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Who Is Danette Jackson Everything You Need To Know

Danette Jackson gained fame as the wife of the well-known American singer, Jon B. Her connection to the celebrity singer brought her into the spotlight. Despite her status as a celebrity spouse, Danette tends to keep a low profile and doesn’t make frequent public appearances.

The limited media coverage of Jackson has left fans of Jon B curious about her personal life. Let’s delve into Danette’s romantic journey and explore some other intriguing aspects of her life.

Denette Jackson Wiki

As of 2023, Danette Jackson is 43 years old. She was born in the United States of America in the year 1979. Her birthday is celebrated annually on November 17th. Additionally, Danette is of American descent and is a part of the Afro-American ethnicity.


Jon B plays piano, drums, bass, and keyboards as well as sings. He began his singing career at 18 and has attracted millions of fans worldwide for nearly two decades. Jon B boasts a mixed heritage and holds American citizenship with Dutch, English, and Scottish roots. Growing up, he spent his adolescence in Atlanta, California, United States.

Details about Jon B’s educational background are not available, leaving his academic history a mystery. While there is no concrete information, one might speculate that he potentially graduated from a reputable university with honors.

Danette Jackson is currently in a marital relationship with Jon B

Danette Jackson is currently married to Jonathan David Buck, also known as Jon B. The couple tied the knot in 2007 in an intimate ceremony, surrounded by close family and friends.

Despite differences in their racial backgrounds, Jackson and Buck have found happiness in their marriage, which has lasted for over a decade and a half, showcasing their enduring love and commitment.

Similar to many public figures, Jackson maintains a degree of privacy about her personal life. Therefore, details about her initial encounter with the American singer-husband remain undisclosed. However, it has been disclosed that they were in a relationship for nearly a decade before exchanging vows.

Danette Jackson perfectly fits the description of the kind of woman that Jon B is attracted to

In a candid interview with Vibe Magazine, the soulful singer Jon B shared insights into the type of woman he finds appealing. He described the qualities that draw him in. Jon B explained:

It’s not that I prefer Black girls, but I relate to them as people. I also like hood-style, thickey, pass the hot sauce girls.

Interestingly, this description aligns with none other than his wife. Beyond her physical attributes, Danette possesses a beautiful soul that captivates her American singer husband.


Danette Jackson, the wife of the renowned singer Jon B, has embraced the joys of parenthood. The couple shares two daughters, with their firstborn, L’Wren True Buck, entering the world on July 21, 2007.

Interestingly, it’s known that Danette’s eldest daughter was born before the couple got married. Jon B publicly celebrated her 14th birthday via his Instagram account.

In 2013, Jackson and Buck welcomed their second daughter, Azure Luna Buck. While the pair tends to keep their children’s private lives away from the limelight, Jon occasionally shares glimpses of their family moments on his Instagram, especially during special occasions like Father’s Day.

Jon B, the “Are You Still Down?” singer, marked Father’s Day with a series of pictures featuring him and his daughter.

While Jackson may not frequently post pictures with her daughters, it’s evident that she holds a deep love for them. She actively engages in quality time with her children, cherishing the moments they share.

Net Worth

The estimated net worth of Danette Jackson, the celebrity wife, is around $200,000. In comparison, her husband, Jon B, boasts a substantial net worth of $4 million. Notably, there is a LinkedIn account bearing her name and address.

If the said account indeed belongs to Jackson, it indicates that she might be a registered nurse, sharing a profession with someone named Ortencia Alcantara. As a registered nurse, Danette’s average yearly income would typically amount to $85,000. However, there’s uncertainty regarding the ownership of the account and whether it truly belongs to Jon B’s wife.

Jon B, recognized for his platinum-selling albums, is not only a singer but also a record producer. His albums have collectively sold over a million copies, featuring hits like “Bonafide” and “Are You Still Down.”

With this substantial wealth, Danette enjoys a content and comfortable life alongside her husband and children in Pasadena, California. It’s worth exploring the net worth of another American singer, Katlyn Nicholas, for comparison.

Discovering the Keys to a Joyful Marriage: Unveiling the Secrets of Danette Jackson and Jon B

Danette and Jon B’s marriage stands out as a beacon of enduring love in the realm of celebrity unions. While Jon B has openly shared his admiration for Black women in the past, it’s clear that this alone cannot be the sole foundation for their lasting connection. Many celebrity marriages, regardless of racial backgrounds, have faced challenges and ended in a short span.

Hence, the resilience of Danette and Jon B’s relationship over the years is likely rooted in the profound love and understanding they share with each other. Their commitment to each other goes beyond superficial factors, contributing to the strength of their enduring bond.

Exploring Danette Jackson’s Physical Attributes

Judging from available pictures, Danette Jackson has a stature of 5 feet 6 inches (168 cm) and carries a weight of around 56 kg (125 lbs). Her physique is characterized by a curvy and robust build, a quality that has evidently appealed to her husband, the American singer Jon B.

Danette sports short, curly black hair and possesses deep brown eyes. Her sense of style shines through in public events, adding to her overall presence.

What is Danette Jackson Doing Now?

Despite her husband’s career in the spotlight, Danette has skillfully shielded her personal and family life from the public eye. She maintains a low profile and abstains from engaging on any social media platforms.

In contrast, Jon B has a large Instagram following under @officialjonb. His posts mostly focus on work, and any family photos are censored to protect their privacy.

Danette Jackson’s estimated net worth is $200,000, but she hasn’t disclosed her profession or income. Jon B’s $4 million net worth comes from his successful singing and songwriter career.

Final Words

Despite her fame, Danette Jackson, wife of Jon B, has kept a private existence. Danette, born in 1979, married Jon B in 2007 and has two gorgeous daughters.

While Danette’s personal and professional life is unknown, her marriage to Jon B shows a deep love and understanding. This celebrity couple has surmounted obstacles and shown enduring love.

Jon B’s open interview with Vibe Magazine revealed that he likes Danette’s curvaceous form, short curling black hair, and deep dark eyes.

Danette has avoided social media despite being the wife of a celebrity. Her estimated net worth is $200,000, and a LinkedIn account with her name suggests a registered nurse career.

Danette and Jon B’s long marriage shows the power of true love and the necessity of dedication in celebrity marriages. Danette’s tale with Jon B is a heartwarming example of love that transcends fame as she lives a private life.

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