Trace Cool Math Games Hints

Trace Cool Math Games Hints: Trace Walkthrough

Venturing into the enigmatic realm of cool math games Trace, you find yourself immersed in a peculiar, almost surreal, science-fiction universe. Your sole mission in this awe-inspiring land is to find a way to escape its grasp. However, amidst its fascinating attributes, Trace is laden with a myriad of mind-boggling puzzles that demand your keen intellect to decipher. Only by conquering these intricacies do you stand a chance of breaking free from this mesmerizing captivity. Brace yourself for a challenging journey as we present a comprehensive, conversational-style in Trace Walkthrough.

Alright, so let’s delve into this extraordinary world of Trace Cool Math Games Hints, where you’ll encounter a series of cool math games and intriguing hints to aid you on your escape quest.

Escaping the Bathroom: A Puzzle Adventure in Trace Cool Math Games – Hints Included!

Alright, let’s dive into the thrilling challenge of escaping the bathroom in Trace Cool Math Games! Your initial objective is to unlock the bathroom door, which will lead you to explore the rest of the house. Are you ready to embark on this mind-bending journey? Great, let’s get started!

As you stand before the toilet, take a look near the floor for a small panel adorned with a sequence of colored arrows. This panel holds the key to your escape from the bathroom. Now, here’s a technical tip for you: position those arrows meticulously to form the shape of a star. Once you’ve done that, open the cabinet to your left and discover a half pair of scissors.

But wait, there’s more! To proceed, combine the half pair of scissors with the other half found in the bathroom sink. Utilize this newly formed pair of scissors to cut the string attached to the key hanging near the mirror. You’ll need that key to unlock the lockbox on the shelf.

Inside the lockbox, you’ll find a cryptic note that reveals the secret location of a hidden tile near the bathroom mirror. Curious, isn’t it? Behind the tile, a picture of a fish emerges. Now, pay attention to the dots and lines within the picture – they hold vital clues! Match these dots and lines with the arrows on the panel we encountered earlier.

Next, let’s turn our focus back to the mirror. Observe the picture frame situated at the bottom of the floor. There’s more to it than meets the eye! Carefully inspect the frame to uncover a concealed safe. Your next challenge awaits as you figure out the combination: 5, 4, 7, 2.

But we’re not done just yet! Retrieve a lightbulb and insert it into the pumpkin nearby. Voilà! The pumpkin reveals the final arrow puzzle combination. Align the arrows to match the eyes and nose of the pumpkin.

Congratulations! As you complete this intricate puzzle, the cabinet beneath the sink opens up, offering you the key to the bathroom door. However, don’t get too excited, as you’re not entirely free just yet. To exit the bathroom, place the key into the panel on the door and skillfully reposition the blocks to ensure the key overlaps the green lock.

You’re doing an amazing job! Keep going, and soon you’ll find yourself one step closer to escaping the bathroom and venturing into the rest of the enthralling world of Trace Cool Math Games. If you require any further hints or assistance, feel free to ask. Happy puzzling!

Escaping the House: The Journey Continues!

Now, it’s time to set our sights on a new challenge – making our way outside the house and reaching the intriguing tower nearby. But before we delve into more complex puzzles, let’s begin by gathering all the items we can find without having to solve any puzzles. These items include:

  1. An action figure discreetly tucked between the potted plant and the couch.
  2. A battery cleverly concealed underneath the couch cushion.
  3. A delightful toy horse hidden within the top desk drawer.
  4. A mysterious star, both visible on the painting and secretly tucked under the couch.

By collecting these items, you’re already making significant progress! Stay vigilant and keep your eyes peeled for further clues and puzzles that lie ahead. If you need any Trace Cool Math Games Hints or assistance on your journey to escape the house and explore the nearby tower, feel free to ask in comment section. Best of luck!

Escaping the House: Puzzles Unraveled – A Complete Guide

With the initial items collected, it’s time to dive into the intriguing puzzles that lie ahead, starting with the planet puzzle at the bay window.

Complete the Metal Plate:

Discover a cabinet beneath the bay window and adjust the planets inside to match the ones you observe outside the window. Once aligned, press the red button to obtain a crucial Metal Plate. Now, examine the window by the bathroom, where the Toy Horse is present. Skillfully bend the neck of the horse so that its eye lands on the diamond shape. Press the button on the horse to release the second half of the Metal Plate. Later, when you access the porch, repeat this puzzle from the other side of the window.

Retrieve the Green Key and Box Cutter:

trace cool math games hints

Locate a series of red buttons scattered around the room. Unlock the gray chest on the end table by pressing the buttons in this specific order: Fishtank, fan, computer, by the planet puzzle, behind the painting of a house, and finally, the gray chest. For the painting puzzle, match the symbols on the Metal Plate to the levers on the wall, revealing a red button.

Obtain an Additional 5 Stars:

trace cool math games hints

Use the Green Key to access the porch. On the wall, flip the blocks from left to right in the following sequence: round potted plant, tall potted plant, short potted plant, and painting of a potted plant. Collect stars from the table, under the table, by the piano, and one near the edge. Head to the desk and open the drawers in the order: X, O, X, O, U, to obtain a magnet. Use the magnet to pull the fifth star out of the tube.

