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American young blogger Viviana Volpicelli covers fashion, makeup, fitness, and skincare. She is popular on social media. Despite being young, Viviana has built a reputation for herself in entertainment. Although she has yet to hit her peak, her effort has earned her a good reputation and huge financial benefits.

Besides her career, Viviana is known for her relationship with NFL wide receiver Nelson Agholor. They have been honest about their love in public throughout their partnership. Viviana and Agholor’s relationship status is unknown as of 2023.

Previously, they shared their love on social media, but not anymore. This makes us investigate their relationship. Additionally, let’s take a moment to uncover some lesser-known aspects of the blogger and model, Viviana Volpicelli.

Quick Facts

Real NameViviana Volpicelli
Nick NameVivi
Age 28 years old
BirthplacePalos Verdes, California, USA
Birth SignTaurus
Famous AsModel
Net Worth$750k

Who Is Viviana Volpicelli? Biography

Born in 1995 in Palos Verdes, California, Viviana Volpicelli’s parents were both American: her father, Anton, worked as a doctor, while her mother, Diane, pursued a career as a real estate agent. While information about her siblings remains undisclosed, Viviana’s upbringing was relatively comfortable, thanks to her parents’ stable professions that ensured her needs were well taken care of.

Her secondary education was at Palos Verdes High School. Real Estate Development was her next academic step at the University of Southern California in 2013. In 2017, Viviana graduated from university.

It’s worth noting that Viviana Volpicelli is not only of American descent but also belongs to the white ethnic group, adding to the diverse tapestry of her background.

Viviana’s Career As A Blogger And Model

After her graduation in 2017, Viviana wasted no time in launching her career. She initiated her journey by creating her own website, Through this platform, she dives into a range of topics including fashion, makeup, and skincare tips, as well as other fashion-related subjects.

A notable aspect of Volpicelli’s work is her inclination towards advocating for organic beauty products. Drawing from her own experiences, she wholeheartedly recommends these products to her readers. It’s worth highlighting that she predominantly uses organic products herself, and this personal preference guides her advice to her followers. This was exemplified by a post she shared on Instagram, which, though no longer available, touched upon her choices in perfumes.

In addition to her fashion and beauty endeavors, Viviana showcases another facet of herself as a plant-based chef, a description she proudly includes in her Instagram bio. This self-proclaimed role is evident as she frequently shares insights and ideas for maintaining a healthy, plant-based diet on her social media accounts, offering valuable content to her audience.

She is a trained chef who uses only plant-based ingredients

Viviana’s expertise extends beyond her online presence. She holds a notable qualification as a certified nutritionist. According to her website, she achieved her certification in plant-based nutrition from Cornell University’s Center for Nutrition Studies, underlining her commitment to understanding the impact of dietary choices.

Moreover, her dedication to her craft led her to train alongside renowned plant-based chef Matthew Kenney at the Food Future Institute. This additional training has further refined her culinary skills and knowledge.

Delving into her interests, Viviana’s website sheds light on her enthusiasm for culinary medicine. This innovative approach involves crafting meals that not only satisfy our taste buds but also contribute to preventing and addressing common health concerns. This passion underscores her desire to explore the intersection of food and wellness, showcasing her multifaceted expertise in the field.

How Tall Is Viviana Volpicelli? Height, Weight, Age

Born on May 8, 1995, Viviana Volpicelli is currently 28 years old. Her zodiac sign is Taurus, reflecting qualities such as practicality, determination, ambition, stoicism, and a touch of stubbornness.

Gifted with natural beauty, Viviana maintains an attractive and slim physique, although her precise measurements remain undisclosed. Achieving such a remarkable figure involves a disciplined workout routine and a balanced diet that she adheres to diligently.

She weighs about 50 kg and stands at 5’1″. This information regarding her shoe and outfit sizes is unavailable. Viviana’s beautiful blonde hair and brown eyes make her look unique and memorable.

Viviana Volpicelli’s Relationship With Nelson Agholor

Viviana and Agholor’s story began at the University of Southern California back in 2013 when Viviana joined the university. Their connection sparked early on, and before long, they found themselves drawn to each other, eventually leading to them becoming a couple. According to Famous Birthdays, it was in October 2017 that Viviana and Nelson officially began dating.

From 2012 to 2014, Nelson played for the USC Trojans football team. Nelson’s 2015 NFL draught selection by the Philadelphia Eagles changed his career after their relationship.

They publicly shared their love story on social media. Nelson called Viviana his best friend and love of his life in a January 2018 post, thanking her for standing by his side.

Likewise, Viviana also dedicated heartfelt posts to Nelson, emphasizing the depth of their affection. One of her posts beautifully conveyed, “To love someone is nothing, to be loved by someone is something, to love someone who loves you is everything.”

