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Graham Elliot’s lovely wife, Allie Elliot, hails from the good ol’ USA. You might know her as Graham Elliot Bowles’ charming spouse, and they share a strong partnership in both life and business.

Now, let’s talk about Graham, shall we? He’s quite the accomplished American chef. And what makes their partnership even more special is that Allie is not just a loving wife but also a key part of Graham’s business endeavors.

Oh, and speaking of family, these two wonderful souls are proud parents to three adorable children. It’s a heartwarming journey they’re on together!

Who is Allie Elliot?

Intriguingly, what elevates their narrative to an extraordinary level is that Allie Elliot does not solely occupy the role of an affectionate life partner; she also serves as his trusted confidante in the realm of business. Together, they manifest as a remarkably synergistic pair, harmonizing seamlessly in both their personal and professional spheres.

As for their progeny, they have been graced with the presence of three exquisite offspring, an addition that imbues their existence with an additional stratum of felicity. Their chronicle is an affectionate saga, one that celebrates the dimensions of love, collaboration, and kinship.

Celebrity NameAllie Elliot
Popular ForWife of Graham Elliot
Estimated Net Worth$1.5 Million

Allie Elliot’s Childhood

In the realm of American acting, we find the illustrious Allie Elliot, a distinguished luminary who proudly claims her roots in the United States. While the realm knows her ethnicity as Caucasian and her nationality as American, a shroud of enigma envelopes many facets of her personal existence. The precise moment of her birth, the appellations of her progenitors and siblings, and even the intricate details of her scholastic odyssey remain concealed behind a veil of secrecy. It appears that she is inclined towards letting her artistic endeavors on the silver screen serve as her voice, maintaining an aura of confidentiality around her personal affairs.

Allie Elliot Biography

Allie Elliot early years were strongly influenced by a solid moral foundation. Right from her early days, she was gently guided along her life’s journey. Growing up in a family deeply devoted to their religious beliefs, Allie’s roots were firmly planted in biblical principles. She entered this world as Allie Bowles on September 8th, 1985, right in the heart of Illinois, Chicago, USA. Her loving parents, Jed Mundell and Cindy Mundell, welcomed her into the world. While there’s no mention of brothers, it’s believed she shared her upbringing with her sister, Maureen Preabt (formerly Mundell), who has found happiness in marriage.

For her education, Allie began her academic journey at a modest middle school before taking the short journey to McAuley Liberal Arts High School, an all-girls school conveniently located just a few blocks from her home. In 2004, she proudly donned her graduation cap from McAuley Liberal Arts High School. That same year, she took her ambitions to Northern Michigan University, where she delved into the world of Hospitality Management. After successfully earning her degree, she took a break from formal education, only to make a triumphant return in 2020. During this time, she pursued her Master’s in Business Administration, culminating in her well-deserved graduation in 2022. Quite the educational journey, wouldn’t you say?


In the realm of the entertainment industry, we find the illustrious Allie Elliot, a remarkable American thespian, proudly bearing the banner of her American heritage and her roots entrenched in the tapestry of Caucasus. While her luminary presence illuminates the firmament of showbiz, she adeptly veils certain facets of her existence. The precise moment when she graced our world, the appellations of her progenitors, and the existence of any fraternal bonds linger as enigmatic conundrums that captivate the curiosity of her ardent admirers.

Regarding her scholastic odyssey, it presents yet another enigma shrouded in the veil of secrecy. It appears that Allie, in her wisdom, elects to let her on-screen oeuvre be the resounding voice that articulates her prowess, all the while safeguarding the sanctuary of her personal life.

NameAllie Elliot
Age38 years old
Date of BirthSeptember 8, 1985
Place of BirthIllinois, USA
OccupationYoga and Barre Instructor
Ex-spouseGraham Elliot
ChildrenMylo Elliot, Conrad Elliot, Jedediah Pope Lindsay Elliot
Net Worth$1.5 million

Early Life and Education

In the realm of American entrepreneurship, a luminous figure emerges, none other than Allie Elliot. Recognizable not merely as the cherished consort of the renowned American culinary virtuoso, Graham Elliot, but as an enigmatic personality in her own right. While Allie’s American lineage is unmistakable, certain facets of her existence shroud themselves in secrecy. Pertaining to her date of birth, parental lineage, and the presence or absence of siblings, an impenetrable veil of mystery envelopes these details. As for her scholastic odyssey, it remains an untold narrative, guarded zealously from the world’s prying gaze.

