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20+ Apple Body Shaped Celebrities Whom You Will Be Surprised To See

The apple body type, often referred to as the inverted triangle, is a prevalent physique where the shoulders, bust, and back are broader and rounder, accompanied by more fullness around the waist area. People with this body type tend to have narrower hips.

If you possess an apple-shaped body, you might be curious about which celebrities share the same body type and wish to gain insights into their dressing preferences. How do they typically style themselves? What clothing choices work well for an apple-shaped body? What should you opt for and what should you steer clear of?

Female public figures with apple-shaped bodies tend to shine in well-structured outfits that highlight the waist. They also rock large, striking accessories that draw attention to the bust, creating a more balanced and hourglass-like appearance. In this article we will delve onto apple body shaped celebrities, So I am sure you will see all the apple body shaped celebrities with me

Eva Longoria

Eva Longoria stands out as one of Hollywood’s most captivating actresses, renowned not only for her acting prowess but also for her remarkable apple-shaped figure.

Her distinctive physique is characterized by a waist that elegantly tapers in comparison to her well-proportioned hips and bust. This natural shape has become a signature element of her beauty and style.

Eva has an innate knack for selecting outfits that gracefully emphasize her waistline, often opting for tailored dresses or blouses paired with belts. This choice accentuates her natural curves and contributes to the coveted hourglass silhouette that many admire.

Gracing the red carpet is where Eva truly shines, consistently exuding a sense of sophistication and glamour. Her fashion choices offer valuable lessons, teaching us how to play up our assets and embrace our own unique shapes.

Eva Longoria’s presence serves as a testament to the fact that one can effortlessly combine curves with chicness. Her style narrative reinforces the idea that fashion is an avenue for self-expression and empowerment, irrespective of body type.

Liz Hurley

Liz Hurley boasts an apple-shaped physique that garners admiration from women around the globe. Her proportions are truly enviable, characterized by a slender waist harmoniously paired with generous curves. Beyond her stunning figure, Liz is renowned for her timeless style that exudes an undeniable allure.

Emulating Liz’s fashion essence involves a strategic approach. Opting for clothing that cinches at the waist is key, as it accentuates the natural tapering effect. Dresses and skirts that embrace your curves are the go-to choices to capture Liz’s signature look.

Liz Hurley stands as a shining example of how to impeccably dress for an apple-shaped body. By embracing her style guidelines, you’re poised to craft a fashion statement reminiscent of Liz herself, leaving others envious of your elegant transformation.

Amy Schumer

Amy Schumer, a versatile American comedian, actress, writer, and producer, embodies the epitome of an apple shape. Her style exudes both allure and self-assuredness, showcasing her adeptness at embracing and flaunting her curves.

Amy’s journey serves as a testament to the fact that well-being transcends any particular size, emphasizing that every body type can be celebrated for its beauty and uniqueness.

For those who share Amy’s apple-shaped figure, the key lies in embracing your natural curves and selecting outfits that accentuate your assets. Opt for tops and dresses that elegantly highlight your waistline, offering a flattering silhouette. When it comes to bottoms, lean into curve-enhancing denim, and complement your ensemble with a striking pair of heels to further showcase your figure.

Perhaps the most crucial aspect is cultivating confidence and enjoying the creative process of expressing yourself through fashion. Amy Schumer’s narrative undeniably underscores that an apple shape can effortlessly radiate sensuality, femininity, and a captivating sense of style.

Drew Barrymore

Drew Barrymore shines as a prominent example of an apple-shaped celebrity. Her figure boasts a harmonious balance, with her bust and hips sharing a similar size, elegantly framed by a more slender waist nestled in between.

Drew’s apple-shaped physique garners admiration for various reasons, particularly due to her alluring waist-to-hip and bust-to-waist proportions that are widely considered to be appealing and eye-catching.

It’s unquestionable that Drew Barrymore possesses an undeniable beauty, accentuated by her figure that many would envy.

Catherine Zeta Jones

Catherine Zeta Jones, the stunning actress, boasts a figure that’s truly captivating. She falls into the “apple” body shape category, meaning her weight is gracefully distributed around her midsection.

Catherine’s fashion choices artfully accentuate her waist, contributing to the illusion of an elegant hourglass silhouette that’s as enchanting as her on-screen performances.

In her style journey, Catherine Zeta Jones wisely avoids overly snug garments that might constrict her midsection. Instead, she opts for ensembles that provide a touch of breathing room, such as the grace of a flowing maxi dress or the sophistication of wide-leg pants.

