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Linda Ripa came into the world on December 3, 1968, right in the heart of Camden County, New Jersey, USA. With her birthdate placing her under the spirited Sagittarius zodiac sign, she exudes an energetic and adventurous nature. At 54 years young, Linda embraces her American nationality while proudly carrying the heritage of three-quarters Italian and one-quarter Irish ancestry.

In the tapestry of her family, Linda’s mother, Esther, holds the nurturing role of a homemaker, creating a warm and comforting environment. On the other hand, her father, Joseph Ripa, takes on the dynamic roles of a labor union president and a skilled bus driver. His journey also led him to the halls of Rutgers University, where he pursued education with dedication.

Within this vibrant family tree, Linda’s sister, the renowned Kelly Ripa, shines as an accomplished actress, a graceful dancer, a charismatic talk show host, and even a talented television producer. The sisters’ shared Catholic upbringing has woven a strong bond between them, shaping their values and perspectives.

Adding to the family’s civic involvement, Linda and Kelly’s father, Joseph, has held the esteemed position of the Democratic County Clerk for Camden County, New Jersey, since June 2009. This role showcases the family’s commitment to their community and their active participation in local governance.

Early Age And Childhood

Linda Ripa’s journey began in the heart of Camden County, USA, on December 3, 1968. Her vibrant spirit is illuminated by the Sagittarius astrological sign, an emblem of her adventurous and free-spirited nature. With 54 trips around the sun, Linda embraces her American roots, where her ancestry blossoms from a blend of three-quarters Italian and one-quarter Irish heritage.

In the tapestry of her family, Linda’s father, Joseph Ripa, emerges as a remarkable figure—an adept bus driver and an influential labor union president. His pursuit of knowledge led him to the halls of Rutgers University, where he carved his path. In contrast, Linda’s mother, Esther, envelops the family in her nurturing embrace as a devoted stay-at-home mom.

Within this tightly-knit kin, the radiant presence of Kelly Ripa, Linda’s sister, shines. Beyond her prowess in acting and dancing, Kelly graces the screen as a captivating chat show host and a creative force in television production. The sisters share more than just blood; their upbringing in the Catholic faith has fostered a deep bond and shared values.

Adding to the family’s legacy is Linda and Kelly’s father, Joseph. Since June 2009, he has held the esteemed position of the Democratic County Clerk for Camden County, New Jersey—a testament to their commitment to public service and their connection to the community they call home.


Linda Ripa wears multiple hats in the creative world, and her journey to recognition took a unique turn through her connection as Kelly Ripa’s niece. Her versatile talents encompass the realms of television, presentation, dance, and production. An iconic role etched in memory is her portrayal of Hayley Vaughan in the beloved soap opera, All My Children.

Linda’s luminous presence extends to the realm of morning talk shows as she co-hosts the widely syndicated Live! with Kelly and Ryan. Her partnership with Ryan Seacrest has brought laughter, insights, and camaraderie to countless viewers.

Beyond the glitz of the screen, Linda’s personal life is intertwined with the film industry, just like her husband Mark. Together, they’ve woven their dreams and skills into the tapestry of the entertainment world. The foundation of their shared vision led to the creation of Mojo, a company that reflects their passion and innovation.

Linda Ripa Height & Weight

Linda Ripa stands at a graceful height of 1 meter and 50 centimeters, with a balanced weight of 50 kilograms. Her distinctive physical measurements paint a picture of her proportions: 34 inches for her bust, 26 inches for her waist, and 35 inches to accentuate her hips. The delicacy of her figure finds its fit in a 34C bra size, while her feet find comfort in size 10 shoes in the US sizing.

Her gaze carries the softness of gray eyes that hold a certain depth, and her hair, a cascade of blonde, adds a touch of warmth to her appearance. In these details lies the uniqueness that adds to Linda Ripa’s charm and presence.

Family, Parents and Siblings

As previously mentioned, her parents encompass the roles of a labor union president and a dedicated homemaker. Within the embrace of her family, her sister Kelly Ripa stands as a familiar and cherished presence. Apart from these known details, further glimpses into her family’s life remain veiled from the public eye, preserving a sense of privacy and intimacy.

In the pages of her life, the year 1999 marked a significant chapter filled with both resilience and challenge. During that time, she faced a harrowing accident that resulted in fractures to her sternum, pelvis, and ankle. The remarkable aspect is that this ordeal unfolded while she was seven months pregnant, showcasing her strength and determination amidst adversity.

