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Millie Blackmore Net Worth Husband And Everything You Want to Know

At least three Canadian children who wed the notoriously guilty child rapist Warren Jeffs including Millie Blackmore. He is a famous religious leader of the Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. Millie married Warren, a notable polygamist sect leader, at 13. In addition to marrying her, Jeffs also exchanged vows with two other young Canadian ladies, each of whom had just turned 12.

Warren is now incarcerated in Texas receiving a life sentence after being found guilty of many offences, including two charges of rape, sexual assault against a juvenile, and aggravated sexual assault. Furthermore, did you know that Canadian officials also accused Millie’s parents of committing alleged crimes related to child trafficking? 

What is Millie Blackmore’s net worth?

Before his incarceration, Millie Blackmore’s husband, Warren, held the dual roles of a wealthy cult leader and a public figure of renown. The origins of his substantial wealth appear to lack a foundation in honest toil, which raises questions about how he managed to amass an estimated net worth of $100 million. This considerable fortune seems incongruous with his purported vocation of promoting religious beliefs, suggesting alternative means were at play. Notably, a significant portion of his wealth was attributed to his involvement with the FLDS church—a primary income source.

During his leadership tenure within the FLDS church, Warren Jeffs garnered substantial financial support from his followers. Generous contributions flowed into the church’s coffers under his guidance. Moreover, the FLDS possessed valuable property assets, and Warren Jeffs leveraged his position to make astute real estate investments. These ventures played a pivotal role in his financial triumph.

Warren Jeffs’ ostentatious lifestyle was further reflected in his family size. Maintaining cohesion among his extensive family necessitated a substantial residence. This abode, located in Hildale, Utah, bore testament to the resources at his disposal. Housing both his wife and children, the sprawling mansion stood as a symbol of his dominance. Notably, the mansion boasted an impressive 42 bedrooms, a reflection of its grandeur. Despite its magnitude, even this opulent residence fell short of accommodating his entire family, highlighting the scale of his family structure.

It was within this imposing residence that Warren Jeffs held his wife and children against their will, allowing them limited freedom. The mansion, now under state control following legal actions, has been reimagined as a tourist attraction. Visitor responses to this site have varied, showcasing the array of emotions evoked by its grim history and the associated revelations.

At the age of 13, Millie Blackmore wed Warren Jeffs

As mentioned earlier, Millie and her infamous husband, polygamous leader Warren Jeffs, joined their lives in matrimony on March 1, 2004. Their wedding took place in a spiritual ceremony held in Colorado City, Arizona. Millie Blackmore was only 13 years old when they said wedding vows, according to FLDS (Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints) documents.

Brandon S. Blackmore, Millie’s half-brother and a member of the FLDS, a Mormon sect, revealed something important to the police.  He disclosed that another sister named Annie Mae Blackmore had also entered into a marriage with Warren Jeffs, although the exact date of this union remains unknown.

Similarly, Warren Jeffs was involved in marriages with two other Canadian girls, Alyshia Rae Blackmore and Nolita Colleen Blackmore. It’s incredible to think that both of these girls were just 12 when they were married. The ceremonies were held in December 2005 at the FLDS facility known as Yearning for Zion Ranch, which is close to Eldorado, Texas. The young age of these brides raises concerning ethical and legal questions surrounding these unions.

Did Jeff Ask Millie’s Parents to Marry Her?

Millie’s parents were devoted followers of Warren Jeffs, and it’s worth noting that Gail Blackmore and Brandon J. Blackmore, her parents, followed her father’s wishes in an impactful way. They took their young daughter to wed Jeffs. This significant event is captured in an excerpt from a journal post, which Nate Carlisle shared in a Vice article. The entry was uncovered by Texas authorities and revealed a pivotal moment:

“I sat down with Brandon [J] Blackmore, his wife, and his daughter, and I gave them a quick, condensed teaching on the redemption of Zion. This girl was called on a mission, and they accepted it joyously. 13-year-old Mildred Marlene Blackmore was then legally wed to Warren Steed Jeffs there for all of time and eternity”.