It’s evident that Catherine Zeta Jones carries her fashion choices with remarkable grace, showcasing how to embrace her body shape while radiating pure beauty.


Adele’s apple body shape stands as an ideal choice for those looking to proudly embrace their curves.

If you happen to possess the same apple body shape as Adele, consider yourself fortunate. This particular physique often draws admiration from those who don’t share it. Accepting your distinct form requires realizing that your waist is your greatest advantage. To truly highlight your apple body shape, opt for clothing that gracefully emphasizes your waistline, effortlessly conjuring the coveted hourglass form.

Should you aim to replicate Adele’s style, prioritize obtaining well-fitting jeans and charming tops. Complement your wardrobe with fitted dresses or skirts that elegantly hit your waistline.

Adele’s apple body shape serves as a splendid canvas to showcase your curves and command the attention that you rightfully deserve.

Lindsay Lohan

Lindsay Lohan, a beloved figure in Hollywood, boasts a distinctive body shape often described as the “apple” type.

This unique physique is defined by a generously proportioned bust, a dainty waist, and hips with a comfortable width.

Lindsay’s apple body shape has propelled her into the spotlight as one of the most sought-after personalities in the entertainment realm. Magazines and television shows worldwide have showcased her alluring curves, contributing to her widespread appeal among fans.

Undoubtedly, Lindsay’s apple body shape stands as a key factor behind her immense popularity and strong connection with her admirers.

Doly Parton

The Dolly Parton apple body shape is globally renowned and highly favored.

Dolly’s physique boasts defining features: a well-endowed bust, a dainty waist, and broad hips and shoulders. She stands as an iconic figure among celebrities with this distinctive body type, serving as a wellspring of inspiration for numerous women who share her form.

For those who possess the Dolly Parton apple body shape, the key lies in choosing clothing that enhances your natural curves. Opting for attire that’s excessively snug might inadvertently highlight areas you’d rather downplay, so it’s advisable to lean toward looser, gracefully flowing fabrics.

Amber Riley

Amber Riley earned her recognition primarily through her portrayal of Mercedes Jones in the Fox musical comedy-drama series, Glee.

Amber’s apple body shape is a sight to behold, characterized by her generously endowed bust and beautifully curvaceous hips. What truly sets her apart is her commendable confidence in flaunting her curves, both in plus-size and regular clothing ranges – a commendable attitude that serves as a beacon of inspiration for women everywhere.

Her ability to exude stunning elegance in every outfit she adorns is a testament to her impeccable fashion sense. Amber Riley stands as a remarkable role model, transcending shapes and sizes. She radiates the powerful message that one’s beauty isn’t confined by any particular measurement.

No matter where you fall on the spectrum of body types, Amber’s story underscores the potential to embrace your distinct style with poise and grace, allowing your inner fabulousness to shine through.

Lisa Rinna

Lisa Rinna stands as a prominent figure in the realm of celebrities with an apple body shape, capturing widespread attention for her beautifully defined curves that she confidently showcases through form-fitting attire.

Her wardrobe choices frequently feature dresses that cinch at the waist and gracefully flare at the skirt, complementing her figure elegantly. In addition, Lisa is fond of sporting jeans and pants that snugly embrace her waistline while flaring at the leg. High heels serve as her accessory of choice, effectively accentuating her legs and buttocks.

Lisa Rinna serves as a living embodiment of how an apple body shape can exude both sensuality and sophistication. Her journey underlines the fact that, through skillful clothing selections, women of all sizes possess the capacity to embrace and accentuate their curves, crafting a look that resonates with sheer fabulousness.

Kate Upton

Kate Upton embodies the classic apple body shape, featuring a generously endowed bust and hips, gracefully tapering into a narrower waist.

In the glitzy world of Hollywood, Upton’s apple-shaped figure stands out as one of the most sought-after body types. Her proportions draw parallels with other luminaries like Jennifer Lopez and Kim Kardashian, contributing to the allure of this timeless silhouette.

Countless women regard Upton’s curves as a benchmark, often striving to emulate her captivating look. Her distinctive style serves as a beacon, inspiring both fellow celebrities and fashion enthusiasts to replicate her ensembles.

Kate Upton’s fashion choices often gravitate toward dresses that artfully accentuate her curves. Her confidence in showcasing her alluring figure is truly commendable.

In every sense, Kate Upton effortlessly exemplifies how to embrace an apple body shape with an air of elegance and panache, serving as an inspiration for individuals seeking to own their unique form with style.

Tyra Banks

Tyra Banks, an iconic supermodel of our era, proudly embraces her apple body shape, setting an example that resonates.

