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Zoe Bearse is the adopted daughter of Amanda Bearse, who is known for her work as an actress and comedian. Amanda Bearse adopted Zoe when she was just a toddler. Interestingly, the same year Amanda adopted Zoe, she also publicly shared that she identifies as a lesbian. This significant revelation made her the first openly lesbian actress to be featured on a prime-time network television show.

Currently, Zoe’s adopted mother, Amanda, is in a happy marriage with her partner named Carrie Schenken. They got married in the year 2010. Together, Amanda and Carrie also adopted another child, expanding their loving family. There are many intriguing aspects to Zoe’s life, such as her age, upbringing, and more.

As a toddler, Amanda Bearse took in Zoe Bearse

At the age of 64, Amanda adopted her daughter Zoe back in 1993, coincidentally the same year Zoe was born. While Zoe was growing up, Amanda’s career didn’t shine brightly in Los Angeles, as she faced challenges in finding consistent work. Amanda shared with ADVOCATE magazine,

Zoe’s growth changed my career away from L.A. I had trouble finding work.”

Your career “took a different path because I chose to step away from Hollywood for the sake of my child.”

Amanda then moved to Washington State with her daughter. This was done to give Zoe a more normal and balanced upbringing. Zoe started school in Washington.

Amanda recalled her time in Washington State: “I worked when I wanted and got jobs, generally behind the scenes. I did things my way.”

In an interview, the “Married… with Children” star acknowledged her pride, adding, “My daughter is my most important accomplishment.”

When Zoe was adopted, Amanda previously had a residence with her girlfriend

Although the actress opened up about her sexuality a bit later, Amanda was already in a relationship with her girlfriend before that. Bearse lived with her then-girlfriend when Zoe was 2. Additionally, her then-partner was the mother of her 8-year-old kid.

In 1993, Amanda Bearse, Zoe’s mother, came out as a lesbian

In 1993, Amanda, recognized for her role in “Married… with Children,” publicly revealed her lesbian status on National Coming Out Day. As said, she was the first woman on the network to publicly announce her sexuality.

The former movie and TV star reportedly told numerous people about her sexuality before announcing it publicly. Amanda adopted her daughter Zoe the same year, adding to the significance of her decision to be open about her identity. The prior description explained how Amanda shared this particular aspect of herself.

Bearse and her adopted daughter share a particular bond. On Mother’s Day, the TV star posted a photo of her baby on Instagram with the poignant caption: “Being a mum is the most precious gift I’ve ever received.”

Amanda, Zoe’s mother, is happily married to camera technician Carrie Schenken. The couple met in 2009 and married privately in 2010.

The couple adopted Zoe’s adoptive sibling after their marriage. However, the child’s name and birth date are unknown.

What Does Zoe Bearse Do for a Living? Her Professional Background

Zoe Bearse, having pursued a major in media, took a step into the professional world by becoming a part of the team at Shamer Associates. In July 2017, she assumed the role of an audio editor in this office. Zoe’s competence shines through her familiarity with Apple software, a wide array of Windows software, and a diverse range of writing styles that the company employs.

Currently, Zoe continues to contribute as both an audio editor and an engineer. She calls Palm Springs, California her home base.

Who Are the Natural Parents of Zoe Bearse? She Was

Unlike her adoptive mother Amanda, the information about Zoe’s biological parents remains largely undisclosed to the public. In terms of her birth, Zoe entered the world in 1993 in the United States. Fast forward to 2023, she stands at the age of 29.

Her nationality is American, and she identifies with a Caucasian ethnicity, reflecting her background.

Is A Graduate of The Evergreen State College

For her education, Amanda Bearse’s adopted daughter attended The Howard School in 2008. In 2012, she graduated from there. That year, she attended Evergreen State College. She earned a BA in Arts, Entertainment, and Media from Evergreen State College after working hard.

Net Worth

As of 2023, Zoe Bearse’s approximate net worth is estimated to be around $300,000. The bulk of her earnings stems from her role as an audio editor, as previously mentioned.

In contrast, Zoe’s mother Amanda possesses a considerably larger fortune, with her net worth amounting to $16 million.

Regarding Her Dating And Boyfriend With Zoe Bearse

As a celebrity daughter, Zoe keeps her romantic life and romances covert. Until now, she has kept her personal details private. Thus, Zoe’s romantic status is unknown. Zoe is single, according to certain online newspapers, fueling dating rumors.

People Also Ask (FAQs)

Here Are Some (FAQs) About Zoe Bearse:

Q: Who is Zoe Bearse?
A: Zoe Bearse is the adopted daughter of actress and comedian Amanda Bearse. To give her a balanced upbringing, Amanda adopted her young and raised her outside of Hollywood. An audio editor and engineer in Palm Springs, California, Zoe worked in media.

Q: When did Amanda Bearse adopt Zoe?
A: Amanda Bearse adopted Zoe in 1993 when Zoe was a toddler. Amanda became the first out lesbian actress on a prime-time network show the year she adopted Zoe.

Q: What is Zoe Bearse’s professional background?
A: Zoe Bearse studied media and works as an audio editor and engineer. She has experience with various software and writing styles in her role at Shamer Associates.

Q: Is Zoe Bearse in a relationship?
A: Not much is known about Zoe Bearse’s romantic life. She has hidden her personal information.

Q: What is Zoe Bearse’s net worth?
A: As of 2023, Zoe Bearse’s estimated net worth is around $300,000, primarily from her work as an audio editor. In contrast, her mother, Amanda Bearse, has a larger net worth of $16 million.

Q: What is Zoe Bearse’s educational background?
A: Zoe Bearse attended Howard School and graduated in 2012. She later got a BA in Arts, Entertainment, and Media from Evergreen State College.

Q: Who are Zoe Bearse’s biological parents?
A: The information about Zoe Bearse’s biological parents is largely undisclosed to the public. Zoe was born in the United States in 1993 and was adopted by Amanda Bearse.

Q: Is Zoe Bearse involved in any other activities or projects?
A: The information available focuses on Zoe Bearse’s professional career as an audio editor and engineer. There is no public information about her involvement in other activities or projects.

Q: Is Zoe Bearse active on social media?
A: There is no information provided about Zoe Bearse’s presence on social media platforms, so it’s unclear whether she is active on social media.

Q: What is Amanda Bearse known for in her career?
A: Amanda Bearse is a comedian and actor. She became famous for “Married… with Children” and came out as a lesbian in 1993, the same year she adopted Zoe. She also worked in Hollywood behind the scenes.

Final Words

Zoe Bearse’s journey is a testament to the power of love, family, and pursuing one’s passions. Adopted by the trailblazing actress Amanda Bearse, Zoe has navigated her path with grace and determination. From her humble beginnings as a toddler adopted by a woman breaking barriers in Hollywood to her pursuit of a career in media as an accomplished audio editor and engineer, Zoe’s story is one of resilience and growth.

Zoe has kept her personal life quiet, allowing her professional success to flourish despite her family’s popularity. From The Howard School to Evergreen State College, she learned the skills and knowledge to succeed in her career.

Zoe’s adoptive mother, Amanda Bearse, is an inspiration as an actress who defied stereotypes and a loving parent who put her daughter’s well-being first. Amanda’s 1993 lesbian revelation and family devotion demonstrate the value of sincerity and love.

Zoe’s rise in media reminds us that success is defined by the impact we have on others, not just our wealth. Zoe Bearse’s career and family support demonstrates the power of embracing one’s uniqueness and living a purposeful life.

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