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Melika Payne’s Husband, Height, Age, Biography, Net Worth, Past Relations, children

Melika Payne gained prominence through her well-known spouse. She is wed to Carl Anthony Payne II, an actor well known for playing Walter “Cockroach” Bradley on The Cosby Show. His net worth is reportedly about $1 million.

Before marrying Carl II, Melika’s original last name was Williams. She was previously involved with the singer Bobby Brown. She is a mother of three sons: Landon Brown, Malek Payne, and Carl Anthony Payne III.

Quick Facts

Full NameMelika Michem Williams
Age54 years
Date of Birth April 10, 1969
Zodiac SignAries
NationalityUnited States of America
EthnicityAfrican American
Ex BoyfriendBobby Brown
ResidenceNorthridge, California, USA
Social MediaPresence Facebook: Melika Payne (non-active), Instagram: @mmwill10 (private account)
HusbandCarl Anthony Payne II
Skin Color Black
Hair ColorBlack (kinky hair)

Who Is Melika Payne?

Exploring the journey of Melika Payne uncovers a complex individual who has risen to prominence within the realm of entertainment. Hailing from the vibrant hub of Hollywood, Melika’s love for the performing arts ignited during her early years, steering her towards a path of accomplishment.

She stands as a gifted actress, carving out her own identity in the world of showbiz. Renowned for her engrossing portrayals, she has demonstrated her adaptability across various platforms, including theater, cinema, and television.

Driven by a deep affection for storytelling and an unwavering pursuit of excellence, Melika has collaborated with esteemed actors and directors, etching an indelible mark in the hearts of audiences.

Melika Payne and Bobby Brown

The world of television witnessed a buzz when Melika took center stage due to her romantic entanglement with the American R&B sensation and dancer, Bobby Brown, known by his full name Robert Barisford Brown.

During that period, the love story between Payne and her former partner Brown became a focus of media attention. Their relationship was both exclusive and public, with them being together in 1984. On June 22, 1986, they had Landon. However, their relationship struggled, and in 1987, the two lovers split.

Despite Landon being quite young when his parents chose different paths, Bobby, his father, remained supportive and actively engaged in his upbringing. Even though the romantic bond between the ex-couple was no longer intact, the actress from The Game and Bobby jointly embraced the responsibility of nurturing their son, showcasing a shared dedication to his overall welfare.

Relationship Status: Married To Carl Anthony Payne II

Melika Payne is enjoying a content and joyful marriage alongside her spouse, Carl Anthony Payne II. The charming duo exchanged their vows in December 1992. Their marriage has been shrouded in privacy, with limited information available about their life as a married couple.

While details about their married life remain scarce, Carl II, Melika’s husband, has shared a few insights into how they’ve nurtured their relationship. According to him, there are certain key ingredients for maintaining a vibrant marriage. These include open communication, tending to the small details that matter, and dedicating quality time to their family bonds.

Did you know that Melika nearly divorced Carl?

Melika Payne and Carl Anthony Payne II have shared their journey since 1992, but their marriage hasn’t been without its challenges. Their relationship went through a tough time.

Their relationship soured a few years ago, and they considered splitting up. Even though they had been living separately since 2012, Melika filed for divorce from Carl II in March 2014. The specifics behind the breakdown of their marriage during that period weren’t publicly disclosed by either of them.

According to an article by BET, the reason cited for their initial decision to divorce was “irreconcilable differences.” In addition, Melika had requested custody of their son and financial spousal support.

However, in a heartwarming turn of events, their love managed to conquer the challenges. Melika and Carl II found a way to bridge their differences and opted not to proceed with the divorce. Just as the reasons behind their initial troubles remain private, the exact catalyst for their reconciliation isn’t widely known. Since then, they haven’t encountered any significant problems and continue to stand strong together as a couple.

Melika Payne Childhood And Education

Melika Payne’s early years were immersed in the magic of Hollywood. She was drawn to performing arts as a child in the entertainment capital.

Melika started performing with her parents’ encouragement. She enrolled in acting classes, which provided her with the platform to nurture her innate talent and love for the craft. As she dedicated herself to improving her acting skills, Melika also placed importance on her academic pursuits, attending respected schools right within the Hollywood scene.

Juggling her artistic aspirations with her commitment to education, she built a well-rounded foundation that would prove invaluable in her future undertakings. While in college, Melika made the decision to follow her passion and pursue a degree in Theater Arts, with a specialization in Acting.

Melika Payne Professional Life

Melika Payne’s journey into the world of entertainment kickstarted with auditions that showcased not just her extraordinary talent but also her captivating presence. Driven by her unwavering passion for acting, she ventured into remarkable projects spanning theater, film, and television.

She shows her diversity and depth by bringing several personas to life. Melika has worked with renowned actors and directors, earning praise for her fascinating performances.

She’s acted, produced, and directed, showing a varied approach to narrative and a desire to push creative boundaries. Melika has accomplished many notable initiatives in her pursuit of greatness.

Whether it’s the rousing applause from her theater performances, the impact of her roles on the silver screen, or the way she engages audiences on television, she has consistently captivated hearts with her unparalleled talent, leaving an indelible mark.

Not content with solely acting, Melika’s creative horizons have expanded as she delved into producing and directing. These new avenues have allowed her to bring her artistic visions to life and contribute to narratives that are both distinctive and compelling.

