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Oakes Wayne is quite the recognizable figure in the celebrity world, and much of his fame stems from his talented mother, Sarah Wayne Callies, who is a renowned American actress.

Who is Oakes Wayne?

Oakes Wayne came into this world in August 2013 right here in the United States. At a tender age, he was welcomed into the loving arms of his parents, Sarah Wayne Callies and her husband Josh Winterhalt. As of today, Oakes is a bright-eyed 8-year-old, falling under the Pisces zodiac sign.

In addition to Oakes, the family also includes his sister, Keala Winterhalt, who made her debut in 2007 and is now 15 years old as of 2022. Interestingly, despite their public profiles, Sarah and Josh have chosen to keep their children’s privacy intact, opting not to share any photos of the siblings together with the world.

Oakes Wayne Bio

In the realm of public recognition, Oakes Wayne emerges as a prominent scion of American stardom, his claim to distinction rooted in his lineage as the offspring of the exceptionally gifted thespian, Sarah Wayne Callies. He graced the world with his presence in the annum 2013, and presently, he manifests as a vivacious nine-year-old luminary. If you’re inquisitive about his stature, Oakes commands an impressive altitude, measuring approximately 4 feet and 5 inches in stature.


We don’t know Oakes Wayne’s school because his parents are tight-lipped. Considering his age, he’s probably in primary school, but details are confidential.

His mother, Sarah Wayne Callies, is well-educated. She obtained a BA in theater from Dartmouth College. She earned a Master of Fine Arts in 2002 from the National Theatre Conservatory, continuing her love of the craft. A fascinating scholarly and artistic journey!

Oakes Wayne Wiki 

Full NameOakes Wayne
First NameOakes
Last NameWayne
Date of BirthAugust 2013
Age9 years
ProfessionCelebrity Child
Father NameJosh Winterhalt
Father ProfessionMartial Arts Expert
Mother NameSarah Wayne Callies
Mother ProfessionActress
Gender IdentityMale
SiblingsKeala Winterhalt

Body Measurement

Wayne’s parents have worked hard to keep him private. Therefore, they haven’t revealed many details about him. The only tidbits we can gather are from some childhood photos, where we can see he has brown hair and those curious, deep black eyes.

As for recent photos, they’re quite scarce, which makes it tough to gauge his current body structure. It seems his parents are determined to let him grow up away from the constant scrutiny of the limelight.

Personal Life

When delving into Wayne’s personal life, there exists a relative dearth of substantive details. His youthfulness precludes any substantial discourse on matters of romantic entanglements at this juncture. A salient facet of Oakes’ biography is his biracial heritage, and it is noteworthy that he was embraced into the warm embrace of familial love by Sarah and Josh.

The narrative of Sarah and Josh is an enchanting tale in its own right. Their paths serendipitously intersected during their academic sojourns at Dartmouth, and from that juncture, their bond burgeoned into something profound. On a picturesque day, precisely on July 21, 2002, they solemnized their union, and since that momentous occasion, they have steadfastly traversed the marital terrain for an impressive span of two decades. Astonishingly, their conjugal chronicle remains unmarred by any semblance of discord or contention.

Their sojourn into parenthood embarked upon the date of January 23, 2007, when the proclamation of their impending parenthood resounded. Subsequently, this euphoric announcement heralded the advent of their daughter, gracing their lives in the later days of that very July. Yet, their hearts harbored an enduring reservoir of love, culminating in the year 2013, when they chose to expand their familial cocoon through the benevolent act of adoption, thereby extending a warm embrace to their second offspring within the confines of their affectionate abode.

Oakes Wayne Parents

Oakes’s mom, Sarah Wayne Callies, shines in the entertainment world as an actress, while his dad, Josh Winterhalt, brings martial arts expertise to the table as an instructor. Right after Oakes was born, Sarah and Josh opened their hearts and home to him through adoption. So, he’s their beloved adopted son, and unfortunately, we don’t have any information about his biological parents.

Now, in the family mix, there’s also Oakes’s older sister, Keala Winterhalt. Keala is the biological daughter of Sarah and Josh, making her Oakes’s loving sister from the same parents.


Oakes Wayne still has a lot of schoolwork to finish before beginning his job. His parents haven’t said much about his future plans, preferring to keep that aspect of his life under wraps for the time being.

Now, Sarah Wayne Callies, Oakes’s mother, has had a pretty amazing career herself. After relocating to New York, she landed her first television job as Kate O’Malley in the short-lived CBS series “Queens Supreme.” Her first big role as Detective Jane Porter in The WB’s “Tarzan” marked the turning point in her career.

However, her selection for the Sara Tancredi part in the Fox popular show “Prison Break” was the genuine turning point. She left her impact in the first two seasons despite the awful conclusion of her character in the third season. Her portrayal of Lori Grimes in the horror television series “The Walking Dead” further demonstrated her talent. From the very beginning till the very end of season three, Sarah played that part, creating a lasting impression on the program.

Sarah has offered her talent to a variety of other projects in addition to these classic roles, and she is still making waves in the movie business.

