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Australia’s Tim Rogers is a music legend. He left an unmistakable impression on the business as a vocalist and guitarist in You Am I, The Twin Set, and The Temperance Union. His birthdate, September 20, 1969, puts him at 54 in 2023. Let’s explore Tim Rogers’ biography, personal and family background, romantic pursuits, intriguing facts, and lesser-known aspects of his life.

Resonating not just on Australian soil but also worldwide, Tim Rogers is a legendary figure in the music industry.

Having been nurtured amidst the vibrant tapestry of Sydney, Australia, Tim Rogers cultivated an intimate bond with the world of music from his formative years. His prowess as a vocalist and guitarist has been duly acknowledged and celebrated over the years. His affiliations with musical ensembles such as You Am I, The Twin Set, and The Temperance Union have firmly cemented his presence within the music landscape.

In the year 2023, Tim Rogers remains a preeminent luminary in the music industry, enchanting audiences with his mesmeric performances. His 54 years of existence have done nothing to diminish the fervor and unwavering commitment he channels into the creation of sublime musical artistry.

This fleeting glimpse into the life of Tim Rogers offers a profound insight into his odyssey within the realm of music, unveiling the multifaceted dimensions of his career and personal sphere. His contributions to the musical cosmos have transformed him into a cherished and venerated figure, and his legacy perseveres with unwavering vitality.

Tim Rogers Wife

According to our records, Tim Rogers is happily married to Rocio Garcia Rodriguez. As of January 12, 2023, there is no information suggesting that Tim Rogers is currently dating anyone else.

In terms of Tim Rogers’ relationship history, we don’t have any recorded information about his past relationships. If you happen to have any details about his dating history, your contribution could help us build a more comprehensive record of Tim Rogers’ relationships. Your input would be greatly appreciated in filling in these blanks.

Was the Wife of Pastor Tim Rogers Ill and How Did She Die?

Netizens are filled with questions and concerns about the unexpected passing of Pastor Tim Rogers’ wife. They are eager to understand the exact reason behind this tragic event.

At her death, Pastor Rogers and his wife led The Hope Church in Blytheville, Arkansas. After 25 years together, they had six daughters and one son.

The cause of Shireta Rogers’ death was not mentioned in detail in the statement that was made public upon her demise. It is worth noting that her passing occurred just six days after Pastor Rogers had requested prayers for her on May 3.

On that day, the band expressed their love and gratitude for the prayers they had received and made a heartfelt appeal for support for First Lady Shireta Rogers.

Before her untimely passing, many individuals, including digital creator Erik Melissa Gardner, had also reached out for prayers on Shireta’s behalf, emphasizing that further details were not necessary at that moment. The outpouring of support and concern from the community illustrates the deep impact that Shireta Rogers had on the lives of those around her.

Who is Tim Rogers?

Timothy Rogers stands as a renowned luminary within the realm of rock music. Born on the 20th of September, 1969, in the heartland of Australia, he has etched an indomitable imprint upon the auditory tapestry. Timothy is universally acknowledged for his exceptional acumen as an Australian crooner and virtuoso on the six-stringed instrument, securing his place of eminence in ensembles such as You Am I, The Twin Set, and The Temperance Union.

Emerging from the Australian crucible, Timothy Rogers is steeped in a rich symphonic heritage that has not only garnered him acclaim within his native borders but has reverberated across international shores. His multifaceted talents as a serenader and maestro of the guitar have engendered an ardent and unwavering following.

A pivotal juncture in the chronicles of Timothy’s vocation occurred when he undertook the mantle of reinterpreting Rod Stewart’s legendary opus, “Tonight’s the Night,” as a constituent of the compilation album entitled “My Superior Half.” This reimagining served as a poignant testament to his musical prowess and further augmented his standing as a minstrel of the rock genre.

Timothy Rogers, in the current milieu, continues to enrapture audiences through the mellifluous strains of his auditory craft, bearing witness to an odyssey within the echelons of rock that unequivocally attests to his abiding ardor and innate talent.


Tim Rogers, born in Australia on September 20, 1969, has made a significant mark as an Australian singer and guitarist. He’s best known for his impressive contributions to bands like You Am I, The Twin Set, and The Temperance Union.

During his career, he even took on the challenge of covering Rod Stewart’s timeless classic, “Tonight’s the Night,” which was featured on a covers album titled “My Better Half.” This endeavor showcased his musical prowess and versatility.

