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trey hardesty James: Rick Jame’s Son Biography, Height, Weight, Career And personal Life

Trey Hardesty James is a multi-talented person that excels in a variety of fields, including business ownership, fantasy sports, playing poker, and social media personalities. The intriguing thing about Trey is that he is the famous American singer, songwriter, musician, and producer James Ambrose Johnson Jr., better known by his stage name Rick James. Unlike his father, Trey prefers to maintain a low profile on social media despite enjoying increasing success in all of his efforts.

Rick James, Trey’s father, has long influenced American music. His hits include “Super Freak,” “Cold Blooded,” “You and I,” “Glow,” and “69 Times.” “Street Songs,” “Come Get It!” “Fire It Up,” and “Reflections” are among his subsequent releases. Rick James has many Grammy nominations. “You Can’t Touch Me” won Best R&B Song of the Year in 1991.

Trey Hardesty James has evidently inherited a passion for success and talent from his father’s impressive legacy in the music world. While his father made waves in the limelight and embraced social media, Trey chose a different path, carving his niche as an entrepreneur, fantasy sports expert, poker player, and online persona.

Some Quick Details About Trey Hardesty

Real NameTrey Hardesty James
Nick NameTrey
Age 43 Years
BirthplaceHollywood, Los Angeles, California,
United States of America
ProfessionAmerican entrepreneur, fantasy sports expert, poker player,
media personality, celebrity family member,
and social media influencers.
EducationalQualification Graduate in Organizational Communication.
UniversitySoutheastern Louisiana University (2000 to 2006)
FamilyFather Rick Jones, Mother is Unknown
Home TownHollywood, Los Angeles, California,
United States of America
Current AddressHollywood, Los Angeles, California,
United States of America
Eye ColourBlack
Hair ColourBrown

Early Life

Trey Hardesty James was born in the lively city of Hollywood, located in Los Angeles, California, United States of America. His birthdate is March 12, 1995, making him a Pisces by zodiac sign. As an American citizen, Trey has a mixed ethnic background. His father is the famous Singer Rick James.

Trey’s educational journey began at Walker High School in Los Angeles, where he attended from 1997 to 2000. Later, he pursued a degree in communications at Southeastern Louisiana University, attending from 2000 to 2006. However, his mother is unknown.


Trey Hardesty James has played for several NBA clubs. He’s a free agent without a team. His basketball career began well at Kentucky. After NBA scouts noticed his skills, the Los Angeles Lakers drafted Trey in the second round of the 2010 NBA Draft. Trey is from Indianapolis.

Hardesty got the opportunity to don the jerseys of numerous teams after reaching the NBA. He played for the New Orleans Pelicans, Denver Nuggets, Phoenix Suns, Houston Rockets, and Cleveland Cavaliers. Trey scores 4.3 and grabs 2.0 per game in the NBA. Hardesty Trey James is ready to provide his skills and energy to any team that signs him.

Trey Hardesty James’Physical Appearance of Trey Hardesty James Career

Trey Hardesty James has played for several NBA clubs. He was drafted in the second round by the Los Angeles Lakers in 2010. The Denver Nuggets and Phoenix Suns followed.

US businessman and entrepreneur Trey Hardesty James plays basketball. He is well-known as the chief executive officer and co-founder of Career Fitter, a career consulting organization established in 1998 along with James and David Whyte. Career Fitter provides valuable career development resources and services for those facing challenges in securing employment, and millions of people worldwide have benefited from its everyday use.

Before venturing into entrepreneurship, Trey James worked in marketing and sales for notable companies such as Texas Instruments and MCI Communications, among others. In 2009, he founded THJ Ventures under his company, THJ LLC, with a focus on producing energy drinks. Eventually, a major multinational corporation acquired the firm.

In 2012, James and THJ LLC established THJ Capital Partners, an investment firm primarily focusing on real estate. Through this venture, the company has made successful investments in various properties, including apartment complexes and office towers. As a result of his ventures as an entrepreneur and businessman, Trey Hardesty James has achieved financial success.

Trey Hardesty James has had a notable career as a professional basketball player, representing several NBA teams. In parallel, he has demonstrated his entrepreneurial acumen through the founding and management of successful ventures like Career Fitter, THJ Ventures, and THJ Capital Partners, contributing to his overall success as a multifaceted individual.