Married, Husband and Children

Linda’s journey likely includes the warmth of a marriage, where she shares her days with her beloved spouse. While her personal life remains a treasure trove of privacy, she has upheld the sanctity of these moments, shielding them from both the watchful eyes of the public and the probing gaze of cameras.

In her heart, the name Sergio-Giuseppe Ripa holds a special place as her son. Amidst the layers of secrecy, this name stands as a testament to the intimate chapters of her life.

The year 1999 carved a poignant memory into her story, etching a car accident that unfolded when she was just seven years old. The collision left her with shattered bones, including a broken pelvis. Amidst the aftermath, a heart-wrenching turn of events saw her baby delivered seven weeks prematurely, amidst the shadows of a coma.

The passage of time unveiled a tale of resilience and determination as both mother and child battled for their lives. Weeks turned into a fierce fight, and their triumph over adversity shone through. In the embrace of a loving and understanding family, Linda Ripa found solace and strength, proving that even in the face of tragedy, love and support can be powerful healers.

Linda Ripa Net Worth

Adding to her accomplishments, Linda Ripa took the bold step of founding her own company, Mojo, a venture that undoubtedly speaks to her creativity and entrepreneurial spirit.

In the background of her life’s canvas lies a family with a history of affluence. This has paved the way for Linda to enjoy a net worth that surpasses $1.2 million (USD), a reflection of her hard work and the opportunities she has seized along her journey.

Linda Ripa Social Media

Linda Ripa engages with the digital world through the realm of social media, and Twitter is one of the platforms where her presence shines. Navigating under the handle “LindaRipa1,” she connects with her audience, sharing her thoughts, experiences, and perhaps even snippets of her journey. As of now, her Twitter following stands at a vibrant community of 371 followers, each thread of connection contributing to the tapestry of her online presence.


Q1: Who is Linda Ripa?

Linda Ripa is an American actress and TV personality. Her roles include “All My Children” and “Live! with Kelly and Ryan.” She is Kelly Ripa’s sister.

Q2: When was Linda Ripa born?

On December 3, 1968, in Camden County, New Jersey, Linda Ripa was born.

Q3: What is Linda Ripa’s zodiac sign?

Linda Ripa’s zodiac sign is Sagittarius, known for its energetic and adventurous nature.

Q4: What is Linda Ripa’s family background?

Joseph Ripa, Linda’s father, was a former labor union president and competent bus driver who attended Rutgers University. Esther, her mother, was a housewife. Kelly Ripa, Linda’s sister, is a famous actress, dancer, talk show host, and producer. The Catholic background of the Italian and Irish families has bonded them.

Q5: What is Linda Ripa’s career?

Linda Ripa played Hayley Vaughan in “All My Children.” Ryan Seacrest and her co-host “Live! with Kelly and Ryan”. She co-founded Mojo with her husband Mark and works in movies.

Q6: Does Linda Ripa have children?

Linda Ripa has a son named Sergio-Giuseppe Ripa.

Q7: What is Linda Ripa’s net worth?

Linda Ripa’s estimated net worth is $1.2 million. Her family’s wealth has helped her financially.

Q8: Is Linda Ripa active on social media?

Yes, Linda Ripa is active on social media, particularly on Twitter. She engages with her audience under the handle “LindaRipa1” and shares her thoughts and experiences. She currently has around 371 followers on Twitter.

Q9: Can you tell me about Linda Ripa’s personal life?

Linda Ripa appreciates privacy and keeps some of her life secret. She and her kid survived a vehicle accident during pregnancy with family support.

Q10: What is Linda Ripa’s physical appearance?

Linda Ripa is 1m50cm tall and 50kg. Her 34-inch breast, 26-inch waist, and 35-inch hips are unique. She wears a 34C bra size and size 10 shoes in US sizing. She has gray eyes and blonde hair, which add to her charm and presence.

Final Words

 Linda Ripa is a multifaceted American television personality known for her roles in soap operas and morning talk shows. With a birthdate that aligns her with the spirited Sagittarius zodiac sign, she exudes energy and a sense of adventure. Her family, deeply rooted in Camden County, New Jersey, consists of her parents Joseph and Esther, her renowned sister Kelly Ripa, and her son Sergio-Giuseppe Ripa. Linda’s career has spanned acting, hosting, and even founding her own company, Mojo, in collaboration with her husband Mark. While she values her privacy, Linda maintains a presence on social media, particularly Twitter. Her path included a vehicle accident during pregnancy, which she overcame with perseverance and her loving family. Linda Ripa’s $1.2 million net worth is a monument to her effort, ingenuity, and dedication to her business and family.

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