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Who is Weslie Fowle?

Weslie Fowler stands as a prominent scion of American stardom, primarily distinguished for her maternal lineage to the celebrated American dancer and actress, Allison Holker. Allison, her mother, garnered widespread renown through her appearances on the esteemed television reality dance competition, “So You Think You Can Dance.” Her acclaim further soared as she graced the closing ceremonies of the 2002 Olympic Games.

Weslie’s paternal figure, Stephen Boss, emerges as yet another luminary within the entertainment realm. He boasts a multifaceted career as an accomplished American dancer, actor, choreographer, and television producer. Stephen etched his name in the annals of dance history by clinching the runner-up position on “So You Think You Can Dance” in 2008. Furthermore, his eminence extended to his pivotal role as the co-host of “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” since 2014. He’s also renowned for his recurrent appearances on “Ellen’s Game of Games” as a trusted confidant.

Weslie Fowler undeniably counts herself fortunate to be born to such gifted and illustrious parents, whose eminence is deeply entrenched in the domains of dance and entertainment.

Weslie Fowler’s biography

In the realm of digital prominence, Weslie Fowler, also recognized by her complete title, Weslie Renae Fowler, has etched her name as a notable American luminary on Instagram and a potent influencer within the realm of social media. What truly astonishes is her ascent to stardom on Instagram, a feat she accomplished while still in the tender stages of adolescence at the age of a mere 13. Weslie’s trajectory towards acclaim is unquestionably intertwined with her familial heritage. She is the progeny of none other than Allison Holker, a distinguished luminary in the American dance arena, celebrated for her contributions to the widely-admired television series, “So You Think You Can Dance.”

Weslie’s digital footprint and her influential sway over Instagram unmistakably exemplify her knack for enthralling and ensnaring audiences, progressively establishing her as a burgeoning luminary in her own right. Her narrative stands as a testimony to the puissant impact of social media and its aptitude to proffer avenues for juvenile prodigies to radiate, even from the nascent years of their lives.


Full nameWeslie Renae Fowler “Boss”
Date of birth26 May 2008
Age15 years old (as of 2023)
Zodiac signGemini
Place of birthLos Angeles, California, United States
Current residenceLos Angeles, California, United States
Height in inches4’7”
Height in centimetres140
Weight in pounds82
Weight in kilograms37
Hair colourLight brown
Eye colourBlue
MotherAllison Holker
Adoptive fatherStephen “tWitch” Boss
Relationship statusIn a relationship
BoyfriendMicah Tannenbaum
ProfessionModel, makeup artist, stylist


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Weslie Fowler Age

When it comes to celebrities and their personal lives, fans are naturally quite curious about even the smallest details. In the case of Weslie Fowler, people are often eager to find out her age. She celebrates her birthday on May 26th and was born in the year 2008, which means she’s currently 12 years old. It’s always interesting to keep up with the ages of our favorite personalities as they continue to grow and thrive in the spotlight.

Weslie Fowler Height

Genuine aficionados undoubtedly exhibit a profound fascination for even the minutest intricacies, such as an ardent curiosity about Weslie Fowler’s stature. Her vertical measurement registers at an impressive 4 feet and 7 inches, approximately translating to 140 centimeters. It’s truly remarkable how enthusiasts meticulously scrutinize every facet of their beloved icons, delving even into the physical dimensions like height.

Personal Life

It’s quite natural for people to be curious about the personal lives and relationships of celebrities. In the case of Weslie Fowler, many wonder who the lucky guy might be in her life. When someone as beautiful and well-known as Fowler is in the spotlight, it’s hard to believe she might not have a boyfriend.

However, based on her social media profiles, it seems Weslie isn’t currently in a romantic relationship. Instead, she seems to cherish her moments spent with family members and close friends. She shares a special bond with her mother, Allison Holker, and her stepfather, Twitch. Her close relationship with her brother Maddox is also evident. It’s heartwarming to see her focus on the love and connections she shares with her loved ones.

Weslie Fowler Family

Alison Holker, formerly known as Allison Fowler, first crossed paths with Stephen Boss during the seventh season of “Dancing with the Stars.” Fowler was already a mother to her daughter Wesley, who was just two years old when they first met.

