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Shaun So is undoubtedly one of those intriguing personalities who has managed to remain somewhat mysterious despite gaining some level of fame. He was born in 1980 in the United Kingdom. In recent times, he’s attracted more public attention due to his spouse, a well-known figure in the acting world, who has taken on a new television series, bringing a lot of scrutiny their way.

When it comes to his personal life, Mr. So seems to have an extraordinary talent for keeping it shielded from the prying eyes of the media. He has purposefully chosen to keep a low profile and has not revealed any information about his father or mother, not even their names or occupations.

What we do know is that Shaun So comes from a distinguished Chinese background with a rich cultural heritage. He seems to have deep connections with his family and enjoys spending quality time with them. Despite the curiosity surrounding his life, Shaun So continues to exude an air of mystery, keeping significant aspects of his personal story hidden from the public eye.


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Shaun So, a man of mystery, made his entrance onto the world stage in 1980, in the historic landscapes of the United Kingdom. He’s a paradoxical figure, managing to cloak his life in obscurity, even as his name echoes in the halls of recognition. The recent surge in his public presence can be traced back to his partner, a shining star in the world of drama, who unveiled a captivating masterpiece.

As we delve into the sanctuary of his personal life, Shaun So stands as a sentinel, fiercely guarding it from the intrusive gaze of the media’s unrelenting eye. He enforces a vow of silence when it comes to his family, revealing not a whisper of information about his parents’ names or professions, much like the enigmatic shroud surrounding his maternal lineage.

However, the tapestry of his heritage weaves through the rich traditions of a distinguished Chinese family, steeped in cultural grandeur. Among those in the know, there are whispers of the depth of his familial bonds, hinting that he holds his loved ones in the highest regard and cherishes the mosaic of moments spent with them. The enigmatic aura around Shaun So, while tantalizing, remains intact, casting a captivating veil over the pages of his personal history.

Who is Shaun So?                           

Shaun So is perhaps most widely known as the husband of the incredibly talented actress, Anna Chlumsky. His wife has gained widespread recognition in the entertainment industry, and Shaun’s own profile has risen alongside their marriage. Together, they’ve become a celebrated couple in the United States.

Born in 1980 in the United States, Shaun’s life has been marked by a deep commitment to public service. He is a steadfast member of the army reserve, a significant part of his identity. His notable achievements have made him a prominent figure in the public eye, often appearing prominently in online searches.

While Shaun is well-regarded for his entrepreneurial ventures and his role as the spouse of a respected actress, he has also made a name for himself in the world of online reputation and social media prominence. A look at his LinkedIn profile provides some insight into his professional journey. He began his career at the Defense Intelligence Academy, where he worked in Intelligence Defense, a role he held until 2006.

Following that, he continued his service to the nation by joining the United States Army. In this capacity, he served as an undercover army special agent, tasked with the vital mission of safeguarding national security. The length of his service, from 2003 to 2011, reflects his unwavering dedication to this profession.

In summary, Shaun So’s life story is a fusion of military dedication, entrepreneurial accomplishments, and the unique role of being the spouse of a distinguished actress. His journey is a testament to his unwavering commitment to both his country and his personal pursuits.

Shaun So Biography:

Shaun So is a true-blue American, born in 1980. His cultural roots are deeply intertwined with his Asian heritage, particularly American-Chinese, which adds a fascinating layer to his identity. Astrologically, he falls under the Virgo zodiac sign.

Shaun has made a name for himself as a multifaceted individual in the United States. Not only is he a successful entrepreneur, but he’s also a familiar figure in the media and online circles. A substantial part of his reputation is thanks to his marriage to the talented actress, Anna Chlumsky. Interestingly, it was after their marriage that Anna’s television career really soared.

Taking a closer look at Shaun’s professional journey, his LinkedIn profile sheds light on his past roles. He served at the Defense Intelligence Agency from June 2003 to 2006. Following this, he embarked on an impressive career in the US Army, specializing as a Counterintelligence Special Agent from 2003 to 2011. He even had the honor of serving in Afghanistan during his military tenure before choosing to retire voluntarily.

Shaun took a bold step by venturing into the corporate world after leaving the military. In 2011, he initiated his first business venture under the name Cubba. Although he later closed down this company in 2012, he remained undeterred. In the same year, he founded The So Company, where he not only holds the title of CEO but also dedicates his efforts to running a non-profit organization.

Shaun So’s life journey showcases his versatility, transitioning from a dedicated military career to a dynamic entrepreneurial path. His story is a testament to his adaptability and commitment to making a positive impact in various aspects of life.


In the rich tapestry of American history, we come across the enigmatic figure of Shaun So, a shining star whose journey on Earth began in 1980. His fame knows no bounds, transcending the borders of the United States and resonating worldwide.