Tyra’s figure embodies fullness with a beautifully defined waist – a trait that others sharing the same shape can confidently embrace. If you find yourself in this category, take a page from Tyra’s book and strut your stuff in a bikini with the same confidence as she does.

Indeed, apple body shapes can radiate sensuality and femininity, a truth that Tyra elegantly personifies. Her wardrobe frequently features attire that skillfully accentuates her curves, including dresses and skirts that hug her form. Her legs, often her crowning glory, take center stage as she flaunts them gracefully.

For anyone with an apple body shape grappling with self-esteem, look no further than Tyra Banks for inspiration. Channel her spirit, and in no time, you’ll discover the power of embracing and celebrating your unique curves, exuding a sense of fabulousness that’s both seen and felt.

Dawn French

Dawn French, the delightful comedian and actress hailing from the UK, possesses an undeniable charm.

For those who share Dawn French’s apple body shape, consider yourself fortunate. Dawn effortlessly radiates beauty in an array of outfits, yet truly dazzles when adorning fitted attire that elegantly highlights her inherent curves.

If your body shape resonates with Dawn’s apple figure, take the opportunity to celebrate your curves wholeheartedly. Embrace your unique physique and opt for clothing choices that not only showcase your wonderful form but also amplify your innate confidence.

Kate Winslet

Kate Winslet, celebrated for her artistry, possesses an apple body shape distinguished by a shapely bust, waist, and hips, accompanied by more delicate shoulders and arms.

Women who share Kate’s apple figure often aim to refine their hips and thighs while cherishing their ample bust.

If your physique aligns with Kate Winslet’s apple shape, thoughtful clothing choices can work wonders. Select ensembles that highlight your most alluring attributes while minimizing areas of concern. For instance, combining a waist-highlighting dress with a jacket or cardigan can artfully strike this balance.

Opting for waist-fitted garments can create the illusion of a trimmer midsection, contributing to an overall polished appearance. Eschewing baggy clothing is also advised, as it can unintentionally exaggerate size.

Kate Winslet’s style journey stands as a stellar example of how to navigate fashion with an apple body shape.

Rosie O’donnell

Rosie O’Donnell has become a celebrated figure renowned for her iconic apple body shape. As a plus-size model and actress, she employs her influence to champion self-acceptance and love.

Rosie’s apple body figure is marked by a generous bust, wide hips, and a gracefully narrow waist. This configuration is often regarded as particularly complementary for plus-size individuals.

Rosie’s journey has been defined by her wholehearted embrace of her curves, radiating elegance in an array of garments that range from form-fitting dresses to easygoing jeans.

To emulate this, center your approach on accentuating your waist, employing elements such as belts, wrap dresses, and crop tops. You can also opt for darker hues on the lower half of your attire to craft the illusion of a more slender waist. When exploring jeans, seek out high-waisted styles with flared or bootcut legs. And remember, donning a swimsuit can be just as empowering – Rosie effortlessly rocks both one-pieces and bikinis.

Irrespective of your body shape, Rosie O’Donnell’s journey resonates as a call to confidently embrace your form. By celebrating your curves and tailoring your wardrobe to suit your unique silhouette, you too can exude confidence and grace, just like Rosie.

Nikki Blonsky

Nikki Blonsky, a talented American actress and singer, boasts a distinctive apple shape that many women aspire to emulate.

Her particular apple body figure showcases a generously proportioned bust, a dainty waist, and hips with a comfortable width. The challenge she faces often lies in finding well-fitting clothes due to the weight she carries in her midsection.

Nikki serves as an inspiring role model for women of diverse shapes and sizes, reinforcing the powerful message that beauty and confidence transcend dress sizes. Her experience proves that, regardless of body shape, one’s look can exude charm and confidence. By using an example, she reinforces the idea that apples are as delicious as other fruits, forever changing the way that body acceptance is portrayed.

Gabourey Sidibe

Gabourey Sidibe, an esteemed figure in the entertainment world, boasts an apple body shape, marked by a fuller waist and hips that form her unique physique.

When it comes to her clothing preferences, Gabourey leans towards loose and flowing garments, steering clear of anything that’s tight or clingy. High-waisted pants and skirts, which might inadvertently create an illusion of increased size, are bypassed in favor of lower-rise alternatives that gracefully complement her curves.

Through her impeccable clothing choices, Gabourey consistently exudes a sense of elegance and confidence, regardless of the variations in her shape and size. Her journey is a testament to the transformative power of selecting outfits that align with one’s individual style and figure.

