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Actress Nona Sobo, age 23, identifies as Asian and is from Thai and Spanish ancestry. Her birthday is March 2, 2000. She has a successful modeling career in addition to her acting career. One of her notable works includes her roles in the Netflix series “Wrong of the Tracks” (known as “Entrevias” in Spanish).

Thailand-born Sobo was adopted and raised in Spain. Her voyage to Europe began in 2002 at two years old. Since then, she has established herself in Spanish entertainment, sparking curiosity regarding her background.

Nona Sobo biography

Mariona Soley Bosch, known by her alias Nona Sobo, was born on March 3, 2000, in Thailand to a family practicing Theravada Buddhism. She was later adopted by Mei Sobo, a Spanish woman, who brought her to Spain.

Growing up, Sobo spent her formative years in Spain. At the tender age of two, she accompanied her adoptive mother to Caldes de Montbui, near Barcelona, and has called Spain her home for the majority of her life. Sobo has a deep passion for sports, particularly excelling in swimming competitions where she clinched gold medals in various inter-school contests. Her school days were marked by her remarkable athleticism.

Physically, Sobo is of a slender build, standing at 5 feet 5 inches (152 cm) and weighing 51 kg (113 lbs). She identifies with the Christian faith and, according to astrology, falls under the sign of Pisces.

Nona Sobo Early Life & Education

Nona Sobo, born on March 3, 2000, grew up in Spain, though her roots trace back to Thailand. At the tender age of two, Mei Sobo became her adoptive parent, and together, they settled in Caldes de Montbui, Barcelona, Spain. This town has been her home ever since. Unfortunately, there is no available information about Nona’s biological parents or any siblings she may have.

It’s worth highlighting that Nona showcased her prowess in swimming by actively participating in school competitions, where she achieved remarkable success, earning multiple gold medals in inter-school contests.

How Old is Nona Sobo?

Nona Sobo is 23 years old, born on March 3, 2000. Her full name is Mariona Soley Bosch, but she goes by Nona, a name she adopted because she couldn’t pronounce Mariona correctly when she was a toddler. “Nona” stuck and became her identity. The “Sobo” in her stage name comes from the first two letters of her last name, Soley Bosch.

Details about Nona’s biological parents are unknown, but she was raised by a foster mother named Mei Sobo. She was officially adopted when she was two years old, and Mei brought her from Thailand, her place of birth, to Caldes de Montbui, Barcelona, Spain, where she currently lives.

Nona grew up in Caldes de Montbui and completed her education there. She attended a local day boarding school, but her identity hasn’t been revealed. Her school days were memorable, especially in swimming. Nona won multiple gold medals in her school’s inter-house sports competitions.

Nona Sobo career

Nona Sobo is a well-known figure in the entertainment industry, recognized for her roles as an actress and model. Hailing from a background of Thai heritage, this Spanish talent embarked on her journey in showbiz at a remarkably young age of eight, initially appearing in music videos and TV commercials.

The turning point in Sobo’s career came while she was on the set of a TV commercial. It was here that she caught the eye of the casting director for the series “Wrong Side of the Tracks (Entrevias)”, who entrusted her with the character of “Irene”. This pivotal moment marked the commencement of her acting journey.

In 2021, Sobo made her television debut in the Netflix series “Wrong Side of the Tracks”. Since its premiere, she has garnered a substantial following. The year 2022 saw the release of the second season, with Sobo reprising her role as “Irene”.

Nona Sobo movies

o’s 2021 acting debut is just the beginning. She appeared in “Welcome to Eden,” which aired in 2022, and “Wrong Side of the Tracks,” which aired in 2021.

As she grows from a newbie to an accomplished actor, fans expect more major film and TV parts from her.

Nona Sobo Enjoys the Unwavering Support of Her Family

Even though most of her family resides in Thailand, they’ve never let the distance hinder their support for her. They’ve managed to stay close despite her being predominantly in Europe, with occasional visits.

Her mother, Mei Sobo, stands out as the strongest pillar of support in her life. The bond they share is evident through the affectionate posts she dedicates to her on social media. This tremendous support from her mother helped launch her career at a young age and propelled her to success.

Not surprisingly, these two women are very close. They’ve mutually influenced each other in various aspects, particularly in their shared passion for dogs. There’s no available information about whether Nona’s mother has been married before or if Nona has any siblings apart from being a gifted actress and model.

She Became Famous as a Spanish Actress

Nona Sobo’s passion for acting has been evident since her early years. This dream started to take shape when she was discovered at the tender age of 8, landing her roles in commercials. Her journey gained momentum as she delved into the world of modeling and even made appearances in music videos.

However, it was a rediscovery during a commercial shoot that truly set her acting career in motion. This led to her appearance in “Cinemascomics: Entrevistas” in 2014. Yet, the real turning point came in 2021 when she secured the role of Irene in the Netflix Series “Wrong Side of the Tracks.” This role held special significance for Nona, as Irene’s background mirrored her own – Asian roots from Thailand, and both were adopted. The series not only elevated her to international stardom but also garnered a global fan base, including in the United States.

