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Gabriel Basso, the star of ‘Rogue,’ has transformed the character of the Night Agent ‘Boss’ into a thrilling FBI action series. The world is interested in Gabriel Basso’s personal life as his fame grows, especially in regards to his wife. We’ll discuss Gabriel Basso’s spouse, work, family, upbringing, lifestyle, and more in this post. This section covers all of his life.

Gabriel Basso Wife & Gabriel Basso Daughter

Current marital status of Gabriel Basso: Gabriel Basso is not wed. Gabriel, who is known for being secretive, has opted to keep his love life private.

Gabriel Basso Daughter: However, in August 2020, the actor shared a glimpse of his personal life on Instagram when he mentioned his daughter. Interestingly, Gabriel has opted to keep his daughter’s name a well-guarded secret, and he has not disclosed any information about other family members.

Gabriel Basso Biography

On December 11, 1994, in the vibrant city of St. Louis, Missouri, a young talent named Gabriel Basso Jr. was born. His family’s spiritual home was the Grace Doctrine Church in St. Charles, Missouri, adding a layer of significance to his upbringing.

Interestingly, Gabriel’s initial dream wasn’t about the silver screen; he aspired to be a professional football player, showing his determination to excel in different fields. But fate had another plan for him.

His debut in the acting profession came with significant parts in Jordan Vogt-Roberts’ endearing comedy-drama, “The Kings of Summer,” and JJ Abrams’ exhilarating sci-fi adventure, “Super 8,” both of which were published in 2011. The latter’s premiere at the esteemed Sundance Film Festival in 2013 solidified Gabriel’s standing in the business.

Alongside actors like Hailee Steinfeld and Dove Cameron, he appeared in Kyle Newman’s action-packed comedy, “Barely Lethal,” as part of his ongoing adventure.

As for the more personal aspects of his life, information about Gabriel Basso’s wife remains undisclosed. However, you can delve deeper into the life and times of this remarkable individual, exploring details about his age, parents, family, height, net worth, and much more in this comprehensive section.

Gabriel Basso Age

Gabriel Basso came into the world on December 11, 1994, right there in St. Louis, Missouri, USA. Fast forward to 2023, and he’s now 28 years old, still making his mark in the world.

Gabriel Basso Height

Gabriel Basso stands tall at 6 feet and 0 inches, which translates to 183 centimeters or 1.83 meters. He’s got quite a commanding presence with that height!

Gabriel Basso Parents & Gabriel Basso Family

Gabriel Basso’s dad is Louis J. Basso, and his mom goes by Marcie Basso. While we know their names, the finer details about their identities and professions have remained under wraps.

In the Basso family circle, Gabriel has two siblings who share in the adventures of life with him. They are Annalise Basso and Alexandria Basso, creating a close-knit and supportive family unit.

Gabriel Basso Career

In the early days of 2007, while Gabriel Basso was still living in St. Louis, he dipped his toes into the world of film with small roles in two noteworthy features. You might remember him from “Meet Bill,” where he shared the screen with Aaron Eckhart, and “Alice Inside Out,” alongside Alyson Stoner. It’s a fun twist that his older sister, Alexandria, also had a role in the latter film, making it a bit of a family affair.

However, life had bigger plans for Gabriel. He, along with his mother and sisters, decided to make the big move to Los Angeles. And boy, did things move fast!Gabriel’s sister found a manager in only her first week in the City of Angels and got a lead part in the Dailymotion Kids web series “Ghost Town.” Talk about breaking into the entertainment business!

Gabriel Basso Movies and Short Films

Gabriele’s love for acting has been there since his high school days, and it all began to take shape in 2007 when he stepped into mainstream cinema. His debut wasn’t in a leading role, but rather a minor one in the comedy-drama film “Meet Bill,” a project helmed by directors Melisa Wallack and Bernie Goldman.

In 2009, he got a recurring role that garnered some serious attention. He portrayed Hal Mitchell in Tim McCanlies’ drama film “Alabama Moon,” a role that earned critical acclaim and even scored a nomination at the Young Artist Awards.

But Gabriele’s name didn’t start to become really well-known until 2011. He created Martin’s character that year for J.J. Abrams’ critically acclaimed action-mystery film “Super 8.” There was no going back after he became famous around the world because of that movie.

Gabriele has consistently impressed viewers with his acting skills in a variety of feature and short films, including “The Kings of Summer” (2013), “Hillbilly Elegy” (2020), “Barely Lethal” (2015),A few examples are “The Whole Truth” (2016) and “Anatomy of the Tide” (2015).  Every character he plays demonstrates his ability and commitment to his work.

Gabriel Basso as Peter Sutherland in The Night Agent!

In “The Night Agent,” Gabriel Basso steps into the shoes of FBI Agent Peter Sutherland, and let me tell you, he really shines in this role. He’s not your top-tier, A-list FBI agent; he works the night shift in the basement of the White House, taking those enigmatic, life-or-death emergency calls. But the fascinating part is that.

The drama, which you can watch on Netflix, centers on Peter Sutherland and is a suspenseful conspiracy thriller. He answers a call one evening that alters the course of the whole game. He unexpectedly finds himself in a dangerous and espionage-filled environment after being a low-level police officer. You see, that call reveals a sinister terrorist plot that threatens the nation’s safety.

As Peter digs deeper into the murky waters of this conspiracy, he teams up with Rose Larkin, a tech CEO with her own secrets. Every move they take increases the danger. It’s now more important to survive than merely figure out the puzzle.

