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Michael Ciminella, a 1957 New Jersey native, had a life-changing encounter with Naomi Judd in the early 1980s while they were both working at a recording studio in Nashville, Tennessee. Their relationship developed, and in 1986 they got married. Together, the couple gave birth to a baby they called Elijah.

Due to problems in their marriage and rumors of his infidelity, Ciminella and Judd separated in 1994. Ciminella kept a low profile after their divorce, while Judd remarried.

In 2016, Ciminella returned to the public eye after it was revealed that he had been secretly dating Reba McEntire.

Michael Ciminella’s profiles summary

Full name Michael Charles Ciminella
Nick NameMichael
AgeAbout 78 years in 2023
Year of birth1945
Place of birthAshland, Kentucky, United States
Marital StatusMarried
Partner Mollie Whitelaw
SchoolFork Union Military Academy PG Football

Michael Ciminella’s age

Ciminella was born in Kentucky, in the United States, in 1945, though his exact birthdate and month are still unknown. He will be about 78 years old in 2023.

Michael Ciminella Early Life

In 1945, famous businessman and marketing expert Michael Ciminella was born in the US. His education began at a local school. After completing his primary education, he pursued a bachelor’s degree at a university. Mr. Ciminella is of White Caucasian ethnicity and holds American citizenship.

Unfortunately, we do not have information about his zodiac sign at this time. He practices Christianity, but we are unable to provide details about his specific zodiac sign. His father’s name is Ciminella, and his mother is Mary Bernadine.

Mr. Ciminella is a parent to a son and a daughter, both of whom bear the name Ashley Taylor. While we currently lack further information about his early life, we will promptly share any additional details if they become available.

Michael Ciminella Career

He started his educational experience at a school that provided a four-year marketing bachelor’s degree programm. He continued his quest for knowledge by enrolling in a master’s programm after finishing his undergraduate studies. He entered the field of marketing consulting after earning his master’s degree, which launched his professional career.

He took on numerous occupations to gain knowledge and exposure in the sector to jumpstart his career. He took the crucial choice to start his own consulting business as he developed his abilities and gained experience.

He put in a lot of work to create his empire, which represents the culmination of a long family tradition. A multimillion dollar wealth was amassed thanks in large part to his family and the business he created, Ashland Aluminium Co. This company blossomed into a flourishing and prosperous corporation through commitment and hard effort.

Michael Ciminella Got Famous as Naomi Judd’s Husband

Naomi Judd and her first husband, Michael Ciminella, exchanged vows in a private wedding ceremony on March 1, 1964. They separated and divorced 8 years later due to many issues in their marriage. An infant was born to the couple.

American singer/songwriter Naomi is famous. Mother Pauline Judd, a cook, and father Charles Glenn Judd, a petrol station owner, had her in Ashland, Kentucky. Naomi died on April 30, 2022, at 76, born January 11, 1946.

By 18, Naomi and Charles Jordan had a daughter, Wynonna Judd. Regrettably, Charles was unable to shoulder the responsibilities of parenthood and ultimately abandoned Naomi and their young daughter.

How did Michael Ciminella and Naomi Judd meet?

Michael Ciminella and Naomi Judd first crossed paths in the early 1970s while working as songwriters in Nashville. Their connection deepened, leading them to tie the knot in 1974, and they became parents to two children, Ashley and Wynonna.

However, their marriage encountered difficulties, and after 14 years together, Michael and Naomi Judd decided to divorce in 1988. Following their separation, Michael faced legal troubles, with multiple arrests. He received an eight-year sentence for abusing his then-girlfriend in 2001.

Michael Ciminella disappeared after his prison sentence. Nevertheless, in recent years, he made headlines by taking legal action against Naomi Judd and their daughter Wynonna, accusing them of defamation. In a 2016 court ruling, a jury sided with Naomi and Wynonna Judd, ordering Michael Ciminella to pay each of them $250,000.

In 1964, Naomi married Michael Ciminella But in 1989, she wed a different man

In 1964, Naomi married her first husband, Michael Ciminella, who later adopted her daughter and changed her name to Wynonna Ellen Ciminella. Four years later, in 1968, the couple welcomed their second daughter, Ashley Tyler Ciminella.

However, in 1972, Michael and Naomi divorced, leading Naomi to change their daughters’ names to Wynonna Ellen Judd and Ashley Judd. Seventeen years later, she married Larry Strickland on April 6, 1989, her second husband.

Naomi died suddenly on April 30, 2022, from mental illness. Ashley stated on ABC’s Good Morning America that her mother had committed herself with a gun after Ashley left her alone.

Naomi and her oldest daughter Wynonna were inducted into the Country Music Hall of Fame a day after her death. Ashley and Wynonna are still grieving their mother.

What is Naomi Judd connection to drugs?

The life of Michael Ciminella, the ex-husband of the country music performer Naomi Judd, has been plagued by allegations of drug usage and trafficking.

After being arrested for cocaine possession and sale in 1989, Ciminella had a challenging legal situation. He received a two-year sentence after admitting guilt.

When narcotics accusations relating to the possession of methamphetamine with the intent to sell surfaced two years later, in 1991, Ciminella found himself in difficulty once more. After entering a second guilty plea, he was given a three-year prison term.

Michael Ciminella has continuously denied using drugs after his release from prison. Some people still harbor misgivings and skepticism about him, though, as they think he might still be involved in the drug trade.

How Many Children Did Naomi and Michael Have?

Naomi Judd and Michael Ciminella had only one child together, a daughter named Ashley Ciminella. There was some initial confusion surrounding the existence of another daughter named Wynonna Judd.