The extraordinary facet of Allie’s persona extends beyond the realms of personal life and transcends into the world of commerce. She stands not just as Graham’s life partner but as his indomitable comrade in the realm of business. Together, they wade through the tumultuous seas of entrepreneurship, offering unwavering support, and mutual synergy propelling their professional ambitions to great heights.

And amidst this shared voyage, a testament to their enduring love and partnership manifests itself in the form of a delightful family. Allie and Graham, with hearts filled with pride, embrace the roles of doting parents to three exceptional progenies: Mylo Ignatius, Conrad Matthias, and Jedediah Lindsay. Their familial bond stands as a living tribute to the love and collaboration that define their extraordinary journey.

Allie Elliot Age

Elliot is in her 38th trip around the sun, and her special day falls on September 8, 1985, right there in the heart of Illinois, USA. With her birthday coinciding with the Virgo zodiac sign, you can bet she’s got that Virgoan attention to detail and precision in everything she does. Happy belated birthday to her!

Allie Elliot Height and Weight

Allie Elliot’s stature and mass conceal themselves behind a veil of enigma, shrouded in secrecy. In stark contrast, her spouse, Graham, is portrayed as possessing a diminutive physique, adorned with an enchanting grin and a remarkable countenance that boasts a fair complexion. As for any supplementary physical attributes, it appears that such particulars continue to elude our grasp. Certain elements of existence seem to have a predilection for remaining concealed, I surmise!

Professional Life

In the realm of business, Allie Elliot, an unwavering companion to her husband’s entrepreneurial endeavors, stands resolutely by his side. Their romantic tale echoes those of illustrious duos who’ve ascended to prominence, reminiscent, perhaps, of the likes of Kimberly Innocenzi and Harumi Maekawa.

Graham, the spouse of Allie, possesses an impressive presence on the television stage. You may have encountered him as he exhibited his culinary expertise on an array of reality shows, including the renowned Iron Chef and Top Chef Masters. His exceptional skills have garnered him numerous nominations for the prestigious James Beard Foundation awards. Notably, in the year 2009, he tested the boundaries of his culinary prowess as a contestant on the esteemed Top Chef Masters.

From the years 2010 to 2016, Graham assumed the distinguished roles of a discerning adjudicator and a gracious host on both MasterChef and MasterChef Junior, where he imparted his culinary wisdom to aspiring chefs. Presently, he continues to dispense his discerning judgments as a panelist on Bravo’s beloved reality competition, Top Chef. It is indisputable that Graham’s culinary odyssey has indelibly imprinted itself upon the realms of gastronomy and television.

Allie Elliot Career

Allie wears many hats in her professional life. Currently, she’s a Yoga Sculpt and Spin Instructor at the Revival Yoga Wellness Center, where she helps folks find their balance and inner peace. To back up her expertise, she proudly carries an RYT 200 certification from Yoga Alliance, a testament to her dedication to the practice.

But that’s not all – she’s also making her mark in the world of education and marketing, as she’s found a role in Admissions & Marketing at Morgan Park Academy.

Before her journey as a yoga instructor, she shared her passion for fitness as a Barre instructor at Barre It All Fitness Studio. It’s quite a transformation from her previous role, where she dedicated herself to supporting her husband’s career. She kept herself busy and found tranquility in her side hobby, all while being a pillar of support for her husband’s restaurant ventures. Now, it seems her focus has beautifully shifted towards her flourishing yoga career.

Rise To Fame

Allie Elliot garners widespread recognition as the dedicated spouse of the acclaimed American culinary maestro, Graham Elliot. However, she transcends the role of a mere consort, assuming a pivotal position in her husband’s entrepreneurial endeavors, offering unwavering support at every juncture. Her prominence under the public spotlight primarily emanates from her robust and affectionate association with Graham.

Turning our focus to Graham, he has carved a formidable reputation for himself within the gastronomic realm and the domain of televised culinary artistry. You might have encountered his culinary virtuosity in action on television programs such as Iron Chef and Top Chef Masters. His culinary virtuosity has garnered him a plethora of nominations for prestigious James Beard Foundation awards, an irrefutable testament to his consummate skill.

In the year 2009, he unveiled his culinary prowess as a contestant on the hallowed stage of Top Chef Masters. From the years 2010 to 2016, he donned the mantle of adjudicator and host on the highly regarded shows MasterChef and MasterChef Junior, where he undertook the mentorship and inspiration of burgeoning culinary talents. Presently, he continues to impart his profound gastronomic insights as a discerning adjudicator on the immensely popular reality series, Top Chef. Collectively, the synergy between Allie and Graham epitomizes an extraordinary and symbiotic partnership, both in their personal lives and within the multifaceted realm of gastronomy and televised entertainment.