For those curious about delving into the intricate story of Shaun So, exploring his lineage, achievements, and personal revelations, you’re warmly invited to explore the wealth of information encapsulated within his dedicated Wiki page. This online haven serves as an invaluable resource for anyone seeking a comprehensive journey into the life and path of Shaun So.

Real NameShaun So
Famous forBeing the husband of Anna Chlumsky
ProfessionEntrepreneur, and Celebrity partner
Date of BirthNot Known
Birth Year1980
Age (as in 2022)43 years old
Zodiac SignVirgo
BirthplaceThe United States
Current ResidenceThe United States
Net Worth$3-4 million USD approx.
Education QualificationGraduate

Shaun So Education:

Shaun So’s educational journey began right in his hometown of Chicago. He received his primary and high school education from local institutions, laying the foundation for his future.

After completing his early schooling, Shaun took a significant step forward by enrolling at the prestigious University of Chicago, where he earned his bachelor’s degree. This was a pivotal moment in his academic pursuits.

But Shaun’s thirst for knowledge didn’t stop there. He had a deep desire to explore new horizons. This led him on an international academic adventure, as he chose to study at the renowned Tsinghua University. From there, he continued his educational journey at the esteemed City University of New York.

In total, Shaun’s educational path took him through three different universities, each contributing in unique ways to his growth and knowledge. His dedication to learning and expanding his horizons is clearly evident in his educational choices.

Primary EducationCompleted primary education at a public high school
College or UniversityThe University of Chicago

Personal Life

Shaun and Anna’s love story is quite charming. It all began in the most delightful way, at a college party in 2000 while they were both students at the University of Chicago. There was an instant connection, but their journey together faced the challenges of a long-distance relationship, primarily due to Shaun’s dedicated military service.

From 2004 to 2006, Shaun was deployed to Afghanistan, a period of separation that truly tested their love. But love, as they say, conquers all, and Shaun safely returned from Afghanistan in January 2006. It was in May of that year, during a visit to his family, that he made a life-changing decision. He got down on one knee and proposed to Anna, sealing their union with a heart full of love and determination.

When Anna shared their engagement with the public in October 2007, it was an exciting time for them both. However, they decided to exchange their vows in a more private setting. Their love story continued to bloom, further enriched with the arrival of their two beautiful daughters. Penelope Joan So graced their lives with her presence in July 2013, followed by Clara Elizabeth So, born in August 2016. The couple’s journey is a true testament to the enduring power of love and commitment, with each chapter marked by significant milestones and the joy of parenthood.

Shaun So- Age

Shaun So came into this world in the year 1980, which means he’s now 43 years old as of 2023. He was born in the picturesque state of Maine in the United States of America.

Shaun’s fascinating heritage includes dual citizenship, both American and Chinese, reflecting the rich tapestry of his Asian roots. He takes great pride in holding both nationalities. While we know he has Chinese ancestry, he’s always kept a certain level of privacy when it comes to his family.

Shaun’s academic journey began in 1999 when he embarked on a path to further his education, leading him to the University of Chicago. He poured his heart and soul into his studies there, culminating in his graduation in 2003 with a bachelor’s degree in political science.

But Shaun didn’t stop there. Driven by his commitment to embrace his Chinese heritage and broaden his horizons, he enrolled in language immersion programs and delved into the intricate world of Mandarin at Tsinghua University. This dedication to learning and cultural enrichment vividly demonstrates his passion for personal growth.

His thirst for knowledge didn’t end with language studies. Shaun continued to pursue his educational aspirations, achieving yet another milestone by earning an MBA degree from the City University of New York. His academic achievements underscore his unwavering dedication to personal and professional development, further enriching his life journey.

Height, Weight

Shaun So boasts a robust and athletic physique, a clear testament to his prior military service. Standing at five feet seven inches tall, he exudes a commanding presence.

His dedication to physical fitness is unmistakable, with well-defined muscles, particularly in his arms, showcasing his commitment to staying in top shape.

Shaun’s notable features include his deep and expressive black eyes, which beautifully complement his ebony hair. This combination gives him a distinctive and captivating appearance.

Despite his public presence, Shaun has opted to keep certain physical details, like his exact body weight, confidential. This choice adds a touch of mystery to his persona, allowing him to maintain a level of privacy in the public eye.

Shaun So Family:

In the world of wealth and opulence, Shaun So was born into a life of considerable affluence, thanks to his rich Chinese heritage. However, Shaun has chosen to maintain a notable silence when it comes to the intricate details of his family’s wealth. Not a word slips from his lips about his father’s name or the profession concealed behind the curtain of secrecy. In a parallel enigma, the identity and occupation of his mother remain protected in the fortress of confidentiality.

Yet, amidst this enigmatic web of secrecy, one truth shines through crystal clear – the profound, unspoken connection that Shaun holds with his family. He holds them close to his heart, cherishing every fleeting moment spent with them during his leisurely breaks. Despite the veil of secrecy that shrouds the fabric of his family heritage, the undeniable truth emerges – they wield a deep and enduring influence on the canvas of his life.