However, it was eventually clarified that Wynonna was actually Naomi’s daughter from a previous relationship with her ex-boyfriend, Charles Jordan. When Michael married Naomi, he loved Wynonna like his own daughter. His love for her was so great that she thought he was her biological father for years.

With Michael Ciminella, meet Ashley Judd, Naomi Judd’s biological daughter

Ashley Tyler Judd, born on April 19, 1968, is a well-known American singer, activist, and philanthropist. She is most notably recognized as the second daughter of Naomi Judd, whom Naomi had with her first husband, Michael Ciminella.

Ashley is 55 and from Granada Hills, California. She lived with both parents until 1972, when she was 4 years old. After the divorce, Ashley and her mother moved to Kentucky, although she attended school with her father.

She Has Had to Fail Because of Mental Health Issues

Ashley disclosed that she had endured multiple traumatic experiences throughout her life. She shared that her childhood was particularly challenging, marked by traumatic events. She said her mother’s relationships with men exposed her to unwanted sexual circumstances at an early age.

With her mother and step-sister always moving, Ashley spent most of her childhood alone, except for school when she resided with her father. Ashley struggled with depression, sleeplessness, and codependency in 2007. Fortunately, she displayed remarkable strength in confronting these mental health challenges and successfully overcame them.

Michael Ciminella Relationship With His Daughters

Michael shares an exceptionally strong and close bond with his two daughters. Despite going through a divorce, he never allowed it to disrupt his relationship with them. His daughter Ashley has spoken fondly of him, emphasizing that he was the parent who consistently stood by their side.

Both Wynonna and Ashley hold deep affection for Michael and take pride in having him as their father. In particular, Ashley frequently uses her Instagram page to share heartwarming pictures of herself and her father attending various events together. In February 2021, she used her social media platform to express gratitude to her dad for his unwavering support during a frightening accident she experienced while in the Congo.

Michael Ciminella’s parents

Parents Michael has one child. Born in 1914 in Westfield, Chautauqua County, New York, his paternal grandparents were Italian and Sicilian. He was buried in Kentucky after dying at 83 in 1997. However, his mother, Mary Bernadine Ciminella, whose family tree began with Mayflower traveler William Brewster, was born in 1916. When Mary and Lawrence got married in 1945, they started their adventure as a couple.

Michael Ciminella Body Physique

Mr. Michael Ciminelli has a charming and likable attitude. According to his body mass index, he maintains a healthy weight of roughly 65 kg. He stands at approximately 5 feet 9 inches. His eyes are a warm brown color, and his hair has aged to become white.

Michael is an American citizen, and his ethnicity is Caucasian and white. He is a heterosexual individual, displaying an exclusive interest in women, as evident from his past relationship with Naomi Judd and their daughter Ashley Judd.

If you seek more information about Michael, you may find it on his old Instagram account.

Michael Ciminella Net Worth

Michael’s lifetime wealth was $25 million. Owning the Ashland Aluminium Company, a major aluminium manufacturer, made him rich.

His business partners and coworkers find inspiration in his multimillion-dollar empire. Kentucky served as the home of Michael’s residence, a magnificent estate with opulent features and facilities.

Michael Ciminella Death

Michael Ciminella, 75, died on May 14, 2020. Despite the unknown cause of his death, we will provide updates as they become available. Ashley Judd and Naomi Judd, his two children, are left to carry on his legacy.

During his lifetime, Michael was regarded as a good parent and a devoted husband. All of his loved ones who held him close to their hearts will sincerely miss his presence.

People Also Ask (FAQs)

Who is Michael Ciminella?
Businessman and marketing guru Michael Ciminella, born in 1945 in Ashland, Kentucky, was associated with country music sensation Naomi Judd. He had daughters Ashley and Wynonna Judd.

What is Michael Ciminella’s background and education?
Michael Ciminella studied marketing at a university after attending a local school. He earned a master’s and became a marketing consultant.

Who was Michael Ciminella married to?
Michael Ciminella was married to Naomi Judd, a well-known country music singer and songwriter. They got married in 1964 and had one child together, Ashley Ciminella. However, they divorced in 1972.

Did Michael Ciminella have any legal issues?
Yes, Michael Ciminella faced legal troubles, including arrests related to drug possession and sale. He received sentences for cocaine possession and methamphetamine possession with intent to sell.

What happened to Michael Ciminella after his divorce from Naomi Judd?
Michael Ciminella kept a low profile after divorcing Naomi Judd. In 2016, he was secretly dating Reba McEntire, making headlines.

How many children did Naomi Judd and Michael Ciminella have together?
Naomi Judd and Michael Ciminella had one child together, a daughter named Ashley Ciminella. Wynonna Judd, often confused as their biological daughter, is Naomi’s daughter from a previous relationship, but Michael loved and cared for her as his own.

What was Michael Ciminella’s net worth?
Michael Ciminella’s lifetime wealth was estimated to be around $25 million. He became wealthy working for Ashland Aluminium Company, a big aluminum manufacturer.

When did Michael Ciminella pass away, and what was the cause of his death?
Michael Ciminella, 75, died on May 14, 2020. The cause of his death is unknown. His children, Ashley and Naomi Judd, continue his heritage.

Final Words

Michael Ciminella experienced both successes and setbacks during his life. He made a lasting impression on the business world as a savvy businessman and marketing pro, building a sizeable fortune through the Ashland Aluminium Company.

Because he married and then divorced country music icon Naomi Judd, with whom he had a daughter, Ashley, his personal life was intimately entwined with the music industry. Michael remained close to his girls and remained active in their lives despite their divorce and the legal problems he encountered.

People who knew and loved Michael Ciminella preserve his legacy. A life full of intriguing turns ended in 2020 with his departure. Despite his death, his contributions to society and influence on his children will live on.

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