Beyond his music career, it’s interesting to note that Tim Rogers was School Captain at Oakhill College and pursued a study of law at the Australian National University.

Tim Rogers is revered in rock. He’s an accomplished rock singer and industry leader. Born September 20, 1969, he is one of Australia’s richest rock singers. Talent and contributions have earned him a place among the most popular rock vocalists.

Tim Rogers, 49, remains a revered rock musician.


NameTim Rogers
First NameTim
Last NameRogers
OccupationRock Singer
BirthdaySeptember 20
Birth Year1969
Place of BirthKalgoorlie
Home TownWestern Australia
Birth CountryAustralia
Birth SignVirgo
Full/Birth Name
FatherNot Available
MotherNot Available
SiblingsNot Available
SpouseRocio Garcia Rodriguez
Children(s)Ruby Rogers

Tim Rogers Education

Tim Rogers successfully completed their high school education with an impressive academic record. Following high school, Tim pursued a bachelor’s degree at a university in the United States, where they continued to excel in their academic pursuits.

Tim Rogers Age 

According to available information, Tim Rogers’ late wife, Shireta Rogers, was born in 1977, which would make her 46 years old as of 2023.

As for Tim Rogers himself, he has been quite private about his personal details, including his age. However, what’s well-known about him is his significant role as a prominent gospel singer and pastor. He has earned a strong reputation within both the Christian Church and the broader community.

Tim Rogers embarked on his ministry journey at the tender age of 18, following in the footsteps of his father, Bishop TJ Rogers. This early start in ministry set the foundation for his impactful career.

In the early 2000s, Pastor Tim took a musical turn by establishing The Fellas, a band composed of his family members, including Brien, Terry, and Troy. He was able to bring his passion of music and his religious convictions together through this venture.

Tim Rogers, a self-described “man of faith,” has left a lasting legacy through his ministry and music.  His message of hope and atonement is relatable to a wide audience, making him a light of inspiration. Those looking for spiritual direction and upbeat music are still impacted by his life and work.

Tim Rogers Family

There aren’t many public details available regarding Pastor Tim Rogers’ family. He is renowned for avoiding the limelight in the media on his private life.

Many people’s emotions were touched when Shireta’s death was announced on social media. It was a deeply sad announcement. The internet world came together in sympathy, sending Tim and his family their sincerest sympathies and offering support during this trying time.

An outpouring of sadness from fans and followers flooded the internet with sincere words and shows of support. These messages carried with them touching stories and anecdotes, recounting the ways in which Shireta had left a positive and lasting impact on the lives of those she touched.

These stories underscored the profound influence and kindness that Shireta had on everyone fortunate enough to have known her.

Adding to the emotional tributes, Tiffany, the daughter of Tim Rogers, confirmed her mother’s passing and described her as a significant source of inspiration in a heartfelt social media post.

Many church followers also took this opportunity to offer their condolences and pay tribute to Shireta Rogers by leaving comments on her daughter’s post, demonstrating the deep sense of community and support that exists within their faith community.


Many people are curious about Tim Rogers’ ethnicity, nationality, ancestry, and race. However, according to available public resources such as IMDb and Wikipedia, Tim Rogers’ ethnicity is not specified or known.

It seems there is currently no information available about his specific ethnicity. His religious and political views appear to be unmentioned in all currently available sources.

More information on Tim Rogers’ early life and ideas may eventually become available, so it’s a good idea to check back often to see if anything has changed.

Who is Tim Rogers Dating?

In matters concerning his personal and amorous life, Tim Rogers is an individual who ardently cherishes his solitude. He elects to abstain from disclosing intricate particulars concerning his romantic liaisons.

It’s imperative to acknowledge that the concept of dating is susceptible to multifarious interpretations among individuals. It signifies a phase in one’s existence wherein they actively embark upon the exploration of romantic entanglements with fellow souls. When two unattached luminaries make appearances together in the public sphere, it is frequently characterized as “courting.” However, it remains incumbent upon us to recognize that their joint public presence does not incontrovertibly affirm the precise nature of their affiliation; it may encompass a spectrum from camaraderie to a more profound and intimate bond.

In light of Tim Rogers’ unwavering predilection for safeguarding his personal affairs from the prying eyes of the populace, we are regrettably bereft of insights into his antecedent romantic associations, former paramours, or erstwhile amorous encounters. His official stance pertaining to matrimony and divorce also maintains an enigmatic shroud of secrecy.