For guys, getting involved with a single mother can definitely present its own set of difficulties.  However, Stephen Boss’s approach was quite different. It’s been reported that Boss took his time and didn’t rush into things, even though he was building meaningful memories with Fowler. It wasn’t until six months had passed that he started taking her on private dates. This patient approach gave both of them ample time to truly get to know one another.

After two years of courtship, Stephen Boss and Allison Holker tied the knot legally in 2013. A significant and heartwarming part of their story is that Boss later officially adopted Wesley Fowler, cementing their beautiful journey together as a family.

Weslie Fowler Biological father: Stephen Boss

Stephen Boss is indeed Weslie Fowler’s biological father. He is a multidimensional talent in the entertainment industry, well-known for his aptitudes in acting, choreography, freestyle hip-hop dancing, and television production. His remarkable second-place performance on the 2008 season of the American dance competition series “So You Think You Can Dance” is what most people recall about him.

Following the birth of Wesley Fowler, her mom took on the responsibility of raising her. However, delving into the past, the identity of Allison Holker’s biological father was kept discreet, a well-protected secret.

Weslie once mentioned that her biological father is of white ethnicity, but some sources also suggested that he was engaged with her mother at the time of her birth. The exact details of their relationship and what transpired remain a mystery.

Thankfully, Weslie found a loving stepfather in Stephen Boss, who chose to fully embrace his role by legally adopting her as his stepdaughter. Today, Stephen Boss and Allison Holker are the proud parents of two more children, making Wesley the eldest of their loving family.

Weslie Fowler Mother

In the realm of terpsichorean arts, we find the illustrious Allison Holker, recognized today by her birth name. A native of Orem, Utah, her odyssey into the ethereal world of dance commenced in the formative years of her life, a mere nine summers young. It was within the hallowed halls of Timpanogos High School that the ember of her dance ardor was first kindled. Here, she embarked on her transformative journey, a path bathed in resplendent luminescence.

The first milestone in her journey entailed her induction into the Dance Club of Orem, a sacred crucible of artistic metamorphosis. Within this sanctified enclave, she underwent a rigorous regimen of erudition, nurturing her burgeoning talents in a mosaic of dance genres. Contemporary, tap, ballet, and jazz were the elixirs of her pursuit, each requiring meticulous finesse and adroitness. Her endeavors bore fruit when she ascended to the zenith of recognition, bedecked with the laurels of international acclaim for her awe-inspiring performances during the inaugural and concluding spectacles of the 2002 Winter Olympics.

However, this zenith was but the genesis of her celestial ascent. The apotheosis of Allison’s journey towards universal prominence unfurled as she graced the second season of the veritable crucible of dance, “So You Think You Can Dance.” Her unparalleled virtuosity and charismatic stage presence ensnared the hearts of spectators and the approbation of discerning adjudicators alike.

Having achieved momentous eminence in the dominion of dance, Allison embarked on an expedition into the terrain of thespian arts. A luminary career unfurled before her, anointing her with accolades for her portrayal of Gina in the cinematic production, “Make Your Move.” Additionally, her visage graced television screens with appearances in the episodic tapestry, as exemplified by her role in “House” in 2011 and her substantial portrayal in the realm of “Hit the Floor” from 2013 to 2014.

The trajectory of Allison Holker, from a fledgling virtuosa in the precincts of Utah to a venerable icon within the hallowed realms of dance and thespianism, serves as a testament to her prodigious talent and unswerving commitment to her artistic craft.

Weslie Fowler Siblings

After Allison Holker and Stephen Boss tied the knot on December 10, 2013, it didn’t take long before Stephen formally adopted Weslie Fowler and embraced her as his own child.

Currently, Stephen Boss and Allison Holker are proud parents to two more beautiful children. Their son, Maddox, was born on March 27, 2016, and they welcomed a baby girl named Zaia on November 3, 2019. It’s interesting to note that there was a time when Stephen expressed a desire to have around seven kids. However, witnessing the childbirth process seems to have led him to reconsider, and for now, they’re sticking with their lovely family of four. Who knows what the future holds—there might still be more additions to their wonderful family.


