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Sierra Pippen, an American celebrity offspring, has garnered significant attention due to her lineage as the daughter of renowned American basketball player Scottie Pippen and Yvette Deleone. She is a 1995 baby who is now 27 years old. Due to her behavior when she was a student, Sierra’s life has not been without controversy.

My father, Hamburg-born Scottie Pippen, was one of the best small forwards in NBA history before retiring. Six NBA championships and seven All-Star berths are among his remarkable achievements. Being the first player to win the NBA title and Olympic gold medal in 1992 and 1996 is noteworthy. Scottie Pippen did this.

Furthermore, Sierra Pippen found herself in the spotlight when her father initially disputed her paternity until a conclusive DNA test was conducted. This complex situation undoubtedly had an impact on their relationship. Presently, the details of their relationship might have evolved, but the specifics are not readily available.

The intricacies of the father-daughter legal dispute, her mother Yvette, Sierra’s current age, her romantic involvements, and other aspects of her life contribute to a narrative that holds much intrigue. This article delves into these aspects, shedding light on Sierra Pippen’s journey amidst fame and the challenges that come with it.

Sierra Pippen Bio

Born on February 17, 1995, Sierra Pippen came into this world in the United States of America. She is 28 years old and an Aquarius according to astrology at this time in 2023. After graduating from a neighboring high school, she attended the University of Iowa.

Sierra’s path is complicated by her father’s rejection of her. In this dynamic, her mother has been her steadfast caregiver, shouldering the primary responsibilities. The absence of her father’s affection has left a notable impact on her life, leading her down a path where she turned to alcohol as a coping mechanism.

Parentage-wise, Sierra Pippen is the offspring of two well-known individuals, Scottie Pippen and Yvette DeLeone. Her father, Scottie Pippen, is a prominent figure in American basketball history, boasting an impressive record of six championships and a remarkable 17-season career. Amidst the complexities, Sierra shares a profound bond with her mother, finding solace in their relationship. Additionally, she spent quality time with her grandparents, Preston and Ethel Pippen, which likely provided her with valuable support and nurturing.

The legal realm came into play when Scottie Pippen contested Sierra’s parentage, a situation that led Yvette DeLeone to take the matter to court. Through the legal process, the truth of Sierra’s parentage was established, confirming Scottie as her father. While they may have spent some time together, Scottie and Yvette eventually went their separate ways, adding another layer to Sierra’s life story.

Sierra Pippen Career

Sierra Pippen, the daughter of Scottie Pippen, has a deep passion for both music and photography. While she might not be extremely active on her various social media platforms, she manages to share around 16 posts on a daily basis. As of April 2021, her Instagram following has reached 5.1k dedicated followers.

Interestingly, there’s some big news coming. Curiosity regarding Sierra’s current project is sparked by reliable sources’ hints that she is likely deeply involved in it. It seems that she’s poised for a notable breakthrough, with the entertainment and modeling industries being the likely avenues for her big debut. The world eagerly awaits to see in which direction her talents will shine the brightest.

Sierra Pippen Age & Body Measurements

Sierra Pippen came into this world on February 17, 1995, right here in the United States of America. Back then, she tipped the scales at a healthy 10 pounds and 6 ounces, making her grand entrance on a Friday over at Northwestern Memorial Hospital. Fast forward to 2022, and Sierra is now 27 years old, standing tall at around 5 feet 7 inches (that’s about 170 cm for you metric folks).

Sierra Pippen Boyfriend & Dating

It seems that Sierra is navigating life on her own as of 2022 without a love partner at her side. According to rumors, she hasn’t had any romantic relationships in the past.

Naturally, there’s always a potential that she’s keeping her sexual connections private and hidden from view.  When it comes to their intimate relationships, celebrities often keep a quiet profile. Therefore, even if rumors of a hidden connection are possible, Sierra hasn’t given us any indications of it.

It doesn’t seem like Sierra’s route has taken her down the aisle just yet, therefore there may not yet be wedding bells. There are no current plans for her to exchange vows. Marriage is no longer on her radar, whether consciously or due to life’s ups and downs. But the future is always full of surprises, therefore Sierra’s personal journey’s future can only be known through time.