These words offer a glimpse into the circumstances surrounding Millie’s marriage to Warren Jeffs. They portray the manner in which her parents, particularly Brandon J. Blackmore and his wife, embraced the mission as laid out by Jeffs, leading to Millie’s union with him. This journal entry underscores the profound influence of the cult leader on the lives of his devoted followers and the gravity of the decisions they made based on his teachings.

Did Her Parents Forcefully Marry Her?

Imagine the weight of being coerced into a marriage with an adult when you were still just a child. Since Millie was tragically born into a household that led her life in a sad way, her narrative is a heartbreaking one. Her marriage to Jeffs, the now-incarcerated cult leader, was imposed upon her by her mother Gail Blackmore and father Brandon J. Blackmore.

In the midst of this distressing narrative, one positive aspect emerges: her parents were held accountable for their actions. This signifies a glimmer of justice in a deeply troubling situation. Millie’s parents not only pushed her into this union but also took steps to bring her from Canada to the United States in 2004, along with Alyshia Rae Blackmore and Nolita Collen Blackmore. Their intention was to have them marry Jeffs, an unsettling revelation detailed by Abigail Miller and Regina F. Graham in their reporting for the Daily Mail.

Millie’s life trajectory was tragically influenced by her parents’ decisions, thrusting her into circumstances no child should endure. Her story serves as a reminder of the profound impact that parental choices can have on a young life, and the need to safeguard the well-being and autonomy of children.

Warren Jeffs Also Claimed The Life of Millie’s Sister

The extent of the tragedy doesn’t stop at Millie’s coerced marriage; it reaches even further to encompass her sister, Alyshia Rae Blackmore. Jeffs, the predator in this distressing tale, also exploited Alyshia’s vulnerability. Alongside Millie, Alyshia made the journey from Canada, only to find herself ensnared in Jeffs’ web.

This heartbreaking revelation was brought to light by their half-brother, Brandon S. Blackmore. Brandon courageously disclosed the harrowing details of how their parents orchestrated these marriages, a manipulation that robbed his sisters of their agency.

In a chilling turn of events, Vice reported that Brandon was confronted with painful recordings during an investigation following Jeffs’ arrest. These recordings captured Jeffs engaging in extramarital affairs with Millie, amplifying the depth of the distress caused by this cult leader’s actions.

This troubling circumstance emphasizes a universal truth: the basis of every good relationship, regardless of its kind, is permission. The value of mutual understanding cannot be understated, whether it pertains to a relationship between a boyfriend and a girlfriend, a husband and wife, or any other kind of connection. Unfortunately, Jeffs callously disregarded this principle, coercing Millie into a situation she never chose and exploiting her vulnerability along with her sister’s. The impact of his actions on these young lives is a stark reminder of the imperative to protect and respect the autonomy of individuals in every relationship.

How were the days with her husband, Warren Jeffs?

Warren Jeffs entered into multiple marriages, many of which remain shrouded in mystery. Among these lesser-known women was Millie Blackmore, who shares a similar enigmatic status. However, insights into Millie’s relationship with Warren Jeffs have emerged through his daughter Rachel Jeffs, who has opened up about her experiences with her father’s marriages.

Rachel recounted a time when Millie became part of their household, sharing her recollections during an interview with Vice. While Rachel’s account was not exhaustive, she did reveal a poignant detail about Millie – her tendency to cry frequently. This reaction is unsurprising, given the circumstances surrounding Millie’s coerced marriage due to the influence of her parents. Rachel’s words shed light on Millie’s emotional struggles and her overall instability during this period.

Millie’s location remains unknown. It is unknown what happened to her, whether she is alive, and what she is doing now. Millie’s half-brother, Brandon S. Blackmore, had his last encounter with her in 2009, years after she was introduced into the web of the pedophilic religious leader, Jeffs. Brandon discovered that his sister had also become one of Jeffs’ wives by that point.

Did Warren try to commit suicide?