In the early months of 2015, the world got its first glimpse of Weslie Fowler through her parents’ social media posts. It was the beginning of her journey into the world of social media fame. Weslie quickly garnered a substantial following on her Instagram account, where she shares her videos, modeling shots, and heartwarming family photos.

As her popularity grew on social networks, she even ventured into designing hand-woven bracelets alongside her best friend, Preslie, selling them on their website. What’s truly remarkable about Weslie is her generous spirit. She extends her caring nature by using a portion of their bracelet sales to support an organization dedicated to ending child exploitation and trafficking.

Weslie also made her presence known on TikTok, often appearing in her mother’s TikTok videos, which further added to her internet fame. While she might not have her own YouTube channel, she’s made guest appearances in her mother’s videos, showcasing her vibrant personality and creativity. Weslie Fowler’s journey through the world of social media is a testament to her talent, compassion, and the positive impact she strives to make on the world.

Why is Weslie Fowler famous?

Weslie Fowler’s journey to fame began as the daughter of Allison Holker and the adopted child of Stephen “tWitch” Boss, a name well-recognized for his work on The Ellen DeGeneres Show. She has built a substantial following on social media, boasting over 171 thousand followers on Instagram.

Weslie is making a name for herself as a blossoming model, showcasing her modeling photos on social media platforms. She’s not just limited to modeling; she’s also a rising talent in the realms of makeup artistry and styling. In fact, she’s had the opportunity to collaborate with a Los Angeles-based Instagram model, adding to her creative repertoire.

TikTok is another platform where Weslie shines, where she shares videos featuring herself, friends, and family. Her TikTok following has grown to over 165 thousand followers as of now. It’s no surprise that dancing runs in the family, as Weslie shares the same love for dance as her mother and late father, tWitch. Her journey into the world of entertainment and social media is a testament to her own unique talents and the influence of her talented parents.

Weslie Fowler Net Worth

Weslie Fowler’s journey as an Instagram star has paved the way for some substantial earnings. Her sponsorship deals and paid video content have been quite lucrative. In her Instagram posts, you’ll often see her endorsing popular brands, which significantly contributes to her income.

Moreover, like many celebrities in this digital age, she might also be tapping into the merchandise business. In her case, it’s the sale of handwoven bracelets, which can be quite a profitable venture.

Weslie Fowler’s net worth is estimated to be around $1.5 million based on her different sources of income and possessions. It’s a noteworthy accomplishment, especially for someone so young, and a reflection of her expanding influence and success in the social media and business worlds.

Weslie Fowler Dating and Relationship

Intrigue surrounding the romantic entanglements of a celebrity is a widely shared curiosity. Particularly, when the subject of interest is as resplendent and renowned as Weslie Fowler, it is but natural for one to speculate whether a fortunate suitor graces the canvas of her life.

Nevertheless, upon perusal of her digital footprint, it becomes evident that Weslie has not ventured into the realms of romantic liaisons as of yet. Instead, she invests her time in cultivating cherished moments with her familial and intimate companions. Her familial ties, especially the profound bonds she shares with her mother, Allison Holker, and her stepfather, Twitch, bear testimony to the depth of her interpersonal relationships. She also maintains a close-knit connection with her stepbrother, Maddox.

It is truly heartening to witness her unwavering dedication to the affection and camaraderie she shares with her dear ones. The horizon is replete with opportunities for her to explore the domain of romantic adventures in the future.

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Social Medea Profiles

As of December 2021, Weslie Fowler’s Instagram following stood strong at over 104,000 dedicated followers. While she doesn’t maintain personal accounts on platforms like TikTok, Facebook, Twitter, or YouTube, she makes appearances on her mother’s TikTok account.

On her mother’s TikTok account, which you can find under the handle @allisonholkerboss, Weslie is often seen trying out dance moves with her parents. Sometimes, you’ll even catch solo videos of her on there. With a substantial following of approximately 2.3 million followers and over 22.1 million likes, her mother’s TikTok presence is quite impressive.