In 2023, Nona took on a minor role in the TV series “Welcome To Eden (Bienvenidos a Edén),” appearing in the eighth episode. Alongside her acting career, she’s established herself as a notable social media influencer, boasting a substantial following on platforms like TikTok and Instagram.

Who is Nona Sobo’s Boyfriend?

When Sobo was just eight years old, her talent caught the eye of a casting agent who offered her opportunities in various advertisement campaigns. Over the years, she gained experience in a range of commercials. Then, during a shoot for a new TV ad, Rosa Estévez, the casting director of “Wrong Side of the Tracks,” approached her with the role of Irene.

In an interview, Soley expressed her aspiration to dive into the fashion industry, with dreams of strutting down the runway for renowned brands as her next career milestone.

In 2021, news started circulating about Nona’s romantic involvement with a certain individual. On her 22nd birthday, Soley was spotted celebrating on a terrace in the heart of Madrid with her boyfriend, Carlos. He surprised her with a stunning bouquet, and the two couldn’t contain their smiles and affectionate gestures, clearly deeply in love.

Our sources have confirmed that Carlos Uraga hails from Bilbao and is a businessman. According to the actress, their paths first crossed during a certain event, and their love story blossomed from there.

She is also a Model

Nona is also delving into the world of modeling and is presently under the representation of NickName Agency. This agency is known for its expertise in talent representation and influence marketing, particularly on platforms like Instagram and TikTok.

During an interview, the budding actress shared her future aspiration of making a mark in the fashion industry. She disclosed her plans of strutting down the runway for some highly esteemed and exclusive brands in the near future.

Nona Sobo has an Active Social Media Presence

Nona Sobo is just like many other entertainers who have established a presence on various social media platforms to connect with their fans. You can find the TV actress on Instagram under the handle @nonasobo. On this platform dedicated to sharing pictures, she has garnered an impressive following of over 163,000 fans, and she’s shared a total of 2,908 posts as of the latest count.

Her Instagram Stories offer fans a peek into the actress’s life behind the scenes. You’ll come across a collection of her lively snapshots from parties at clubs and festivals, and there are even some adorable pictures of her chihuahua. Nona enjoys dressing up her little fur friend in all sorts of outfits, and the pictures are simply heartwarming.

Additionally, Nona is active on TikTok, where you can find her under the same handle, @nonasobo. As of now, this young entertainer boasts 81.6K followers and has received an impressive 920.7K likes in total.

People Also Ask (FAQs)

Who is Nona Sobo?
Nona Sobo, whose real name is Mariona Soley Bosch, is a 23-year-old actress and model of Thai and Spanish descent. She was born in Thailand on March 3, 2000, and was adopted by Mei Sobo, a Spanish woman. Nona is known for her roles in the Netflix series “Wrong Side of the Tracks” (“Entrevias” in Spanish) and has gained recognition in both the acting and modeling fields.

How did Nona Sobo start her career?
Nona began her career in music videos and TV advertisements at eight. During a commercial shoot, the casting director for “Wrong Side of the Tracks,” noticed her and launched her acting career.

What are some of Nona Sobo’s notable works?
One of Nona’s notable works is her role as “Irene” in the Netflix series “Wrong Side of the Tracks.” This role held personal significance for her as it mirrored her own background of Asian roots from Thailand, and both she and the character were adopted. She also appeared in the TV series “Welcome To Eden (Bienvenidos a Edén)” in 2023.

Is Nona Sobo active in modeling as well?
Yes, Nona is also active in the modeling industry and is represented by NickName Agency, known for talent representation and influence marketing on platforms like Instagram and TikTok. She aspires to make a mark in the fashion industry and has plans to walk the runway for esteemed brands in the future.

Who is Nona Sobo’s boyfriend?
Nona’s boyfriend is Carlos Uraga, a businessman from Bilbao. They were spotted celebrating Nona’s 22nd birthday together in Madrid, and they share a visibly affectionate and loving relationship.

What is Nona Sobo’s presence on social media?
Nona is active on both Instagram and TikTok. On Instagram, she can be found under the handle @nonasobo, where she has over 163,000 followers and has shared numerous posts, including glimpses into her personal life. On TikTok, she also goes by @nonasobo, with 81.6K followers and over 920.7K likes.

What are Nona Sobo’s physical attributes?
Nona is of slender build, standing at 5 feet 5 inches (152 cm) and weighing 51 kg (113 lbs). She identifies with the Christian faith and falls under the astrological sign of Pisces.

What is Nona Sobo’s background and upbringing?
Nona was born in Thailand and adopted by Mei Sobo, a Spanish woman, who brought her to Spain at the age of two. She grew up in Caldes de Montbui, near Barcelona, Spain, and considers it her home. Nona showed a passion for sports, particularly excelling in swimming competitions during her school days.

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