Back in 2007, there was a troubling incident involving Jeffs, revealing his deeply troubled state during his time behind bars. This distressing event unfolded shortly after he was convicted for the heinous crime of sexually assaulting young individuals. Jeffs reportedly made an attempt to hang himself on January 28, 2007, according to sources from CNN. He felt as if his acts were haunting him incessantly, and in his desperation, he turned to self-harm as a means of escape.

The days following this suicide attempt were marked by further displays of his inner turmoil. On both January 30 and February 2, he resorted to banging his head against the prison walls, causing even more harm to his already damaged body. The extent of his suffering was painfully evident.

A poignant detail emerged from a visit by his brother Nephi, documented by CNN in their piece from November 7, 2007, titled “Polygamist Jeffs tried to hang himself in jail, documents claim. In a vulnerable time during this meeting, Jeffs confessed to his brother about his menacing ideas.

He spoke words that revealed a shattered sense of self and a profound inner struggle. He said, “I am not the prophet. I am not the prophet; I was duped by demonic powers. I beg for everyone’s pardon.” These words were punctuated with a heartbreaking farewell, a grim reflection of his internal turmoil.

This upsetting occurrence revealed Jeffs’ intense emotional suffering and his mental struggle with the repercussions of his conduct. It provided a clear image of a man struggling under the weight of his actions and the haunting forces that had led him astray. He had lost his sense of himself and purpose.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Millie Blackmore

Who is Millie Blackmore?

Canadian Millie Blackmore became famous as one of FLDS leader Warren Jeffs’ underage brides. At 13, she married Jeffs in a religious wedding in 2004.

What is the background of Warren Jeffs?

Warren Jeffs led the polygamous FLDS to separate from Mormonism. He was known for abduction and forced marriage. Texas is imprisoning him for life for many offenses.

How much is Millie Blackmore’s net worth?

The exact net worth of Millie Blackmore is not readily available. However, her husband Warren Jeffs was estimated to have a net worth of around $100 million, primarily amassed through financial support from his followers and real estate investments within the FLDS community.

Was Millie Blackmore forcefully married to Warren Jeffs?

Yes, Millie Blackmore was forcefully married to Warren Jeffs at the age of 13. Her parents, who were devout followers of Jeffs, orchestrated her marriage to him. Her parents, Gail Blackmore and Brandon J. Blackmore, followed Jeffs’ teachings and played a role in arranging the marriage.

What impact did Warren Jeffs’ actions have on Millie Blackmore’s life?

Warren Jeffs’ actions had a significant impact on Millie Blackmore’s life. She was taken from Canada to the United States in order to force her into Jeffs’ marriage at an early age. Her parents’ choices, which were influenced by Jeffs, harmed her autonomy and wellbeing.

What happened to Millie Blackmore after her marriage to Warren Jeffs?

The exact details of Millie Blackmore’s life after her marriage to Warren Jeffs are not widely known. Her location and well-being remain unknown. Her half-brother Brandon S. Blackmore had a last encounter with her in 2009, during which he learned that she had become one of Jeffs’ wives.

Did Warren Jeffs attempt suicide?

Yes, when he was detained in 2007, Warren Jeffs made an attempt on his life. He attempted suicide after his sexual assault conviction. He also engaged in self-harming behaviors including beating his head against prison walls. Jeffs’ actions at this time were a mirror of his inner turmoil and suffering.

What impact did Warren Jeffs have on his followers’ lives?

Within the FLDS society, Warren Jeffs had a profound effect on the lives of his adherents. He forced his followers into marriages and exercised influence over other facets of their life by using his position of religious authority to manipulate and control them. The effects of his activities were felt by many people, particularly young females like Millie Blackmore.

How did Millie Blackmore’s sister Alyshia Rae Blackmore also become a victim of Warren Jeffs?

Warren Jeffs abused Millie’s sister Alyshia Rae Blackmore. She and Millie were transferred from Canada to the US to marry Jeffs. The fact that her parents planned her 12-year-old marriage to him highlights the situation.

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