Turning to YouTube, Weslie may not have her own channel, but her mother, Allison Holker, does. On her mother’s YouTube channel, you’ll find videos featuring Weslie and her dance pursuits. With around 26.6K subscribers, the channel is a glimpse into their world.

Weslie Fowler’s social media journey began with her parents setting up an account for her. It took off at an astonishing rate, perhaps due to her mother’s established status as a TV reality star. Even though she’s quite young to manage social media on her own, her mom takes care of her online presence, handling the responsibility of navigating the dynamics of having over 100,000 followers.

It’s interesting to note that they’ve faced some challenges, like the one you mentioned with her mother’s TikTok followers, but they’ve managed to navigate this unique online journey together.


  • Weslie Fowler, also known as Weslie Renae Fowler “Boss,” is an American influencer and social media star.
  • She was born on May 26, 2008, making her 15 years old as of 2023.
  • Weslie is the daughter of renowned dancer and actress Allison Holker and was adopted by her stepfather, Stephen “tWitch” Boss.
  • She has gained fame on Instagram, where she has a significant following.
  • Weslie is also a model, makeup artist, and stylist, showcasing her creativity and talent.
  • She is actively involved in creating hand-woven bracelets with her best friend, Preslie, and donates a portion of the proceeds to combat child exploitation and trafficking.
  • Weslie has made appearances on her mother’s TikTok account, where she shares her passion for dance.
  • She has a close-knit family, including her brother Maddox and her parents, who share their lives on social media.
  • Weslie’s social media presence has earned her a net worth estimated at around $1.5 million.
  • Despite her digital fame, she has not publicly disclosed any romantic relationships, choosing to focus on her family and personal growth.


Weslie Fowler, the daughter of Allison Holker and stepdaughter of Stephen “tWitch” Boss, has carved a niche for herself in the world of social media. Born in 2008, Weslie gained fame on Instagram, where she has over 100,000 followers. She’s not just a social media influencer; she’s also a model, makeup artist, and stylist. Her creative ventures include hand-woven bracelets, some of the proceeds from which are donated to combat child exploitation and trafficking. Weslie has made appearances on TikTok through her mother’s account, showcasing her love for dance. Despite her digital success, she remains focused on her family and personal growth.


1. Who are Weslie Fowler’s parents?

Weslie Fowler’s mother is Allison Holker, a renowned dancer and actress. Her stepfather is Stephen “tWitch” Boss, who is a multifaceted talent in the entertainment industry.

2. What is Weslie Fowler’s age?

As of 2023, Weslie Fowler is 15 years old. She was born on May 26, 2008.

3. What is Weslie Fowler’s net worth?

Weslie Fowler’s estimated net worth is approximately $1.5 million, thanks to her social media presence, modeling, and other creative ventures.

4. Does Weslie have her own YouTube channel?

Weslie doesn’t have her own YouTube channel, but she makes appearances in videos on her mother Allison Holker’s channel, where they share their passion for dance.

5. How did Weslie gain fame on Instagram?

Weslie gained fame on Instagram through her parents’ posts, particularly her mother Allison Holker’s. Her presence on the platform grew as she shared her own content, modeling shots, and family photos.

6. What is Weslie’s involvement in charity work?

Weslie is involved in charity work through her business venture, where she and her best friend create hand-woven bracelets. A portion of the proceeds from their bracelet sales is donated to combat child exploitation and trafficking.

7. What is Weslie Fowler’s relationship status?

As of now, Weslie Fowler has not publicly disclosed any romantic relationships. She appears to be focusing on her family and personal growth.

8. Does she have any siblings?

Yes, Weslie has two siblings. She has a brother named Maddox, and her parents, Allison Holker and Stephen “tWitch” Boss, welcomed a baby girl named Zaia in 2019.

9. Does Weslie follow in her parents’ footsteps in dancing?

Yes, Weslie shares her family’s passion for dance. She has been seen dancing on social media and makes appearances in her mother’s dance-related content.

10. What is the source of Weslie Fowler’s net worth?

Weslie Fowler’s net worth primarily comes from her various income sources, including her presence on Instagram, modeling, and the sale of hand-woven bracelets, with a portion of proceeds going to charity.

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