In a shocking turn of events, Peter stops a train bombing, setting the scene for a compelling first season with 10 riveting episodes. Peter and Rose find themselves conducting their own clandestine investigation as the plot develops and delivering devastating information to the White House. The real kicker is that Peter is attempting to rescue Rose, his own reputation, and the whole nation from a web of danger and deceit while racing against time. He doesn’t know 

Gabriel Basso Super 8

In the year 2011, Gabriel had the incredible opportunity to collaborate with none other than J.J. Abrams in his action-mystery masterpiece, “Super 8.” He played the part of Martin in the movie with such accomplished performers as Joel Courtney, Jessica Tuck, and Zach Mills. The 1979 drama is about a group of friends who witness a tragic train accident that alters their lives forever.

This film’s mystery and intrigue rollercoaster grabbed spectators and critics. It was nominated for ASCAP Film and Television Music Awards, Circuit Community Awards, and Hollywood Film Awards due to its popularity. It’s simple to argue that Gabriel’s “Super 8” performance made the film into the acclaimed masterpiece that it is today.

Gabriel Basso Hillbilly Elegy

Gabriel starred as J.D. Vance in the drama movie “Hillbilly Elegy” in 2020. He appeared in cinema with some very exceptional actors, such as Glenn Close, Amy Adams, and Haley Bennett. The movie that Gabriel starred in chronicled the journey of a Yale Law School student and was based on the book of the same-named book by J. D. Vance.

But there’s an interesting turn coming next. On its theatrical premiere, the film got harsh reviews. However, things take time to adjust. It earned a solid 6.7 on IMDb.

Despite criticism and popular backlash, “Hillbilly Elegy” received two Academy prize nominations and a prize at the San Francisco International Film Festival. The film featured unforgettable moments and left an effect.

Gabriel Basso Tv Shows and Web Series

A few years down the road after his debut in movies, Gabriel ventured into the world of television. He made his mark in 2009 when he popped up as Fake Freddie in the comedy-family series “iCarly,” a creation by the talented Dan Schneider. That same year, he appeared in Maggie Friedman’s drama-fantasy series “Eastwick,” taking on the role of Elliot.

The role of Adam Jamison, the main character in the comedy-drama series “The Big C,” was, however, what actually propelled him to fame on television. Gabriel not only won people over with his performance, but the programme as a whole received some well-deserved praise. In fact, it won both the Primetime Emmy and the AFI Awards, ensuring its legacy on television.

Gabriel’s career in television doesn’t end there; he has since been in a number of highly praised series in key and supporting parts. In addition to “The Red Road” (2014), he has been in “Scared Shrekless” (2010), “R. L. The Haunting Hour: The Series” (2011) by R.L. Stine, among other films.

The most challenging thing is that he isn’t slowing down. In the new action-thriller Netflix series “The Night Agent,” which also stars Eve Harlow, D. B. Woodside, and Hong Chau, you could see him in action once again. This will add even more intrigue to the small screen.

Gabriel Basso The Middle

In the year 2010, Gabriel landed a role that added a touch of humor to his resume. He portrayed Rodney Glossner in the comedy-drama series “The Middle,” a show brought to life by the creative minds of DeAnn Heline and Eileen Heisler. The series followed the adventures of Frances and Mike, a couple navigating life in the quirky town of Orson, Indiana.

Now, what’s interesting is that this show didn’t just tickle funny bones; it also filled the pockets. When anything is profitable in the entertainment industry, it is always motivating. It wasn’t just about the money, however; it received praise from the critics as well. Both the Critics Choice Television Awards and the ASCAP Cinema and Television Music Awards gave the programme recognition. We can thus safely argue that Gabriel’s time on “The Middle” was a notable period in his career.

Gabriel Basso Net Worth

Given his ability and diligence, Gabriel Basso’s fortune has been steadily increasing. He has amassed substantial wealth in a very short amount of time, and this monetary success has undoubtedly aided in his rise to notoriety.

The current estimation of Gabriel Basso’s net worth is $1 million USD. His net worth, however, is expected to climb dramatically in 2023, reaching an estimated $7 million, according to the folks at Celebrity Net Worth. That’s a significant rise, and it speaks much about his prosperous career path in the entertainment industry.

Gabriel Basso Instagram

Well, if you ever tried to find Gabriel Basso on Instagram, you’d have had some luck. He did have a profile there, complete with posts and all. However, it seems his follower count was quite modest, sitting at just 1.6k. For someone of Gabriel’s caliber in the celebrity world, that might seem surprisingly low.

There may be many causes for this. He wasn’t exactly a prolific poster, sharing only sporadic updates every few months. Plus, he only jumped into the Instagram game relatively recently, starting his account in late 2018.

As for Facebook, he had a presence there too. In fact, you could find both a personal profile and a page in his name. But just like on Instagram, his page didn’t boast a massive following, with about 1.5k likes and followers. It seems Gabriel keeps a somewhat low-key online presence compared to some of his peers. who to trust in this high-stakes game, which is a concern.

Final Words

Gabriel Basso, a superb actor in “Super 8” and “Hillbilly Elegy,” has hidden his daughter and marriage. On December 11, 1994, in St. Louis, Missouri, he was born into showbiz.

Gabriel’s most memorable film and TV role was “The Middle”. His outstanding acting abilities have brought him widespread praise and a rising net worth, now estimated at $1 million USD, with projections for substantial future increase.

Gabriel has a devoted following of followers who like his work while keeping a somewhat low-key internet presence. He has become an actor to watch in the entertainment industry as his celebrity and the mystery surrounding his life both grow.

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