Obtain the Brass Key:

trace cool math games hints

Utilize the Box Cutter on the carpet beneath the end table. Insert the Batteries into the light above to reveal the secret to the floor puzzle, earning you the Submarine and Puzzle Piece. Proceed to the porch and complete the puzzle on the table. Once done, return inside and use the Box Cutter on the couch arm to obtain the Brass Key.

Unlock the Front Door:

trace cool math games hints

Uncover the paneling on the front door using the code: 2, 6, 3, 3, 6, 6, 1, 6, 1. Place a single Star in each colored area as indicated in the screenshot provided and press the red button. Before leaving, grab the action figure from the porch, located on a shelf near the door.

Keep up the excellent work! With these puzzles solved and items collected, you’re well on your way to escaping the house and embracing new adventures in the nearby tower.

Escaping the Planet: The Final Leg of the Journey

Trace Cool Math Games Hints

Congratulations! You’ve reached the ultimate phase of your escape adventure. Now, head confidently into the tower, turning left until you reach a dead end. There, you’ll find a small end table and a frame displaying a puzzle akin to the one you encountered behind the painting in the house.

Let’s tackle the puzzle on the small end table first. Enter the phrase “I DID DEEDS” to unlock its secrets and claim a valuable Dragon Action Figure. Well done! Now, shift your focus to the wall puzzle. Start from the left and meticulously trace this sequence: Downward arrow, S, squiggly line, lowercase D, and X. Successfully completing this enigma will reward you with another action figure and a key.

trace cool math games hints

Next, return to the porch and utilize the recently obtained key to unlock the umbrella. As it unfurls, it will shade the nearby chair, revealing an image of a wizard’s hat. Take a closer look at the chair and capture a screenshot using the Camera function for future reference.

Now, head back to the tower and open the door on the first floor. Notice the gear on the door? Recreate the image of the wizard’s hat, the same one you captured in the screenshot earlier.

Look up at the ceiling and observe eight lights. Utilizing the screenshot as a guide, click on the lights in the following order: 1, 2, 3, 5, 6, 7, 8, 4. With the four action figures you found, place them on the pedestal from left to right: Phoenix, dragon, vampire, and troll. Don’t forget to collect the screwdriver for later use.

trace cool math games hints

Return to the house and employ the screwdriver to open the panel beneath the shelf by the fishtank. Enter the password and access the Tower app on the PC. Engage in a game of MatheMagic to comprehend the sigils required to unlock the safe concealed within the desk.

Inside the safe, you’ll discover a book containing a launch date, intriguing pictures, and a series of planets connected by an arrow. Proceed to the second floor of the tower and approach the panel at the back, featuring dials with various shapes. Set the dials in the following order: Circle, Square, Triangle, Star, Square, Triangle, and Circle.

Now, match the flight plans and launch date mentioned in the book with those of the planets you encountered earlier, and click GO. Return to the house and step towards the bay window.

trace cool math games hints

Observe the pyramid, where each black spot can change colors. Your task is to match the colors to the diagram of the solar system shown to you after inputting the flight plans. Once completed, grab the top of the pyramid to unveil that it’s a key.

Journey back to the bathroom and discover that it’s locked. Fear not! Utilize the Pyramid Key on the door and step inside. Remove the padlock from the toilet with the Brass Key, then open the lid, and freedom awaits you!

And there you have it – a complete walkthrough guide for Trace. It’s an enjoyable experience with captivating artwork and mind-boggling challenges.

Wrap Up!

Congratulations on completing the thrilling adventure of Escaping the Planet in Trace! Throughout the journey, you’ve faced intricate puzzles, collected valuable items, and explored the house and tower, unraveling mysteries and overcoming challenges.

The puzzles on the small end table and the wall put your wit to the test, rewarding you with action figures and keys crucial for your escape. Deciphering the secrets of the umbrella and the wizard’s hat opened the way to intriguing discoveries in the tower.

The Tower app on the PC, the MatheMagic game, and the book from the desk safe provided essential clues, guiding you in matching flight plans and unlocking the pyramid key. Your keen observation and problem-solving skills proved indispensable as you progressed, ultimately reaching the bathroom and attaining your freedom.

The captivating artwork and mind-bending brainteasers in Trace kept you fully immersed in its mysterious world. Your intelligence and determination have been key to your successful completion of this adventure.

As you savor your newfound freedom, cherish the satisfaction of conquering challenges and embracing the thrill of exploration. Whether you choose to embark on more co-op adventures or enjoy captivating movies, let the memories of Trace serve as a testament to your escapade prowess.

With this, we say farewell to the enthralling world of Trace, but the journey doesn’t end here. Keep seeking thrilling escapades and embracing the joy of discovery in all your future quests.

Happy escaping and exploring, brave adventurer! May your path be filled with exciting adventures ahead with these trace cool math games hints!

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