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Unveiling the Height of Andrew Garfield: How Tall is the Renowned Actor

Andrew Garfield, famed for his appearances in Silence, Hacksaw Ridge, Never Let Me Go, and The Social Network has raised questions about his height. His height? Let’s investigate.

Andrew Garfield was the tallest Spider-Man in the movies. Given that his teammates Spider-Men, Tom Holland and Tobey Maguire, are 5 feet 7 inches and 5 feet 8 inches, respectively, they are shorter than most Hollywood male actors. how tall is andrew garfield Andrew Garfield may be taller than 5-foot-10-inch.

However, if you’re still unsure about Andrew Garfield’s precise height, this blog post will provide you with the answers you seek. Continue reading to uncover not only his real height but also his weight and other intriguing details about this renowned Hollywood actor.

Andrew Garfield: Who is he?

Andrew Russell Garfield was raised in Los Angeles. Lynn Hillman, his mother, and Richard Garfield, his father, brought him into the world.

Andrew’s parents owned a small interior design studio. Lynn, his mother, helped nursery school teachers, and Richard, his father, was Guildford City Swimming Club’s head coach.

In addition to his parents, Andrew Garfield has an older brother named Ben Garfield, who currently works as a doctor.

Los Angeles-born Andrew relocated to England at three. They settled in the peaceful town of Epsom, Surrey.

Andrew’s family had strong religious beliefs, and he is recognized as Jewish because his father follows the Jewish faith. However, in an interview, Andrew revealed that he identifies as an agnostic pantheist.

During his childhood, Andrew Garfield showed great enthusiasm for gymnastics and swimming. He also had an interest in philately and enjoyed learning about the history of stamp collectors.

He began his education at Priory Preparatory School but later transferred to the City of London Freemen’s School in Ashtead.

At 16, Andrew became interested in performing instead of business. He attended the Central School of Speech and Drama to pursue his love of performing.

Some Quick Details About Andrew Garfield

Full nameAndrew Russell Garfield
Birth dateAugust 20, 1983
Birth PlaceLos Angeles, California, U.S.
Zodiac SignLeo
Weight163 lbs (approx. 74 kg)
Eye ColorDark Brown
Hair ColorDark Brown
Sex orientationStraight
Marital StatusUnmarried
Father’s NameRichard Garfield
Mother’s NameLynn nee Hillman Garfield
Siblings’ nameBen Garfield
Net Worth$13 million

So, exactly how tall is Andrew Garfield?

When it comes to height, Andrew Garfield surpasses the average height of American adult males. He’s 1.79 meters, or 5’10”. It’s startling, but there’s proof.

The CDC says 20-year-old American men are 5’9″ (1.75 meters). Andrew Garfield is 1.5 inches taller than the average American male.

Furthermore, as an English actor, Andrew Garfield falls into the category of British men. The ONS reports that British men are 5’9″. Therefore, Andrew Garfield stands 1.5 inches taller than the average British male as well.

Body stats for Andrew Garfield

In accordance with his physical dimensions, Andrew Garfield has a trim, toned figure. He measures about 38 inches (96.5 cm) across the chest, 30 inches (76 cm) around the waist, and 13 inches (33 cm) across the biceps.

Andrew Garfield’s size 10 (US) shoe suggests that he has average-sized feet because of his choice of footwear.

What has gained Andrew Garfield the most notoriety?

Andrew Garfield’s work in highly acclaimed films and TV shows has helped him gain fame. In “The Social Network,” he played Eduardo Saverin. Peter Parker in “The Amazing Spider-Man” captivated spectators. Desmond Doss also played a noteworthy role in the movie “Hacksaw Ridge,” further highlighting his acting range and prowess.

In addition to his on-screen accomplishments, Andrew Garfield has caught attention for his involvement with charitable organizations. One notable example is his dedication to the Worldwide Orphans Foundation, where he has actively supported their noble cause. Andrew has demonstrated his commitment to making a positive impact beyond his acting career through his philanthropic efforts.

Height Comparison Between Andrew Garfield and Other Spider-Man Actors

Andrew Garfield is 5 feet 10.5 inches tall. Spider-Man’s comic book height. Spider-Man is played by 5’7″ Tobey Maguire. The MCU’s Spider-Man, Tom Holland, is 5’8″.

Andrew Garfield5 feet 10 inches
Tom Holland5 feet 8 inches
Tobey Maguire5 feet 7 inches

Andrew Garfield’s Height vs. Other Celebrities

Here is a table of Andrew Garfield’s height compared to other celebrities:

Andrew Garfield5 feet 10 inches
Chris Hemsworth6 feet 3 inches
Ryan Reynolds6 feet 2 inches
Hugh Jackman6 feet 2 inches
Henry Cavill6 feet 1 inch
Ryan Gosling6 feet 0 inch
Chris Pine6 feet 0 inch
Jake Gyllenhaal6 feet 0 inch
Robert Downey Jr.5 feet 9 inches
Zac Efron5 feet 8 inches

Andrew Garfield’s Net Worth

Some actors can fascinate and impress audiences. Andrew Garfield, a gifted actor, has garnered prominence in recent years. He became famous in “The Social Network” and has since starred in more hits.

Andrew Garfield’s career earned him a $16 million fortune. Garfield is from Los Angeles. His mother Lynn is from Essex, England. New Zealander Richard is his father. Garfield’s mother is Jewish.

Garfield attended Epsom Primary School until his family moved to Los Angeles at six. Youthful training at the Performing Arts Center. After graduating, Garfield starred in “Sugar Rush.”

