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Jesse Antler gained significant attention after he began a romantic relationship with well-known Canadian actress Michelle Mylett during the latter part of the 2010s. Although Jesse isn’t widely recognized for his own profession, he became more recognized as the former boyfriend of the actress from the TV show “Letterkenny”. Even following their separation, Jesse continues to capture media attention.

During their time together, both Jesse and Mylett were quite open about their relationship with the public. The pair posted many images of themselves on social media. After their breakup, Michelle Mylett removed most of her ex-boyfriend’s photos from social media. However, Jesse Antler deleted his Instagram account and has kept a quiet profile.

What’s Jesse Antler’s status? What’s new with him? We’ll investigate these questions and his current advances in this piece.

Jesse Antler Biography

As mentioned earlier, Jesse Antler gained attention primarily through his romantic involvement with renowned Canadian actress Michelle Mylett. However, Jesse’s birthdate, parents, and siblings are scarcely known. But Jesse was born to Canadian Caucasian parents and raised in Canada.

Jesse hasn’t extensively discussed his parents in the public domain. Nevertheless, if we peruse his Facebook profile, we’ll come across a childhood snapshot featuring him alongside a man who seems to be his father. However, Jesse’s message lacked context and description, leaving us unsure of the man’s identity. Look at the photo.

As for his birthdate, the year in which Jesse was born remains undisclosed. However, we do have a clue from a birthday wish his former girlfriend, Mylett, shared in 2018. According to her post, Jesse’s birthday falls on October 26th. Nevertheless, his age and birth year remain elusive. Judging by his physical appearance, it’s reasonable to speculate that Jesse Antler is in his mid-30s.

Overview of Jesse Antler’s Career

Canadian actor, producer, and entrepreneur Jesse Antler. He is well known for starring in Letterkenny, a global hit. In addition to acting, Jesse is also an accomplished entrepreneur who co-founded the production company No Apologies Pictures with his long-time partner Robyn Michelle Mylett.

Jesse Antler Relationship

Jesse Antler and Michelle Mylett’s romantic journey has encountered an end, but their story was one of long-lasting togetherness prior to their parting ways. Delving into the archives of Antler and Mylett’s social media accounts might not yield a wealth of tangible evidence chronicling their love story, yet when they were united, they openly shared their affection with the world.

The exact genesis of their relationship, the moment fate brought them together, remains veiled in mystery as of now. Yet, by examining their social media interactions, we can deduce that Jesse Antler and Michelle Mylett began their romantic journey around September 2017.

During the time they were together, their social media platforms served as a canvas for displaying their deep affection. However, following their separation, traces of their togetherness have become scarce in their online realms.

Casting our minds back to June 2018, a particular chapter in their journey stands out. Jesse and his then-paramour embarked on a vacation to Ukraine. Captivating snapshots of the duo from this excursion were shared by Michelle on both her Instagram and Facebook accounts.

A relic from this voyage still graces Michelle’s Facebook profile: a photo capturing Jesse seated against the backdrop of a Kyiv restaurant. Feel free to take a glance. Within the comment section of this post, Antler responded to an inquiry from one of their admirers, revealing that their romantic escapade in Ukraine would conclude by mid-July 2018, as they were set to return to Canada. Regrettably, the details of their subsequent relationship trajectory remain shrouded. Nevertheless, various online sources allude to a period of cohabitation between Jesse and Michelle prior to their eventual decision to part ways.

Ex-girlfriend of Jesse is a well-known actress

Jesse’s ex-girlfriend Michelle Mylett is best known for playing Katy in the Canadian comedy “Letterkenny.” The show has featured her since 2016.

Michelle was reared in Ladysmith, Vancouver, British Columbia. Born Robyn Michelle Mylett on January 4, 1989, she will be 34 in 2023.

Michelle’s initial step into the world of professional acting occurred with the 2013 movie “Antisocial.” Following that, she took on roles in films like “The Drownsman” and “She Stoops to Conquer.”

However, it was her involvement in “Letterkenny” starting from 2016 that truly propelled her into the limelight. Her portrayal on the show garnered significant attention, and her talent shone brightly. This was further validated when she received a nomination for the Canadian Screen Award for Best Actress in a Comedy Series in 2020, a testament to her remarkable performance.

How Much Is Jesse’s Net Worth?

Jesse Antler is a name that gained recognition due to his relationship with a celebrity. He was an ordinary person in daily life. The attention was on him because of his connection to actress Mylett. She is important, but she is hardly a Hollywood A-lister.

Being associated with a Hollywood star might change your career. However, Jesse’s former partner doesn’t fall into that category. Though there’s no concrete evidence available, it’s estimated that Jesse’s net worth might hover around $100 thousand.

Conversely, Michelle Mylett has charted a lucrative path for herself, particularly through her involvement in the success of “Letterkenny.” Beyond her acting roles, she’s also linked with the skincare company called Relativskin. This diverse range of involvements has significantly contributed to her wealth accumulation. Her approximate net worth is estimated to be around $2 million.

Successful Business Projects of Jesse Antler with No Apologies Images

Jesse Antler and his longtime partner, Robyn Michelle Mylett, joined forces back in 2014 to establish their own production company, No Apologies Pictures. This venture was driven by their shared vision of creating content that carries a spirit of adventure, authenticity, and inspiration.