Their bond extended beyond social media, as evidenced by Viviana’s presence during Nelson’s significant moments, like his victory in the NFC Championship against the Minnesota Vikings in 2018. His gratitude for her support was evident in his acknowledgment of her role in his achievements.

In fact, Viviana’s commitment was such that she would frequently travel between California and Philadelphia to attend Nelson’s NFL matches during the season, showcasing her unwavering support for his career.

Are They Still Dating?

As of 2023, it appears that the romantic relationship between Volpicelli and Nelson, which spanned a couple of years, has come to an end. While there is no substantial evidence indicating a breakup, certain observations suggest a shift in their status. Notably, Viviana’s decision to remove all traces of Nelson from her social media accounts raises speculation that they may have indeed parted ways.

Previously, Viviana had been quite open about her relationship with Nelson, sharing moments from their journey on her Instagram. However, a significant change is evident as she has refrained from posting any recent photos with him and has taken down all pictures featuring Nelson from her profile.

Given these actions, it is reasonable to infer that the connection they once shared has dissolved. Adding to this perspective, some online sources have also indicated that Volpicelli and Nelson’s romantic involvement concluded around mid-2019.

In essence, while concrete details remain scarce, the evidence points towards the conclusion that Viviana and Nelson are no longer together.

Nelson Deactivated His Social Media

Nelson Agholor, the NFL wide receiver, was notably engaged on social media platforms, often offering glimpses into his personal life, including his romantic relationship. A dramatic transformation has occurred, and he has been absent from these platforms for some time. Late 2019, his social media accounts were erased, ending his online presence.

The sportsman hasn’t stated his intentions, but it’s likely that he did this to separate his personal and professional lives. Nelson and other sportsmen regularly receive unfair criticism, especially on social media. As a result, one possible reason for Nelson’s choice to distance himself from social media could be to shield himself from such external pressures and distractions.

By stepping away from social media, Nelson might have aimed to maintain a more focused and concentrated approach to his athletic career, allowing him to better channel his energies into his profession without the potential negativity that can sometimes accompany online interactions.

Viviana Volpicelli Net Worth

Curiosity often turns toward Viviana Volpicelli’s financial standing. The blonde model’s journey, which encompasses brand collaborations and her dedicated blogging, has led to a substantial accumulation of wealth. As of August 2023, Viviana Volpicelli’s net worth is estimated to be approximately $750,000.

Conversely, her partner’s financial landscape presents a different picture. His net worth stands at around $9.5 million as of 2023, marking a noteworthy difference between their respective financial standings.

While her career accomplishments are evident, Viviana has managed to keep certain aspects of her financial life away from the public eye. Intriguingly, details regarding her salary, possessions like cars and houses, and the nuances of her lifestyle remain concealed from media scrutiny. Nonetheless, a glimpse into her social media presence hints at a lavish lifestyle, adding to the enigma surrounding her personal financial choices.

People Also Ask (FAQs)

Who is Viviana Volpicelli?
American blogger, model, and social media sensation Viviana Volpicelli. Her website and social media outlets covered fashion, makeup, fitness, and skincare, making her popular.

What is Viviana Volpicelli’s background?
Viviana was born in 1995 in Palos Verdes, California. Doctor and real estate agent, her parents had steady careers. Palos Verdes High School and USC graduated her in 2017.

What is Viviana’s career focus?
Viviana Volpicelli’s career revolves around blogging and modeling. Her website offers fashion, cosmetics, and skincare advice. She specializes in plant-based cookery and organic beauty products.

What is Viviana’s educational background?
After attending Palos Verdes High School, Viviana pursued Real Estate Development at the University of Southern California. She graduated in 2017 and later gained certifications in plant-based nutrition and trained as a chef.

What is Viviana Volpicelli’s relationship with Nelson Agholor?
NFL wide receiver Nelson Agholor dated Viviana. They started dating in 2017 at USC. They were open about their romance on social media, but by 2023, they appear to have split.

Final Words

Viviana Volpicelli’s journey from a budding blogger and model to a multifaceted influencer is truly inspiring. Her dedication to promoting organic beauty products and her expertise in plant-based nutrition and culinary arts showcase her commitment to holistic well-being. While her relationship with NFL player Nelson Agholor captured public attention, the evolution of their bond and recent changes in their social media presence highlight the transient nature of fame and relationships.

Viviana’s story reminds us that success is built upon a foundation of passion, hard work, and continuous growth. Her ability to connect with her audience through her diverse interests reflects her authenticity and relatability. Viviana Volpicelli’s journey through her dazzling and intimate life reminds us that every chapter in our lives shapes us.

As we await Viviana’s career and personal life, her narrative shows the importance of following one’s passions, adapting to change, and accepting the complexity of public life. With her determination and broad expertise, Viviana will continue to impact fashion, beauty, and beyond.

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