Father NameNot Known
Mother NameNot Known
Father-in-Law NameFrank Chumsky Jr.
Mother-in-Law NameNancy Chumsky
Sister NameNot Known
Brother NameNot Known


Throughout his 41 years on this planet, Shaun has managed to steer clear of rumors and controversies. It’s evident that he places a high premium on his privacy and prefers to live in the shadows, steering clear of the often tumultuous world of social media and media scrutiny. His thoughtful approach and dedication to what truly matters to him are a testament to his commitment to a tranquil and drama-free life.

Shaun So Career:

Shaun So’s professional journey is undeniably impressive. At the young age of 23, he embarked on a career as a dedicated American soldier in 2003, setting the stage for a remarkable journey. His path led him through the halls of the Defense Intelligence Agency within the United States Federal Government, where he served as an astute intelligence analyst.

According to online accounts, Shaun’s tenure as an intelligence analyst within the federal government stretched from 2003 to 2006. Following this, he made a transition into the realm of defense contracting with McNeil Technologies, a role he held from 2006 to 2009. Concurrently, he took on a crucial position as a specialized counterintelligence operative for the United States Army, a post he faithfully held from October 2003 through 2011.

During his illustrious tenure in the United States Army, Shaun So wore many hats, including that of a tactical intelligence team sergeant. He shouldered the significant responsibility of leading teams in both domestic and international theaters of combat operations, showcasing his leadership skills and strategic acumen.

Beyond the bounds of his military journey, Shaun emerges as a multifaceted individual, taking on the role of an enterprising entrepreneur. He co-founded “Cubby,” an urban logistics startup, and notably served as the company’s Chief Executive Officer from June 2011 to April 2012. In April 2012, he laid the foundation for “The So Company,” an enterprise where he wears the dual hats of CEO and Managing Director since its inception in 2012. This corporate entity has gained a diverse clientele, catering to the needs of both major government agencies and budding startups located in the United States and Europe.

Notably, The So Company has carved out a niche for itself, earning accolades for its outstanding services, with esteemed clients such as the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services and the US Department of Veterans Affairs seeking their expertise. Shaun So’s journey is a testament to his versatility, underscoring the profound impact he has made in the realms of both the military and entrepreneurship.

How Much Is Shaun So Net Worth?

As of 2021, Shaun So’s estimated net worth was a substantial $2 million or more. Notably, his wife had already achieved financial success, with a net worth of $3 million as far back as 2012.

Shaun is a man of many talents in his professional life. He’s not just known as the husband of the talented actress from “Gold Diggers: The Secret of Bear Mountain.” Shaun is an American military veteran and a thriving entrepreneur. Currently, he holds the positions of CEO and managing partner at The So Company. Despite his own successes, he’s always maintained his modesty regarding his wife’s celebrity. From the very beginning of their relationship, Anna’s celebrity status never fazed him; he values her for who she is.

In his career, Shaun has been involved in diverse ventures. Since April 2012, he’s been a key part of The So Company in the Greater New York City Area, where he’s played a pivotal role in driving revenue, shaping strategy, overseeing staff, and enhancing public services for clients.

Starting in June 2019, he co-founded the Digital Services Coalition, a non-profit organization comprising select companies dedicated to advancing the government’s digital transformation. In simpler terms, he’s at the helm of a company that delves into market exploration and research.

Between May 2012 and December 2014, Shaun made valuable contributions as a Forbes contributor, sharing insights on topics like veterans, entrepreneurship, and business interests.

His career path has included positions at the Defense Intelligence Agency, Subway, University of Chicago, Circus Bar, Nautica, Breakaway Courier, US Army Reserves, and Rickshaw Express, among other places.

Shaun’s educational background includes a BBA in Political Science from the University of Chicago and an MBA from The City University of New York. He even made a quick diversion to Tsinghua University to study Mandarin, which added a unique cultural flavor to his stellar academic record.

Shaun So Wife:

Shaun So is happily married to the talented actress Anna Chlumsky, who garnered fame with her roles in “My Girl” (1991) and “My Girl 2” (1994). Anna took a break from acting between 1999 and 2005 to focus on her studies and personal growth.

In 2002, Anna graduated from Walther Christian Academy and went on to earn a Bachelor of International Studies from the University of Chicago. After completing her education, she gained experience as an editorial assistant for HarperCollins’ science fiction-fantasy imprint and worked as a Zagat Survey fact-checker.

The beautiful love story of Anna and Shaun began during their time at the University of Chicago. They first crossed paths at a college party, and from that moment, their connection blossomed into a long-distance relationship. Even when Shaun enlisted in the Army Reserve and was deployed to Afghanistan, their love endured. Shaun safely returned in January 2006, and in May of the same year, he made a heartfelt proposal to Anna.