Sierra Pippen’s family story is a tapestry woven with various threads. She’s not the sole child of her parents; her family includes half-siblings who each bring their own unique narratives.

Tragedy marked the beginning of Sierra’s sibling journey, as she had a half-brother named Tyler Roby Pippen. Unfortunately, Tyler’s life was brief, as he passed away just nine days after coming into this world. Another chapter of sorrow unfolded with the loss of her half-sister, Antron Pippen, who left this world at the age of 33 on April 18, 2021.

But amidst the sorrows, there are stories of resilience and achievement. Sierra’s half-sister Taylor Pippen shines in her own right. Taylor has made a name for herself as a prominent American Volleyball player, showcasing her skills as a Senior Middle Hitter. Beyond the court, she’s carved out a presence as an Internet Star, embodying a new generation’s connection with digital platforms.

Sierra’s family extends beyond blood relations as well. Among her step-siblings, there’s Sophia Pippen, born on December 26, 2008. Sophia’s talents span across acting and modeling, having established herself in these creative domains.

And the list continues with Sierra’s step-brothers. Justin Pippen, born July 11, 2005, energizes the family. Preston and Scotty Pippen Jr., born August 26, 2002 and November 10, 2000, respectively, contribute their own tales and objectives.

Sierra Pippen Was Arrested Near Iowa University

Even though Sierra Pippen’s academic route did not result in a degree, her educational adventure brought her to the education of Iowa’s campus. Instead, an event that attracted a lot of media attention occurred during her tenure there.

In 2015, the course of one night took an unfortunate turn for Sierra. It was a Sunday morning, around 1:29 a.m., when the unexpected happened at The Sheraton Iowa City downtown hotel. Sierra found herself in a situation that quickly escalated – she was apprehended by the police for an incident involving urinating on the hotel lobby floor.

The police report detailed a scene that spoke of alcohol’s influence – the telltale odor, signs of intoxication, slurred speech, and a noticeable struggle with balance. The situation escalated further as Sierra got into a physical altercation with hotel staff, adding a layer of complexity to the already perplexing situation. Apparently, this wasn’t her first encounter of the day with hotel security, as an earlier altercation had set the stage for the later incident.

In the aftermath, Sierra brought forward a claim that the officer responsible for her arrest exhibited racist behavior. This claim added another layer of tension to the narrative. She refused to undergo sobriety and post-arrest breath tests, making her stance clear.

After spending a night in detention, Sierra’s release came the next morning. Freedom came at the cost of a $500 bond. The incident shed light on a night of unexpected turns and brought forth an array of conflicting emotions and perspectives.

Sierra’s parents split up soon after she was born

The story of Sierra’s parents, Scottie and Yvette, reportedly began in 1992, a time when destiny seemed to have interwoven their paths at a basketball game. As their connection deepened, they eventually decided to take the next step and move in together, marking a significant shift in their relationship.

Whispers of a deeper commitment between Scottie and Yvette surfaced, suggesting that they might have even exchanged engagement vows. Their journey took another profound turn with the arrival of their cherished daughter, Sierra Pippen, in 1995. However, as fate sometimes weaves complicated threads, their romantic journey faced its share of challenges.

By the spring of that same year, just three months after welcoming Sierra into the world, Scottie and Yvette’s paths diverged. The couple parted ways, a decision that carried its own weight of sadness.

In the midst of the separation, rumors circulated about a disturbing incident. It was said that Yvette had lodged a complaint against Scottie, alleging domestic violence. According to these accounts, a tense situation unfolded in their Highland Park residence. The alleged altercation saw Scottie grabbing Yvette’s arm and pushing her against a car. The gravity of the situation led to Scottie being detained on charges of domestic violence.

As the legal process unfolded, the case took unexpected turns. Yvette, who had initially pressed charges, left the country and chose not to testify against Scottie. Consequently, the case against him was eventually dismissed in July. This chapter of their history serves as a reminder that relationships can be complex, marked by both joyous moments and challenges that shape their course.