Early Education

Early childhood education expert Trey Hardesty James is a fierce supporter of giving every child access to high-quality early learning programs. He has dedicated his professional life to this cause because he genuinely believes that early education has the ability to change the lives of both people and entire communities.

Trey is committed to improving early childhood education initiatives on a global and national scale. He has devoted countless hours to advancing and enhancing these initiatives in order to guarantee that all kids have access to equal early education opportunities.

Trey engages decision-makers, teachers, and families to promote early childhood education. He believes working together can allow every child to excel in school and life.

Trey Hardesty James is a passionate early childhood education expert and advocate who is dedicated to the goal of giving all children the finest start in their educational path. Trey works tirelessly to improve the lives of young learners and the larger communities they are a part of. He also works in conjunction with a number of stakeholders.

Trey Hardesty James Family

Rick James (born 1948) is James Ambrose Johnson Jr. His mother danced and his father was a modest autoworker. In 1978, he published his first album, “Get It.” “Super Freak,” a 1990 hit, earned him a Grammy for Best R&B Recording. Rick James too faced dark and terrible times. He and his then-girlfriend Tanya Hijazi were jailed for kidnapping, torturing, and abusing 24-year-old Frances Alley during a weeklong cocaine binge in 1991. This incident damaged his reputation and caused him trouble.

In 2004, Los Angeles’ Rick James died of natural causes. Cocaine, diazepam, alprazolam, and methamphetamine caused his death. His burial and visitation at St. John Baptist Church in New York drew 6,000 people. Rick James had great musical success and personal challenges. He was famous for his music, but he had legal issues that tarnished his legacy.

Personal Life

As we delve into Trey Hardesty James’ personal life, it becomes evident that he has chosen to keep his relationships and career private, away from the public eye. Due to this intentional privacy, there is no available information about his marital status. He’s probably single based on what we know. Rick James is Trey’s father. His biological mother is unknown in the documents.

Regarding family, Trey has three half-siblings: Ty James, Tazman James, and Rick James Jr. Unfortunately, we don’t have any details about his body measurements either.

Given Trey Hardesty James’ preference for maintaining a low profile regarding his personal life, many aspects of his family and relationships remain undisclosed to the public.

Father Of Trey Hardesty James

Rick James, originally known as James Ambrose Johnson Jr., was born in 1948. His father was a lowly autoworker, while his mother danced. “Get It,” his 1978 debut record, launched his singing career. He co-wrote “Super Freak,” which won the 1990 Grammy for Best R&B Song.

Unfortunately, Rick James’ life was likewise dismal. After a weeklong cocaine binge, he and his girlfriend, Tanya Hijazi, were jailed for kidnapping, torturing, and assaulting 24-year-old Frances Alley in 1991. This incident damaged his life and reputation.

Rick James died naturally at his Los Angeles home in 2004. He died of heart failure and had six narcotics, including cocaine, diazepam, alprazolam, and methamphetamine, according to the autopsy. The autopsy proved he was murdered after his death.

Upon his death, nearly 6000 of his devoted supporters gathered at the St. John Baptist Church in New York for his viewing and cremation, showing the immense impact he had on his fans and the music community.

Rick James has musical success, prizes, and achievements, but also legal difficulties and substance misuse. His fans still commemorate his legacy following his sad death.

rick james popular songs

His most famous songs include:

(1981) Super Freak: This timeless funk hymn is James’ most famous. For decades, dance parties and clubs have played the song’s irresistible beat and chorus.

Give It to Me Baby (1981): “Give It to Me Baby” is another James hit that’ll get you dancing. The song’s sexy vocals and groovy bassline are excellent for a night out.

Fire and Desire (1978): “Fire and Desire” is a disco classic duet with Teena Marie. Its wonderful vocals and captivating tune make it a timeless love song.

Mary Jane (1978): “Mary Jane” is a groovy, joyful marijuana tribute. Funk and soul enthusiasts love the song’s snappy lyrics and catchy beat.

Ebony Eyes (1982): Ebony Eyes: “Ebony Eyes” is a Motown classic duet with Smokey Robinson. The song’s powerful vocals and beautiful orchestration celebrate love and beauty.

Cold Blooded (1981): “Cold Blooded” is a powerful love-and-betrayal funk song. The song’s forceful vocals and driving tempo make it a standout on James’ album “Street Songs.”

I and You (1978): “You and I” is a disco classic, a romantic ballad. Its wonderful vocals and captivating tune make it a timeless love song.