Their engagement in 2007 was a joyful occasion, and they didn’t waste any time in tying the knot. Just five months later, in March 2008, they celebrated their wedding in Brooklyn, New York, blending their Chinese cultural traditions into a beautiful fusion.

Their family expanded with the arrival of their first daughter, Penelope Joan So, in 2013, and again in 2016 with the birth of their second daughter, Clara Elizabeth. It’s clear that Shaun’s love and devotion to his family are unwavering, and he cherishes every precious moment with them.

Relationship StatusCommitted
Marital StatusMarried
Girlfriend NameAnna Chlumsky
Wife NameAnna Chlumsky
Previous RelationshipsNot Known
ChildrenPenelope Joan So and Clara Elizabeth So (Daughter)


As of the time this article was published on our website, Thrill NG, Shaun So had reached the age of 43 and continued to mark each passing year with birthday celebrations. While the exact date and month of his birthday remain a well-guarded secret, we do know that his zodiac sign is Virgo.

When it comes to his physical attributes, Shaun boasts a fair complexion and is a part of the White ethnic group. His American citizenship is by birth, and it’s quite likely that he hails from the vibrant city of Chicago. As for his eyes, they are truly captivating with a rich shade of dark brown, a perfect complement to his stylish black hair, which he usually keeps in a short and well-groomed hairstyle.

Social Media

In the realm of social media, Shaun So has intentionally chosen to keep a low profile. He refrains from actively engaging on popular platforms like Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter, deliberately avoiding the establishment of any official presence. It’s clear that he places a high value on shielding his personal life from the prying eyes of the digital world.

It’s worth noting that in the context of his previous marriage, Shaun’s former father-in-law was named Frank Chlumsky, and his former mother-in-law was known as Nancy Chlumsky. These individuals were part of the family that accompanied him during his previous marital journey.


Let’s embark on a captivating journey into the life of Shaun So, a fascinating figure whose path weaves through the worlds of military service, entrepreneurship, and the warmth of family life. Join us as we uncover the intriguing layers of his background, his impressive career, and his loving partnership with the talented actress Anna Chlumsky.


  • Shaun So was born in the year 1980.
  • He hails from the United States and has American-Chinese heritage.
  • Shaun is a Virgo by zodiac sign.
  • He stands at a height of five feet seven inches.
  • Shaun has a diverse educational background, including studies at the University of Chicago, Tsinghua University, and the City University of New York.
  • His professional journey began with service in the United States Army.
  • He worked as an intelligence analyst at the Defense Intelligence Agency.
  • Shaun also served as a counterintelligence special agent in the U.S. Army.
  • He co-founded the urban logistics startup “Cubby” and later established “The So Company,” where he serves as CEO and Managing Director.
  • Shaun is involved in non-profit work through the Digital Services Coalition.
  • He has contributed articles to Forbes.
  • Shaun’s net worth is estimated to be around $2 million or more.
  • He is married to actress Anna Chlumsky, known for her roles in “My Girl” and “Veep.”
  • The couple met at the University of Chicago and got engaged in 2006.
  • Shaun and Anna’s wedding featured a fusion of Chinese cultural traditions.
  • They have two daughters, Penelope Joan So and Clara Elizabeth So.
  • Shaun values privacy and maintains a low profile on social media.
  • His family background remains mostly private, including details about his parents.
  • Shaun is known for his dedication to his family and career.
  • He continues to be an intriguing figure in the public eye.


Who is Shaun So?

Shaun So is an American entrepreneur with a background in military service, known for his marriage to actress Anna Chlumsky.

What is Shaun So’s educational background?

Shaun studied at the University of Chicago, Tsinghua University, and the City University of New York.

What is Shaun So’s career history?

Shaun served in the U.S. Army, worked as an intelligence analyst, co-founded startups like “Cubby” and “The So Company,” and is involved in non-profit work.

What is Shaun So’s net worth?

Shaun So’s estimated net worth is around $2 million or more.

How did Shaun So and Anna Chlumsky meet?

They met while studying at the University of Chicago and got engaged in 2006.

Do Shaun So and Anna Chlumsky have children?

Yes, they have two daughters, Penelope Joan So and Clara Elizabeth So.

Why does Shaun So keep a low profile on social media?

Shaun values his privacy and prefers to maintain a low profile on social media platforms.

What are Shaun So’s contributions to Forbes?

Shaun has contributed articles to Forbes on topics related to veterans, entrepreneurship, and business interests.

Where is Shaun So currently based?

Shaun So is based in the Greater New York City Area, where he is actively involved in his business ventures.

What is the significance of Shaun So’s Chinese heritage?

Shaun’s American-Chinese heritage adds a unique layer to his identity, reflecting his diverse cultural background.

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