From its very beginning, No Apologies Pictures has been responsible for bringing numerous successful projects to life. One notable achievement includes the creation of the television series “Letterkenny” in 2018. Expanding their reach beyond TV, the production company delved into the realms of film and web content, culminating in their 2020 feature film, “A House Divided.” This film garnered praise for its distinctive storyline and the captivating performances it showcased.

The triumph of No Apologies Pictures stands as a living testament to both Jesse and Robyn’s unwavering dedication to producing content of the highest quality. Through their endeavors, the company has ascended to a prominent position within the industry, distinguished by its ability to craft some of the most celebrated television shows and films.

Other Initiatives with Jesse Antler

Beyond his accomplishments in acting and production, Jesse Antler’s involvement spans across a diverse range of projects that have unfolded over the years.

His presence has graced the big screen in films like “Man Seeking Woman” (2015), “One Tree Hill” (2011), and “Supernatural” (2004). In the realm of short films, he took a leading role in “A House Divided” (2020), a project that garnered praise for its distinctive storyline and the compelling performances it housed.

Expanding his reach into the digital landscape, Jesse has been an integral part of various web series, including the well-known Canadian production “Crave.” Currently, he’s actively engaged in another Canadian endeavor titled “The Five Vamps,” which is slated for release later this year.

Beyond these accomplishments, Jesse curates his own space on YouTube, under the name “Jesse Antler.” This platform serves as a showcase for his prowess in both acting and producing, allowing him to share his creative journey with a wider audience.

Antler Is A Pet Lover

While Jesse Antler has kept a low profile in the media, his love of animals has come to light.

Jesse’s daily life on social media often included lovely photos of his dogs and kitties. His Instagram account has been deleted, however, his Facebook profile includes one photo. Jesse holds a cat in this photograph. Go see for yourself.

Net Worth

Jesse recognized primarily as the former partner of actress Michelle Mylett, hasn’t been associated with any publicly known profession. Without this information, his assets and finances are unknown. It’s normal to estimate his 2023 net worth at above $500,000.

Who Is Mylett Currently Married To?

While Jesse may have chosen a more private approach to handling his past relationship, the same can’t be said for his ex-girlfriend, Mylett. She has gracefully moved forward from their connection and has found a new bond with fellow actor Jacob Tierney.

Sharing a common Canadian background, Tierney wears multiple hats as an actor, director, and screenwriter. Notably, he collaborates with his partner Michelle on the show “Letterkenny,” a creation of Jared Keeso. Within the series, he portrays the character Pastor Glen. Despite his limited social media presence, Michelle occasionally shares snapshots alongside Jacob, offering glimpses of their shared journey.

Ex-girlfriend of Jesse worked on a video game

Apart from her involvement in the film industry, Michelle Mylett has ventured into the realm of video games as well. One notable project she worked on is a video game called “The Complex.”

“The Complex” belongs to a unique category of games known as Full-motion video (FMV) games. Unlike conventional games, these engage players by presenting a narrative through video clips, offering a range of choices that stem from pre-recorded sequences.

However, while the game garnered a measure of appreciation from certain quarters, it didn’t achieve widespread acclaim from audiences. Historically, FMV games haven’t been renowned for their substantial financial success, and regrettably, this game followed suit in that regard.

Social Media Presence

Jesse’s preference for a private life has led to an aura of mystery around his social media presence. There’s an air of uncertainty regarding his activity on these platforms, primarily because he seems to have vanished from the social media landscape after sharing pictures alongside his ex-girlfriend, Mylett, in the past.

A prevailing perspective among his supporters is that Jesse took this step to create some distance from Mylett, aligning with his inclination for a life unaffected by media attention. The thought here is that by maintaining a low profile on Instagram, the media would have fewer threads to unravel.

Whether he has completely departed from social media or has taken to using it incognito, creating an account that only his inner circle can access, remains a puzzle waiting to be solved.

On the flip side, Mylett maintains an active presence on both Twitter (@MichelleMylett) and Instagram (@michellemylett). She curates her content with a distinct focus – Twitter becomes a platform for professional matters, while Instagram serves as a conduit for connecting with her fans.

Final Words

Jesse Antler’s journey from a private individual to a figure of media interest due to his relationship with Canadian actress Michelle Mylett exemplifies the impact of celebrity connections. While not extensively known for his own profession, Jesse has left a mark as an actor, producer, and entrepreneur, co-founding the successful production company No Apologies Pictures alongside Mylett.

Their romantic relationship, which garnered attention through social media displays of affection, eventually came to an end. Michelle Mylett has moved forward with her life, finding a new connection with actor Jacob Tierney. On the other hand, Jesse Antler’s online presence has dwindled, potentially reflecting his desire for a more private existence.

Jesse’s net worth, while estimated to be around $100,000, showcases the different trajectories of two individuals who once shared a connection. Michelle’s achievements in acting and business have contributed to her approximate net worth of $2 million.

As Jesse continues to maintain a quiet profile, his contributions to the entertainment industry, particularly through No Apologies Pictures, stand as a testament to his creative endeavors. While the specific details of his current status remain shrouded, his impact and legacy within the media landscape persist.

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