution resides in Haart’s unwavering tenacity, fortitude, and inspirational leadership.

Career Beginnings

Julia Haart embarked on her professional journey by working as a Judaic studies teacher at Yeshiva Atlanta, which happened to be the inaugural Jewish high school in the Atlanta, Georgia metropolitan region. During her tenure there, she adopted the name Talia Hendler and earned a cherished reputation for her effective teaching methods. Simultaneously, unbeknownst to many, she engaged in a side business selling life insurance.

Fashion Career

Julia Haart entered the world of fashion in 2013 after leaving her Haredi community. She established her own shoe company with a clear vision: to create stylish footwear that didn’t compromise on comfort. Collaborating with other companies, Haart used NASA gel technology to craft high-heeled shoes that were remarkably comfortable.

In 2016, she joined forces with the luxury Italian lingerie and swimwear brand, La Perla, working on their spring and fall accessory collections. Her exceptional work led to her appointment as the brand’s creative director. In this role, she introduced innovations like the first stretch Leavers lace, and introduced a ready-to-wear lingerie collection with built-in support.

The year 2017 saw Haart orchestrating a spectacular runway show for La Perla, featuring renowned models like Naomi Campbell, Sasha Pivovarova, and Lindsey Wixson. It was also the year when she gained recognition for designing Kendall Jenner’s breathtaking Met Gala gown, adorned with a stunning 85,000 crystals.

Moving forward, in March 2019, Haart took on the roles of CEO and Chief Creative Officer at the media conglomerate Elite World Group, which oversees the prestigious talent agency, Elite Model Management. Under her leadership, the company expanded its divisions and focused on helping models capitalize on their personal brands. Haart also assumed the role of creative director for the EWG luxury fashion brand, e1972, where she introduced a highly acclaimed collection.

However, her journey hit a bump in early 2022 when she was dismissed by EWG owner and her former husband, Silvio Scaglia, on allegations of embezzlement within the company. She was succeeded as CEO by her predecessor, Paolo Barbieri.

Julia Haart Netflix

Julia Haart, a well-known reality TV personality, takes the spotlight in the Netflix series titled “My Unorthodox Life.” The show made its debut on July 14, 2021, and it offers a deep dive into Haart’s professional and personal journey. It details her rise from poverty in an ultra-Orthodox Jewish village to CEO of Elite World Group, a fashion giant.

The episodes reveal Haart’s home life, family dynamics, and struggles after leaving her strict religious upbringing. It shows her balance as a mother, wife, and successful businesswoman. The book “My Unorthodox Life” further details Haart’s struggle to carve out a successful path in the fashion industry while also embracing a more secular lifestyle.

What is Julia Haart Nationality?

Julia Haart is an American by nationality. She spent her early years in Russia after being born in Moscow on April 11, 1971. But her life has carried her beyond any country’s physical and cultural bounds. While her nationality ties her to American heritage, her experiences and accomplishments have elevated her to a global status.

Married Life of Julia Haart

Julia Haart married at 19 against her will after growing up in a conservative Jewish society. After two decades and four children, she divorced her first spouse. In 2013, Julia left her ultra-Orthodox community to pursue a secular life and a design career.

In 2019, Julia Haart found love again in Silvio Scaglia, the founder of Elite World Group and an accomplished Italian entrepreneur. Under Julia’s leadership, they transformed Elite World Group into a powerful talent management company. Their remarkable love story and their shared journey in the fashion industry are documented in the Netflix series titled “My Unorthodox Life.”

Why are Silvio Scaglia and Julia Haart divorcing?

Recent reports indicate that Julia and Silvio, who tied the knot in 2019, have made the difficult decision to end their marriage. Notably, Silvio took on Julia’s last name, Haart, during their union. Sources suggest that a significant point of contention between the couple is Silvio’s desire to sell the company to settle his debts and embark on a new business venture, a plan that Julia does not endorse.

Julia maintains that she has invested substantial effort into growing the company to its current stature. In response to what she perceives as an unjust termination, Julia has taken legal action, contending that Scaglia, Silvio’s full name, once referred to her as the “best CEO they had ever had.”

Her Legal Cases

Following her dismissal from EWG, Julia Haart took legal action against Silvio Scaglia in Delaware, where EWG’s parent company, Freedom Holding, is based. She asserted that she held a 50-50 ownership stake in EWG, which she believed made it impossible for her to be terminated from her role as CEO. However, in a decisive ruling by Vice Chancellor Morgan T. Zurn in August 2022, it was established that Silvio Scaglia was indeed the controlling shareholder of the company, and as such, Haart’s termination from her CEO position was deemed legitimate.

Shortly after the trial regarding her removal from EWG, Julia Haart faced another legal battle concerning allegations of abuse by Silvio Scaglia. In this case as well, she did not prevail. Justice Douglas Hoffman of the New York Supreme Court concluded that her accusations were unfounded and appeared to have been made in response to her termination from EWG and as an attempt to gain exclusive occupancy of Scaglia’s $65 million penthouse apartment.

My Unorthodox Life

Julia Haart is the central figure in the 2021 Netflix documentary miniseries “My Unorthodox Life.” This series chronicles her decision to break away from the Haredi Jewish community in Monsey, New York. She explains that her departure was driven by her disagreements with the community’s strict customs and their impact on her children’s growth. The show also features her children, as well as her former husband Silvio Scaglia and her close friend and business partner Robert Brotherton.

While some viewers responded positively to the show, “My Unorthodox Life” faced significant criticism from the Orthodox Jewish community. Many members of this community viewed the series as being critical of Orthodox practices. The most ardent critics even argued that the show had the potential to promote and enable antisemitism by portraying observant Jewish individuals in an unfavorable light.

Manhattan Penthouse

Silvio made a shocking purchase in 2018, a year before their marriage. He paid $56 million for a 10,000-square-foot Tribeca penthouse. This extravagant apartment was even referred to as “the Haart Penthouse” in the Netflix series.

But things took a different turn after Julia and Silvio got divorced. They found themselves embroiled in a legal dispute over who rightfully owned this prestigious penthouse.

Final Words

Julia Haart’s amazing rise from conservative upbringing to fashion and entertainment stardom is a testament to her persistence and entrepreneurship. She has left a lasting effect on fashion with an estimated $50 million net worth and a diversified resume.

In the Netflix series “My Unorthodox Life,” Julia’s story shows her personal change and the hardships and criticisms she experienced. Her legal struggles, business accomplishments, and family complexities have made her a fascinating and complex public figure.

Julia Haart’s tale inspires individuals who defy convention and pursue their passions as she navigates her life and profession. Her influence on the fashion business, her family, and spectators shows the power of determination and dreaming big.

Julia Haart’s story shows that individualism and achievement may lead to great heights, even in a world where boundaries are continuously pushed.

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