However, “The Amazing Spider-Man” (2004) launched his career. Garfield then starred in movies including “The Social Network,” “The Amazing Spider-Man 2,” and “Hacksaw Ridge.” Broadway and film have included Garfield.

“Equus,” his 2008 Broadway debut, gained him critical acclaim. Garfield continued to dazzle in Broadway plays including “Death of a Salesman” and “Angels in America.” He’s a respected actor for his cinema and theatrical work.

Andrew Garfield has been lauded for his Broadway and screen roles. His net worth will grow due to his youth and potential.

The Hair Transplant Journey of Andrew Garfield

Andrew Russel Garfield recently underwent a successful hair transplant procedure. The Amazing Spider-Man actor Garfield has a receding hairline. However, after the transplant, his hair now appears fuller and thicker than ever before.

Not just Garfield has had a hair transplant. Jon Bon Jovi, Elton John, and Matthew McConaughey underwent identical hairline improvements.

Dr. Paul N. Shapiro, a highly regarded hair transplant surgeon, was responsible for performing Garfield’s successful procedure. Dr. Shapiro is a renowned authority on the topic, having worked with McConaughey, Bon Jovi, and John. Thanks to the skilled hands of Dr. Shapiro, Garfield’s hair transplant has yielded fantastic results, and his hair now looks great!

Andrew Garfield Relationship

(Andrew Garfield Relation With Shannon Woodward): Shannon and Andrew began dating and were often spotted together in various locations. In 2011, after three years together, they broke up without explaining why.

(Andrew Garfield’s Relation With Emma Stone): Following his split from Shannon Woodward, Andrew Garfield started a romantic relationship with Emma Stone in 2011. The two met at Night Club and their connection led to flirting and eventually dating. In 2015, they broke up.

(Andrew Garfield Relation With Susie Abromeit): In 2018, two years after his breakup with Emma Stone, Andrew began dating Susie Abromeit. They broke up after a short time.

(Andrew Garfield Relation With Rita Ora): During the same year, Andrew found companionship with actress and singer Rita Ora. They crossed paths while working on a film together and started dating towards the end of 2018. Unfortunately, their romance ended.

(Andrew Garfield Relation With Christine Gabel): In 2019, Andrew entered into a relationship with Christine Gabel, an actress. Their partnership lasted for three years before concluding in 2021.

(Andrew Garfield Relation With Alyssa Miller): Subsequently, Andrew started dating Alyssa Miller, who is both an actress and a model, in 2021. However, their relationship ended in 2022.

(Andrew Garfield Relation With Phoebe Dynevor): Later in 2022, Andrew began dating actress and model Phoebe Dynevor. They were frequently seen together at various events and even attended an award show as a couple. Currently, he is in a relationship with Phoebe Dynevor.

Online sources for Andrew Garfield

Keep up with Andrew Garfield on social media. Some of his verified accounts are listed below:

Social MediaProfile

Interesting Facts about Andrew Garfield

Here are some interesting facts about Andrew Garfield:

  • At three, Andrew Garfield moved to England with his family from Los Angeles.
  • Andrew is bilingual and possesses British and American citizenship.
  • Andrew’s father’s Jewish heritage enriches his culture.
  • Classically trained Andrew is an actor. He performed in “Angels in America” and “Death of a Salesman.”
  • Andrew Garfield is well known for his performances in “The Social Network,” “The Amazing Spider-Man,” and “Hacksaw Ridge.”
  • Andrew passionately promotes social justice outside of performing. He works with organizations to raise awareness of poverty, hunger, and sickness.
  • Andrew sings and dances as well as acts. He performed in “Priscilla, Queen of the Desert” and “Little Shop of Horrors.”
  • Andrew’s skateboarding passion is intriguing. He calls himself a “skateboard fiend” and has even used skateboarding in his acting.
  • Despite his fame, Andrew Garfield prefers a solitary existence. He keeps his personal life private.

People Also Ask (FAQs)

Here Are Some (FAQs) About Andrew Garfield:

How tall is Andrew Garfield?
Andrew Garfield is approximately 5 feet 10.5 inches tall or 1.79 meters.

Is Andrew Garfield taller than Tobey Maguire and Tom Holland?
Tobey Maguire (5’7″) and Tom Holland (5’8″) are shorter than Andrew Garfield.

What is the average height for American adult males?
The CDC says 20-year-old American men are 5’9″ (1.75 meters).

How does Andrew Garfield’s height compare to the average British male?
The ONS says British men average 5 feet 9 inches. Therefore, Andrew Garfield is 1.5 inches taller than the average British male.

What are Andrew Garfield’s body measurements?
Andrew Garfield’s chest measures 38 inches (96.5 cm), waist 30 inches (76 cm), and biceps 13 inches (33 cm).

What is Andrew Garfield’s shoe size?
Andrew Garfield wears a size 10 (US) shoe, indicating that he has average-sized feet.

Final Words

Andrew Garfield, who appeared in “Silence,” “Hacksaw Ridge,” “Never Let Me Go,” and “The Social Network,” is 5’10.5″. He is 1.5 inches taller than American and British men. Garfield’s biceps are 13 inches and his chest is 38 inches.

Garfield has been lauded for his movie performances throughout his career. His charity work shows his compassion.

Garfield’s hair transplant improved his appearance and confidence.

Andrew Garfield has dated famous people. He dated Shannon Woodward, Emma Stone, Susie Abromeit, Rita Ora, Christine Gabel, Alyssa Miller, and Phoebe Dynevor.

With a $13 million net worth, Andrew Garfield continues to impress audiences with his brilliance, passion, and unrelenting commitment to his trade.

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