Allie Elliot Net Worth

In the realm of Allie Elliot’s collaboration with her spouse as a business associate, it appears that the digital domain has left many aspects of her professional purview shrouded in mystery. Nonetheless, one facet remains unequivocal—she commands a commendable remuneration for her contributions. The precise quantum of her earnings and amassed wealth is presently under meticulous evaluation, warranting an eager anticipation of forthcoming updates in this regard.

Now, let us delve into the sphere of Graham, shall we? He undeniably reigns as a virtuoso in the realm of pecuniary pursuits, adorning his portfolio with a myriad of accolades commending his gastronomic wizardry. Concurrently, he has etched an illustrious trajectory as a luminary television presenter and arbiter. As of the august month of 2023, his pecuniary standing proffers a remarkable tally of $1.5 million. An embodiment of financial accomplishment, wouldn’t you concur?

Allie Elliot, the ardent consort of Graham, must indubitably harbor profound admiration for his manifold triumphs. It stands as a manifest fact that both individuals have etched distinctive paths to prosperity, thereby culminating in the emergence of a formidable and distinguished duo!

Allie Elliot- Relationship

In the vibrant city of Chicago, Illinois, resides the exceptionally skilled American gastronome, Graham Elliot, who finds himself in blissful matrimony with his beloved spouse, Allie Elliot. The chronicle of their affection has endured the relentless march of time, shrouding their nuptial details in the veils of secrecy. The precise date and enigmatic venue of their union continue to elude the public eye, casting an enticing shroud of enigma upon their narrative.

This adoring duo has been graced by the presence of three extraordinary progeny emanating from the sanctity of their conjugal vows, specifically Mylo Elliot, Conrad Elliot, and Jedediah Lindsay Elliot, all cherubic male scions. Collectively, they have masterminded an exquisite tapestry of familial felicity, a testament to their harmonious existence.

Beyond the realms of parenthood, Allie has undertaken the mantle of Graham’s unwavering entrepreneurial collaborator, embarking on a symbiotic odyssey through the vicissitudes and victories of the corporate realm. Despite the rigors of their demanding schedules, they remain steadfast in their endeavor to carve out pockets of invaluable time for their offspring, thereby fortifying the bonds of kinship.

In an era rife with tittle-tattle and insinuations, it is worth underscoring the conspicuous absence of murmurings or aspersions concerning any discord in the paradise that Graham and Allie have lovingly cultivated. Their unwavering dedication to each other and their progeny resonates eloquently, weaving a heartwarming narrative of ardor, solidarity, and cohesion.

About Allie Elliot’s Husband, Graham

In the annals of time, within the year 1977, emerged Graham, the prodigious culinary luminary hailing from the heartland of Washington. His culinary prowess transcends the ordinary, placing him in the esteemed company of the most lauded gastronomic virtuosos. The story of his rise to culinary fame is evidence of his unshakable determination and unwavering dedication.

Graham has spent an unfathomable amount of time meticulously honing his culinary craft. He moves through the world of gastronomy with effortless grace, consistently outperforming himself at every turn. He dons more than just the chef’s hat; he also expertly assumes the guise of a discriminating food critic and a well-liked personality in the world of televised culinary experiences. His visage has likely graced your television screen in acclaimed programs such as Iron Chef and Top Chef.

Yet, the trajectory of Graham’s rise to stardom was far from a direct and unimpeded ascent. It all commenced at the distinguished Mansion on Turtle Creek in the heart of Texas, marking the initial steps on his odyssey towards culinary prominence. From there, he transitioned with effortless finesse to the venerable Jackson House Inn nestled in the picturesque landscapes of Vermont. It was within the hallowed confines of this exquisite establishment that Graham’s culinary genius radiated most brilliantly. His culinary prowess was celebrated with the prestigious “Best New Chefs” accolade, prominently featured in the illustrious 2004 edition of Food and Wine Magazine.

From relatively modest beginnings, Graham’s meteoric rise transformed into a resplendent display of his innate talents, ultimately propelling him into the high-stakes arena of Iron Chef. In this crucible of culinary skill, he exhibited remarkable valor, securing a coveted second place and narrowly missing the apex of victory. Furthermore, Graham earned the distinction of being one of the youngest chefs to bask in critical acclaim, garnering an impressive array of four stars from esteemed publications such as the Chicago Tribune and the Chicago Sun-Times.