Tim Rogers Girlfriend and Marital Status

Are you interested in Tim Rogers’ marital status? Wondering if he’s currently married or not? Or perhaps you’re curious about his girlfriend? In this section, we’ll delve into the personal life and life story of Tim Rogers to satisfy your curiosity.

Marital StatusMarried
Spouse(s)Rocio Garcia Rodriguez
Marriage DateNone
ChildrenRuby Rogers

Tim Rogers Net Worth

Intrigued by the financial standing of Tim Rogers? Let us delve into a more profound examination of his estimated wealth, earnings, and other financial particulars for the years 2020-2021.

As per data meticulously culled from reputable sources such as Wikipedia, Forbes, IMDb, and a plethora of online references, Tim Rogers, the distinguished maestro of rock music, reportedly commands an estimated fortune of $75 million as of the timeframe spanning 2020-2021. This formidable pecuniary abundance has been meticulously accrued through his illustrious career as a virtuoso of the rock music genre, bearing testimony to his monumental influence on the realm of musical artistry.

It becomes manifestly evident that the virtuosity and unwavering commitment exhibited by Tim Rogers have not only solidified his standing in the affections of admirers but have also propelled him into the echelons of substantial financial prosperity. His odyssey as a melodist hailing from the continent of Australia has, beyond a shadow of a doubt, been an eminently rewarding odyssey.

Estimated Net Worth in 2021$1-$3 million
Previous Year’s Net Worth (2020)Under Review
Annual SalaryUnder Review
Income SourceRock Singer
Net Worth Verification StatusNot Verified

Tim Rogers Social Media

In recent months, Tim Rogers has been capturing the spotlight on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube. His engaging content has attracted the interest and support of thousands of dedicated subscribers and followers across these platforms.


  • Famous Australian rock singer and guitarist Tim Rogers was born in Kalgoorlie, Western Australia, on September 20, 1969.
  • He became famous in the music industry for his work with You Am I, The Twin Set, and The Temperance Union.
  • Tim Rogers began his music career by covering Rod Stewart’s “Tonight’s the Night” for “My Better Half,” demonstrating his flexibility.
  • Outside of music, Tim Rogers was Oakhill College’s School Captain and studied law at ANU.
  • He and Rocio Garcia Rodriguez have Ruby Rogers, a daughter.
  • Tim Rogers keeps his personal life, especially his age, private and his love relationships private.
  • The success of his music career has earned him $75 million by 2020-2021.
  • On Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube, Tim Rogers interacts with thousands of fans.
  • His vocals and guitar skills are admired in Australian and international rock music.
  • With his captivating performances and tireless dedication to his craft, Tim Rogers’ legacy lives on.

Final Words:

Tim Rogers is a music legend for his groundbreaking rock music and Australian music achievements. He prefers to keep his marriage to Rocio Garcia Rodriguez and family quiet. Tim Rogers, who is worth $75 million, inspires young musicians and music fans worldwide.


Who’s Tim Rogers?

Famous Australian rock vocalist and guitarist Tim Rogers has played with You Am I, The Twin Set, and The Temperance Union.

Tim Rogers participated in which bands?

Tim Rogers played in You Am I, The Twin Set, and The Temperance Union.

When was Tim Rogers born?

Timothy Rogers was born in Kalgoorlie, Western Australia, on September 20, 1969.

Who married Tim Rogers?

Tim Rogers married Rocio Garcia Rodriguez.

How many kids does Tim Rogers have?

Ruby Rogers is Tim and Rocio’s daughter.

Tim Rogers’ estimated wealth?

In 2020–2021, Tim Rogers’ estimated net worth was $75 million, mostly from his music career.

Tim Rogers attended which school?

Former Oakhill College captain Tim Rogers studied law at the Australian National University.

What’s Tim Rogers’ most famous musical cover?

Tim Rogers was recognised for his cover of Rod Stewart’s “Tonight’s the Night,” featured on “My Better Half.”

Does Tim Rogers use social media?

Tim Rogers interacts with followers on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube.

What was Tim Rogers’ music industry impact?

Australian and international fans love Tim Rogers’ vocals and guitar playing, which has shaped the music industry. His contributions to rock music encourage young musicians and fans.

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