Melika Payne’s Net Worth

This great woman has had a good job and earned a significant income despite her preference for privacy and her absence from prominent social media sites like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

Her earnings are confidential, however, her net worth is estimated at $1 million. Alongside her own professional accomplishments, her husband Carl has also left his mark in the entertainment world. In contrast, Suge Knight’s net worth is pegged at $200,000.

Similarly, this charming gentleman has made appearances in well-received shows like The Rickey Smiley Show and Single Drunk Female, leaving an imprint with his memorable characters. Combining his acting career with his social media influence, evident in his following of over 404 thousand on Instagram, Carl has seen his net worth climb to the $1 million mark.

Melika Payne’s Children

Melika Payne takes immense pride in being the mother of three wonderful children: Malek Payne, Carl Anthony Payne III, and Landon Brown. Her role as a mother is a cherished and central aspect of her life, bringing boundless joy and love to her family.

Malek Payne, her eldest son, has been raised in an environment brimming with care and affection under Melika’s nurturing presence. While the specifics of his personal life remain shielded, it’s clear that Melika is fully committed to ensuring his growth and happiness through her unwavering support.

Carl Anthony Payne III, the younger son, holds a special place within the family’s heart. Growing up amidst the creative energy of two accomplished actors, he’s enveloped in an atmosphere that fosters inspiration. The love and dedication shared between Melika and Carl create the ideal environment for his development.

Landon Brown, another integral part of Melika’s life, occupies a unique and cherished spot in her heart. Growing up in nurturing and supportive surroundings, Landon has been fortunate to receive love and guidance from both his biological mother and his stepfather, forming a strong and loving bond.

Who Is Melika’s Famous Husband, Carl II?

Carl Anthony Payne II has carved out a notable reputation for himself in the entertainment world through his acting prowess and comedic talents. His recognition largely stems from his portrayal of characters like Cole Brown in the TV series “Martin” and Walter ‘Cockroach’ Bradley in “The Cosby Show.”

Beyond his acting pursuits, Carl II has also delved into directing and producing projects. His earliest documented work, according to his IMDb page, dates back to 1985 with a role in the film “The Last Dragon,” where he played a pizza shop kid in a minor capacity.

Following this, one of his next endeavors involved starring in the music video for the hip-hop group Whodini’s song “Growing Up.” His breakthrough moment arrived in 1986 with his significant role in “The Cosby Show,” a show associated with the now-controversial figure Bill Cosby.

From there, Melika’s husband’s career continued on an upward trajectory. He ventured into both movies and TV shows such as “Martin,” “The Messenger,” and “Rock Me, Baby.” While his acting journey has taken a slight step back, his focus has shifted towards stand-up comedy, a facet of his career that he’s more actively involved in these days.

Melika Payne’s Awards, Nominations

We are unaware of any information regarding any awards or nominations Melika may have gotten due to the lack of information about her chosen profession and her career path.

Contrarily, her husband has been in a number of films. Although he hasn’t publicly acknowledged his accomplishments, he has opted to keep them relatively quiet.

Body Measurements: Height, Weight

As of now, there isn’t any publicly available information about Malika’s height, weight, or specific body measurements.

From what we can observe about her appearance, she boasts a beautiful black complexion complemented by black hair and striking black eyes.

Philanthropic Endeavors

Melika Payne’s accomplishments allow her to meaningfully contribute to society. She supports various charities she cares about with passion. Her philanthropy inspires others to make a difference.

Where is Melika Payne Right Now?

Melika Payne doesn’t often engage on Facebook and her most recent post was back on July 2nd, 2019. Since then, she hasn’t shared anything further on the platform. Interestingly, her son, Landon, mentioned that she has an Instagram presence under the handle @mmwill10, with the username MPagne. Her Instagram account is set to private, and it holds a total of 12 posts. She follows 32 profiles and has gathered 41 followers.

Her current home is located in Northridge, California, in the United States. According to reports, she recognized the importance of maintaining fitness for a healthy lifestyle and started biking and exercising around her residence.

Landon Brown, her son, showed his deep appreciation for his mother in a post on his Instagram profile, @la_inspire. This account has gained a following of 12,000 users, features 161 posts, and is followed by 522 individuals.

In this heartfelt Instagram post, Landon conveyed his gratitude to his mother, Melika Michem Williams. His social media shows he loves her. On May 8, 2022, he playfully said that his “mom will kick your mom’s ass,” showing his devotion to her. Additionally, he collaborates with his mother on TikTok, crafting short films together that can be enjoyed by their audience.

Final Words

Melika Payne’s career is complicated and successful. She started her performing arts career early, inspired by her love of stories. Her theater, cinema, and television performances have left a lasting impression.

Melika had Landon Brown with Bobby Brown, an R&B star. They co-parented and cared for their child after their divorce.

Melika Payne married “Martin” and “The Cosby Show” star Carl Anthony Payne II in 1992. Their marriage struggled, resulting in separation and divorce. The couple reconciled and continued their journey, emphasizing communication and familial relationships.

Melika loves her three boys, Malek Payne, Carl Anthony Payne III, and Landon Brown. She nurtures their growth and inspires innovation.

Acting, producing, and directing have defined Melika Payne’s career. Her $1 million net worth comes from her accomplishments. She periodically posts on Instagram despite her privacy.

Melika has persevered through fame, marriage, and family with her husband, Carl II. Her tale shows that love and perseverance can win.

Melika Payne lives in Northridge, California, and works on creative projects with her son Landon. Her life is an inspiration for pursuing passions, maintaining relationships, and navigating the entertainment world.

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