18 years of marriage

In the chronicles of enduring matrimony, the union of Oakes’s progenitor, Josh Winterhalt, and matriarch Sarah, unfolds as an illustrious saga spanning a remarkable 18 years. This July, yet another hallmark graced their love narrative. Their matrimonial voyage remains unwavering, a testament to their profound affection. Within the confines of their wedded bliss, two progeny have flourished, and the specter of estrangement or marital dissolution remains a distant apparition.

The genesis of their shared odyssey dates back to their academic sojourn at Dartmouth College, where serendipity cast their paths together. As the whims of destiny would have it, an ardent and profound love burgeoned between them. After an extended courtship, they made the heartfelt resolve to intertwine their lives in matrimony, undeterred by the divergent trajectories of their respective careers. Love, it appears, is impervious to confines, and their enduring commitment serves as an unequivocal testament to this axiom.


It’s commendable that Oakes and his sister Keala Winterhalt have a mother who prioritizes their privacy and keeps their family affairs out of the public eye. This approach can help them lead more normal and balanced lives despite growing up in the spotlight. By not sharing any photos of the two siblings together, their mother is ensuring that they can have a childhood and adolescence that is as ordinary as possible, shielded from the potential intrusiveness of the media and public scrutiny. This level of protection can be vital in allowing Oakes and Keala to have a more typical upbringing while their talents and achievements are acknowledged on their own terms.

Oakes Wayne Net Worth

Presently, Oakes is amidst his developmental journey, evolving into an autonomous individual, and has yet to commence generating his personal revenue stream. He presently indulges in the luxuries of the celebrity lifestyle, courtesy of his parents. Thus, concerning his financial worth, it remains an uncharted territory as of now.

Nonetheless, his mother, Sarah, has meticulously forged a remarkable path in the realm of entertainment and boasts an astonishing net fortune totaling $3 million. Conversely, his father, armed with his mastery in martial arts, has likewise amassed a substantial wealth, approximating around $2 million. While Oakes embarks on the expedition to construct his own destiny, his parents unquestionably thrive in the fiscal domain.

Social media

In the realm of social media, Oakes Wayne finds himself at a juncture where his foray into this digital domain remains uncharted. At this juncture, he refrains from initiating any presence on the various social media platforms that populate the virtual landscape.

In stark contrast, his mother, Sarah, is a phenomenon in the social media sphere. You can locate her on Instagram under the moniker @sarahwaynecallies, where an astounding 2.1 million adherents avidly follow her exploits. Her Facebook following boasts an equally impressive 1.7 million enthusiasts, and her presence on Twitter, with 40.9k followers, is not to be underestimated. It is indisputable that she has cultivated a formidable and unwavering online aficionado base.


  • Oakes Wayne was born in America in August 2013.
  • The famous American actress Sarah Wayne Callies and her husband Josh Winterhalt had him.
  • Oakes is 9 and a Pisces.
  • As of 2022, his sister Keala Winterhalt is 15.
  • Oakes’ parents maintain their children’s privacy by not sharing many images.
  • Oakes’ star bloodline has made him famous despite his youth.
  • Oakes Wayne is about 4’5″ tall.
  • His schooling is private, but he may be in primary school.
  • Sarah and Josh adopted Oakes, and his biological parents are unknown.
  • His mother, Sarah Wayne Callies, has a 2002 Master of Fine Arts in theater.
  • Oakes’ mother, Sarah Wayne Callies, is a renowned actress who appeared in “Prison Break” and “The Walking Dead.”
  • Martial arts instructor Josh Winterhalt is his father.
  • The latest information shows Sarah and Josh have been married 18 years.
  • Their Dartmouth College studies brought them together.
  • Their two children, Keala and Oakes, were adopted and raised lovingly.
  • Sarah Wayne Callies is worth $3 million, while Josh Winterhalt is worth $2 million.
  • The family keeps their children’s images private on social media.
  • Sarah and Josh’s biological daughter is Oakes’ sister Keala Winterhalt.
  • The family leads a normal life since they keep their children private.
  • Oakes Wayne’s parents haven’t revealed his job goals.


Oakes Wayne, a young celebrity, is the daughter of American actress Sarah Wayne Callies. Despite his youth, Oakes has attracted notice due to his family’s entertainment business success. The family emphasizes seclusion and shields their children from the public eye, giving them a normal upbringing.


Oakes Wayne’s parents?

Sarah Wayne Callies, an actress, and Josh Winterhalt, a martial artist, are Oakes Wayne’s parents.

How old is Oakes Wayne?

Oakes Wayne, born August 2013, is 9.

Does Oakes have siblings?

He has a 15-year-old sister, Keala Winterhalt, in 2022.

Oakes Wayne’s zodiac sign?

Oakes Wayne is Pisces.

Has Oakes Wayne disclosed his education?

Education data about Oakes Wayne are private.

Sarah Wayne Callies’ wealth?

Sarah Wayne Callies may be worth $3 million.

Is Oakes Wayne on social media?

Oakes Wayne is not on social media.

Any public photos of Oakes Wayne and his sister?

To ensure privacy, Oakes Wayne’s parents have not shared images of their children together.

Sarah Wayne Callies met Josh Winterhalt how?

Dartmouth College students Sarah Wayne Callies and Josh Winterhalt met.

Do we know Oakes Wayne’s professional goals?

Oakes Wayne’s parents haven’t revealed his professional intentions.

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