Lahari Pathivada

What Happened To Lahari Pathivada Everything You Need To Know

Lahari Pathivada, a 25-year-old woman hailing from McKinney, Texas, disappeared while en route to work on May 12, 2023. She was last spotted driving a Black Toyota Rav 4, with license plate number X NCT-4059, in the vicinity of El Dorado Parkway and Hardin Boulevard in McKinney. Friends and family became alarmed when they traced her phone to Oklahoma, prompting them to report her as missing.

A day after her disappearance, the WOW community group in Texas, which played a crucial role in spreading the word about her vanishing, sadly confirmed that Lahari Pathivada had been found deceased. However, they have not disclosed any further details about the circumstances leading to this discovery.

As of now, authorities have not released additional information about the case, including the specific location where her body was found. The events surrounding Pathivada’s passing remain shrouded in mystery.

Magna Cum Laude Lahari Pathivada received from the University of Texas

Following Lahari Pathivada’s disappearance, a concerned community rallied together to aid in the search, reaching out to the public for any information that might lead to her location. Described by friends and family as a bright and determined young woman, Pathivada was deeply cherished for her friendly demeanor within the community.

Pathivada, who graduated with honours from UT Dallas in 2019, disappeared on her way to work. A close friend anxious about her location shared a photo of the missing woman on social media and requested anyone with information to call the McKinney Police Department at 469-427-2118.

This post went viral on social media, including in Texas’ WOW community group, which later reported the body’s discovery.

Concerns for Pathivada’s safety grew among family and friends after her phone was traced to Oklahoma when she failed to arrive at work on May 12. This abrupt change in location understandably heightened anxieties and fears for her well-being.

Just before Pathivada was found deceased, the McKinney Police Department announced their collaboration with other agencies, including those in Oklahoma, in investigating her disappearance. A spokesperson for the McKinney Police Department stated:

We are working hard to find Lahari Pathivada and take every missing person report seriously. Our devoted staff is following up on leads and gathering any relevant information. We appreciate community support and cooperation at this difficult time.”

The circumstances surrounding Pathivada’s disappearance remain unknown, as authorities have yet to disclose details about her passing. In the meantime, anyone possessing information was urged to promptly contact the McKinney Police Department at 469-427-2118 or their local law enforcement agency.

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