After their divorce, Sierra Pippen lived with her mother

Following her parents’ separation, Pippen returned to live with her mother, Yvette DeLeone. A legal process was initiated to establish Sierra’s paternity, aiming to confirm whether she was the biological child of the NBA player, Scottie Pippen, following his divorce.

When the results of the blood test also supported their claim, Scottie Pippen openly recognized Sierra as his daughter during the course of the paternity trial. He was thus ordered to pay DeLeone $5,000 per month in interim child support. Scottie Pippen may still be making these child support payments, but there is currently no proof of this.

Net Worth

They haven’t really pinned down Sierra Pippen’s exact net worth. But when it comes to her dad, Scottie Pippen, the score’s a bit clearer – he’s sitting on a net worth of about $20 million.

Sierra Pippen Social Media

Sierra Pippen does have her presence on Instagram and Twitter, but she’s not all that super active on either of them. As of this year, in 2023, she’s got herself a bit of a following – over 6,000 folks keeping up with her on Instagram and around a hundred good souls hanging out with her on Twitter.

Some Interesting Facts About Sierra Pippen

  • She enjoys listening to music, and Badger is her go-to artist. To Badger’s Linktree profile, she disseminated a link.
  • Because she enjoys traveling and seeing new places, Sierra has visited a variety of locations.
  • She enjoys dining out with her pals since she enjoys cuisine.
  • He is often captured in mirror photos, usually with half of his face obscured.
  • Pippen drank and was often seen intoxicated in public.

FAQs about Sierra Pippen

1. Who is Sierra Pippen?

Sierra Pippen is an American celebrity known for being the daughter of renowned NBA player Scottie Pippen and Yvette DeLeone. She gained attention due to her lineage and has lived a life with its share of controversies and challenges.

2. How old is Sierra Pippen?

As of 2023, Sierra Pippen is 28 years old. Her birthday is February 17, 1995.

3. What is Sierra Pippen’s relationship with her father?

Sierra’s relationship with her father, Scottie Pippen, has been complex. Scottie initially disputed her paternity, leading to a legal process to establish it. Eventually, DNA testing confirmed he is her father. Not many people are aware of their present relationship’s specifics.

4. What has Sierra Pippen been involved in career-wise?

Sierra Pippen loves music and photography. Instagram is her social media platform. She may be making a breakthrough in entertainment and modeling.

5. Has Sierra Pippen been involved in any legal issues?

Sierra Pippen was arrested near the University of Iowa in 2015 for public intoxication and a hotel brawl. She was released after a night.

6. Does Sierra Pippen have any siblings?

Sierra has half-siblings from her parents’ relationships. She had a half-brother, Tyler Roby Pippen, who passed away shortly after birth. Her half-sister, Antron Pippen, also tragically passed away in 2021. Sierra’s half-sister Taylor Pippen is a notable American volleyball player. She also has step-siblings, including Sophia Pippen, who is involved in acting and modeling.

7. Has Sierra Pippen been involved in any romantic relationships?

As of 2022, there is no confirmed information about Sierra Pippen’s romantic relationships. While rumors exist, her personal life has been relatively private.

8. What is Sierra Pippen’s net worth?

Sierra Pippen’s exact net worth is not available. However, her father, Scottie Pippen, is reported to be worth $20 million.

9. How active is Sierra Pippen on social media?

Sierra Pippen is present on Instagram and Twitter, with a modest following on both platforms. In 2023, she had 6,000 Instagram followers and 100 Twitter followers.

10. What are Sierra Pippen’s interests and hobbies?

Sierra Pippen enjoys listening to music, especially the artist Badger. She likes to travel, dine out, and shares mirror selfies on her social media. She has been known to enjoy cuisine and has been captured in various locations.

Final Thought

Sierra Pippen’s life has been marked by her prominent lineage as the daughter of NBA legend Scottie Pippen and Yvette Deleone. Despite controversies and challenges, she has navigated her own path, showing an interest in music, photography, and maintaining a presence on social media. Her complex relationship with her father, legal disputes, and personal experiences have shaped her journey. As she continues to carve her own identity amidst the spotlight, Sierra’s story remains a blend of triumphs, tragedies, and the pursuit of her passions.

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