Jennifer Hudson

Jennifer Hudson, an acclaimed Hollywood icon, singer, and spokesperson, radiates confidence and beauty with her signature curvaceous figure. She proudly falls into the category of an ‘apple shape,’ characterized by a weight distribution that centers around her waist.

For those who share Jennifer Hudson’s apple body shape, the quest for well-fitting attire can pose a challenge. Yet, Jennifer’s ability to consistently rock her style with finesse remains an inspiration. Her fashion approach centers on embracing her curves wholeheartedly, a philosophy that translates into her looking nothing short of stunning.

Jennifer is renowned for her affinity for fitted clothing that gracefully accentuates her shape. Her unwavering confidence and breathtaking beauty are ever-present, capturing attention and admiration wherever she graces with her presence.

In a world where body diversity is often overlooked, Jennifer Hudson stands as a beacon of empowerment, showcasing how to exude charm and grace while embracing one’s unique form. Her journey reminds us that true style is about embracing your body with confidence and celebrating your own distinct beauty.

Queen Latifah

Queen Latifah stands proudly as an apple shape, confidently embracing her curves and showcasing her remarkable sense of style.

In the realm of dressing for an apple body shape, Queen Latifah serves as a seasoned expert. Her choices often lean towards dresses that elegantly cinch at the waist, sculpting a flattering silhouette. Moreover, she effortlessly dons fitted jeans, skillfully pairing them with loose-fitting tops to achieve a harmonious balance in her ensemble.

Queen Latifah’s journey is a living testament to the fact that apple shapes can be both stylish and self-assured. Her presence in the fashion landscape underscores the notion that beauty comes in myriad forms, with confidence serving as the ultimate accessory.

Jessica Simpson

Jessica Simpson possesses an apple-shaped body that many admire for its exquisite balance of curves and a slender waist. Her penchant for flaunting her figure and donning fitted clothing exudes confidence.

When it comes to styling her apple shape, Jessica Simpson demonstrates a keen understanding of what works best. Her clothing choices often revolve around accentuating her waist and embracing her curves. V-neck tops, belted dresses, and skinny jeans are go-to pieces that flatter her form beautifully. She strategically avoids baggy outfits and anything that might obscure her natural contours.

Oprah Winfrey

Throughout the years, Oprah’s figure has gracefully evolved alongside her weight fluctuations, leading to an array of clothing choices and styles. However, what remains unwavering is Oprah’s consistently remarkable style. Whether she’s navigating her daily routines or gracing the red carpet, her elegance shines through.

Oprah’s journey is a testament to her ability to radiate magnificence despite the shifts in her body weight. Her style narrative resonates as a reminder that confidence and grace are timeless companions, transcending the changes that life inevitably brings.

Angelina Jolie

It might come as a surprise, given her slender and alluring appearance, but the stunningly beautiful and exotic Angelina Jolie is a perfect match for the apple body shape. This underscores the important fact that having an apple body shape isn’t limited to those carrying extra weight or struggling with a constant muffin top around the midsection. Angelina’s example demonstrates that apple body shapes can encompass tall and slim figures too. And as she so elegantly exemplifies, the key lies in the art of dressing to complement this silhouette.

Angelina Jolie’s situation shows how unimportant looks are. How you present yourself matters more than your weight. She has found that, regardless of size or proportions, the appropriate apparel can draw attention to and improve your body form, enabling you to project confidence and refinement.

Elizabeth Hurley

Elizabeth Hurley, a multifaceted English actress, model, and businesswoman, has enjoyed a long-standing association with Estée Lauder, a partnership that began when she embarked on her modeling journey at the age of 29.

Taking a leaf out of Elizabeth Hurley’s style book, one key tip she imparts is the art of incorporating bold prints without going overboard. She expertly balances this with neutral accessories, often opting for nude patent heels to draw attention to her dress.

When it comes to winter coats, Elizabeth leans towards vibrant hues like bright purple, expertly taming the vibrancy by introducing black scarves and tights for a well-rounded look.

Her fondness for the color pink is evident, and she wears it with finesse. From pairing it with lively party accessories to opting for a safer approach with subtle metallic heels, Elizabeth embodies the versatility of this shade.

Navigating the party season, Elizabeth demonstrates how to effortlessly sport faux fur and party dresses while retaining an air of glamour. And her mastery in making jeans appear sophisticated is remarkable. Typically, she pairs jeans with a cashmere jumper and tan heels, amplifying the ensemble’s allure by adding a scarf and blazer for that extra touch of style.

Elizabeth Hurley’s fashion journey serves as an inspiration, showcasing her ability to harmoniously blend statement pieces, vivid colors, and classic accessories to craft looks that are both timeless and captivating.

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