In the year 2008, Graham’s cherished dream crystallized into reality as he founded his own enclave of gastronomic excellence, a fine dining establishment that swiftly garnered a constellation of coveted Michelin Stars. Among his multifarious accolades, a moment of profound distinction was reached when he was privileged with the opportunity to craft an exquisite repast in honor of the 49th birthday of former United States President Barack Obama. His mastery of the culinary arts further secured his standing among the luminaries, earning him a covetable place on the prestigious Chicago Business 40 Under Forty list. Graham’s journey is a resounding testament to the indomitable forces of ardor, unwavering dedication, and innate talent that illuminate the tapestry of the gastronomic world.

Allie Elliot Children

Allie and her husband Graham are the proud parents of three wonderful children. They’ve given their kids some lovely names: Mylo Elliot, Conrad Elliot, and Jedediah Lindsay Elliot. It’s a beautiful family they’ve built together!

Social Media

Allie has embarked upon a journey characterized by seclusion and serenity in her existence. You will not discover her actively engaged on social networking platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. She has deliberately distanced herself from the digital limelight, in a conscious pursuit to relish life’s instants devoid of the perturbations of contentiousness and speculations. This discerning choice bestows upon her the opportunity to luxuriate in the uncomplicated gratifications of existence while safeguarding the sanctity of her personal enclave in undisturbed tranquillity.


  • Allie Elliot was born on September 8, 1985, in Illinois, USA.
  • She is of Caucasian ethnicity and holds American nationality.
  • Allie pursued her education in Hospitality Management at Northern Michigan University and later earned her Master’s in Business Administration.
  • Allie is a certified Yoga and Barre instructor, holding an RYT 200 certification from Yoga Alliance.
  • She has worked as a Yoga Sculpt and Spin Instructor at the Revival Yoga Wellness Center.
  • Before her career in yoga, Allie was a Barre instructor at Barre It All Fitness Studio.
  • Allie’s parents are Jed Mundell and Cindy Mundell, and she has a sister named Maureen Preabt.
  • She is the loving mother of three children with her ex-husband, Graham Elliot: Mylo Ignatius, Conrad Matthias, and Jedediah Lindsay Elliot.
  • Allie and Graham Elliot got married on September 20, 2009.
  • Despite their legal separation, Allie and Graham remain dedicated to co-parenting their children.
  • Allie played a significant role in supporting Graham’s career and business endeavors.
  • Graham Elliot is a renowned American chef known for his appearances on shows like Iron Chef and Top Chef Masters.
  • He received numerous nominations for James Beard Foundation awards.
  • Graham founded his fine dining restaurant, which earned Michelin Stars.
  • Allie and Graham’s marital journey lasted for 13 years before their separation.
  • Allie has chosen to keep a low profile on social media, prioritizing a private and serene lifestyle.
  • Her focus shifted from supporting her husband’s career to pursuing her own career in yoga instruction and education.
  • Allie and Graham’s love story is marked by their enduring partnership, both personally and professionally.
  • Their relationship highlights the values of love, collaboration, and family.
  • Allie’s estimated net worth is not publicly disclosed, but Graham’s net worth is approximately $1.5 million as of 2023.

Final Words:

Allie Elliot is not just the wife of renowned chef Graham Elliot; she is a dedicated businesswoman, mother, and yoga instructor. Her journey from a supportive partner to a thriving professional exemplifies her versatility and determination. Allie’s commitment to her family and her pursuit of personal and professional growth serve as an inspiring narrative of love, collaboration, and resilience.


What is Allie Elliot’s full name?

Allie Elliot’s full name is Allison Elliot.

When was Allie Elliot born?

Allie Elliot was born on September 8, 1985, in Illinois, USA.

How many children does Allie Elliot have?

Allie Elliot has three children: Mylo Ignatius, Conrad Matthias, and Jedediah Lindsay Elliot.

What is Allie Elliot’s profession?

Allie Elliot is a certified Yoga and Barre instructor and has worked in the field of education and marketing.

When did Allie and Graham Elliot get married?

Allie and Graham Elliot got married on September 20, 2009.

Are Allie and Graham Elliot still married?

No, they are no longer married but remain dedicated to co-parenting their children.

What is Graham Elliot’s profession?

Graham Elliot is a renowned American chef known for his culinary skills and appearances on cooking shows.

What is Graham Elliot’s net worth?

Graham Elliot’s estimated net worth is approximately $1.5 million as of 2023.

Does Allie Elliot have a social media presence?

No, Allie Elliot maintains a private and low-profile life and does not actively engage on social media platforms.

What is Allie Elliot’s educational background?

Allie has a degree in Hospitality Management and later earned a Master’s in Business Administration.

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