You Turn Me On (1978): “You Turn Me On” is a groovy sexuality anthem. Funk and soul enthusiasts love the song’s snappy lyrics and catchy beat.

Rick James has several hit songs. Fans worldwide still enjoy his music, which he wrote and produced.

Net Worth

As for Trey Hardesty James, his exact wealth remains unknown and undisclosed to the public. However, his famous musician father is worth $35 million. “Super Freak,” “Party All the Time,” and “Mary Jane” helped Rick James build a fortune.

While Trey has garnered a considerable following on social media platforms like Instagram and TikTok, he is also recognized as a bit of a social media star. On the other hand, Trey’s stepsister, Ty James, has managed to accumulate a net worth of $1.3 million. Notably, Ty holds a prominent position as the president of her father’s real estate company.

Furthermore, Ty is a highly successful businesswoman, adding more achievements to her portfolio. She produced the films “Unsung” and the documentary “I Am Rick James,” both released in 2020. With her dedication and entrepreneurial spirit, Ty has carved her own path of success beyond her family’s musical legacy.

Physical Appearance of Trey Hardesty James

Weight (approx.)75 kg
Height (approx.)Height in centimeters- 171 cm
Height in meters- 1.70 m
Height in feet inches- 5.6
Skin ColourWhite
Eye ColourBlack
Hair ColourBrown

(FAQs) About Trey Hardesty James

Who is Trey Hardesty James?
Businessman, fantasy sports expert, poker player, and social media star Trey Hardesty James. Rick James is his father.

What is Trey Hardesty James’ profession?
Trey Hardesty James has a diverse career. He is an American entrepreneur, fantasy sports expert, poker player, media personality, celebrity family member, and social media influencer.

What is Trey Hardesty James’ educational background?
From 1997–2000, Trey attended Walker High School in Los Angeles. Southeastern Louisiana University awarded him a 2006 Organizational Communication degree.

Who is Rick James, and what are his achievements in the music world?
Rick James (James Ambrose Johnson Jr.), is a famous American singer, songwriter, guitarist, and producer. He sang “Super Freak,” “Cold Blooded,” and “You and I.” Rick James won 1991’s Best R&B Song with multiple Grammy nominations.

What ventures has Trey Hardesty James been involved in as an entrepreneur?
Trey has been successful in his entrepreneurial ventures. He co-founded Career Fitter, a career consulting organization, and founded THJ Ventures, a company focused on producing energy drinks. He also established THJ Capital Partners, an investment firm specializing in real estate.

Has Trey Hardesty James pursued a career in basketball?
LA Lakers selected Trey in the 2010 NBA Draft. His teams were Denver Nuggets, Phoenix Suns, Houston Rockets, Cleveland Cavaliers, and New Orleans Pelicans.

What is Trey Hardesty James’ net worth?
Trey’s wealth is unknown. However, his father Rick James was worth $35 million when he died.

What is Trey Hardesty James’ approach to social media?
Despite his growing prominence, Trey prefers to stay off social media, unlike his father. He prefers privacy.

What is Trey Hardesty James’ relationship with his family?
Trey is the son of Rick James and has three half-siblings: Ty James, Tazman James, and Rick James Jr.

What are Trey Hardesty James’ hobbies and interests?
Trey enjoys traveling and likely has other hobbies and interests, though they are not mentioned in the available information.

Final Words

Trey Hardesty James emerges as a multifaceted individual who has carved his unique path to success, skillfully navigating a diverse range of fields. While he carries the musical legacy of his renowned father, Rick James, Trey has chosen to forge his own identity away from the limelight. Trey embodies the modern achiever with his love of entrepreneurship, fantasy sports, poker, and social media impact.

He works to provide high-quality early childhood education to all children, showing compassion and altruism. Despite enjoying increasing success, Trey remains grounded and maintains a low profile on social media, valuing privacy and focusing on his endeavors without seeking the spotlight.

From his ventures as an entrepreneur and co-founder of Career Fitter to his remarkable journey in professional basketball, Trey Hardesty James embodies versatility and tenacity. We look forward to watching this brilliant and ambitious man grow and succeed as we honor his father’s musical heritage.

Trey’s narrative inspires enthusiasm, variety, and a distinct and rewarding life in a changing world. As he continues to excel in various arenas, Trey Hardesty James stands as an embodiment of the boundless possibilities that await those who dare to dream and persistently strive for greatness.

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