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Marilyn Kroc Barg was the daughter of Ray Kroc, an American businessman who became famous for his acquisition of the fast food company, McDonald’s, in 1961. From 1967 to 1973, he led McDonald’s. Marilyn was crucial to McDonald’s success, notably in its humanitarian work. She participated in the company’s charitable activities.

Apart from her contributions to McDonald’s, Marilyn had a strong passion for horses. She actively participated in equestrian sports, engaging in activities like horse breeding and showcasing them in competitions. Her love for horses was a significant part of her life outside of the business world.

In summary, Marilyn Kroc Barg was an essential figure in the McDonald’s story, helping the company thrive through her philanthropic work and pursuing her passion for horses. Her involvement in these areas made her a notable individual beyond her family’s business legacy.

Who Is Marilyn Kroc Barg?

Marilyn Kroc Barg’s parents, Ethel Fleming and Ray Kroc met in 1919 and quickly fell in love. They got married in 1922 and settled in Chicago, Illinois. In 1924, they joyfully welcomed their daughter Marilyn into the world.

Marilyn was the daughter of Ray Kroc, the visionary businessman who turned McDonald’s into a global fast-food powerhouse. She was the sole offspring of Ray’s first union with Ethel Fleming.

Marilyn worked for McDonald’s her whole life and was a board member. Despite her ties to the famous firm, she lived a modest life and avoided the spotlight.

At the unfortunate age of 74, Marilyn Kroc Barg passed away in 2003. But because of her charity work and commitment to helping others, her legacy endures. Beyond the economic success of her family, she had a good influence on society.

Meet Her Successful Parents

Ray Kroc was a visionary businessman whose enterprising spirit forever changed the fast-food industry. His important collaboration with the McDonald’s brothers, which resulted in the creation of the first McDonald’s restaurant, is what makes him most famous. This trailblazing project transformed how people ate and set the door for a brand-new age of fast-food franchises.

Beyond McDonald’s initial success, Ray’s influence also contributed to the opening of a museum at the McDonald’s original, also known as the Ray Kroc branch, in Des Plaines, Illinois, USA. The company’s incredible journey was honored in this museum. But in 2018, it permanently shut its doors, bringing an era to an end.

McDonald’s CEO Ray Kroc left in 1974, but his impact was evident. He retired with 600 million dollars. His leadership has expanded McDonald’s to 7,500 US stores and 31 international locations.

Marilyn Janet “Lynn” Kroc Barg, Ray’s daughter, had a remarkable mother named Ethel Janet Fleming, who had a successful career as an actress before marrying Ray. Ethel starred in 16 movies during the peak of her acting journey, including notable titles such as “The Kiss” (1916), “The Wonderful Thing” (1921), and “Love Insurance.” However, she chose to leave behind her acting career after marrying Ray and devoted herself to being a loving wife and mother.

In summary, Ray Kroc’s entrepreneurial legacy shaped the fast-food industry, while his wife, Ethel, had her own successful acting career before dedicating herself to family life. Together, they raised Marilyn, who played an important role in the family’s journey and the success of McDonald’s.

Marilyn Kroc Barg’s death occurred at what age? The reason for her death

At the age of 48, Marilyn Janet “Lynn” Kroc Barg’s life was sadly cut short. She died of diabetic complications in Arlington Heights, Cook County, Illinois, on September 11, 1973.

Marilyn was interred in Skokie’s Memorial Park Cemetery. In order to pay their respects and say goodbye to a cherished daughter and friend, her memorial ceremony was held at Lauterburg & Dehler Memorial Home. A life lost too young was honored during this sorrowful occasion, which was filled with memories and loving tributes.

Marilyn’s untimely passing left a vacuum in the lives of those who knew her, and her loved ones have continued to cherish and remember her philanthropic legacy. Her legacy endures as proof of the impression she had while she was with us.

Was She Married?

Marilyn Kroc Barg was a private individual who kept much of her personal and business life away from the public eye. Despite her own accomplishments and experiences, she was primarily known as the daughter of the renowned businessman, Ray Kroc. She grew up in Illinois, USA, and at the young age of 24, she entered into her first marriage with Sylvester Nordly Nelson on April 27, 1949.

After the end of her first marriage, Marilyn found love again and married James W. Barg in 1960. Their relationship endured until Marilyn’s untimely passing in 1973. Although there is no information available about Marilyn having children from either of her marriages, her life and marital journey remain mostly mysterious and private.

Marilyn’s parents, Ray and Ethel Kroc, had a long-lasting marriage that endured for forty years. However, their relationship ultimately faced challenges and ended in divorce. Ray’s business decision caused their split. It changed their relationship, although the details are unknown.

Marilyn Kroc Barg was well-known as Ray Kroc’s daughter and lived privately. She prefers to keep her marriage and personal life private. Her parents divorced after a business dispute.

A Brief Bio of Her Husband: Who Were They?

Marilyn’s first husband, Sylvester, was originally from Minnesota and served in the 363rd infantry during World War II. He was born to Edward S Nelson and Hanna E Nordly Nelson on September 1, 1916. Tragically, Sylvester passed away at the age of 44 on October 6, 1960, in Wisconsin.

Moving on to her second spouse, Walter, he worked as an administrator. He was born on May 3, 1920, in Evanston, Illinois. Walter was raised by his parents, William Thomas Barg and Louisa R Rapold Barg, alongside his two siblings, Eleanor and Willian Peter Barg.

Sadly, Mr. Barg passed away on June 17, 1984, at the age of 64. His final resting place is at All Saints Catholic Cemetery and Mausoleum.

The lives of both Marilyn’s husbands were marked by significant events and achievements, and their memories continue to be cherished by those who knew and loved them.

Did Marilyn Kroc Barg and Her Husbands Have Any Children?

As of now, there is no concrete information available in the media regarding Marilyn Kroc Barg’s children. Some online sources have mentioned a son named Douglas Barg, but it’s essential to clarify that this information is inaccurate. Douglas Barg is actually the child of a different Marilyn and her husband, Herbert Barg, who is a native of Pennsylvania.

Although Marilyn Kroc Barg’s specific children have not been publicly disclosed, we do know that her father, Ray Kroc, had four grandchildren, making it possible that one of them could be Marilyn’s child. Ray had a stepdaughter named Linda Smith from his marriage to his third wife, Joan.

The details about Marilyn’s family are kept private, and she was known for leading a life away from the spotlight. As such, the public remains unaware of her children and their identities.

Raymond Korc’s Net Worth at Death Time

When he passed away in 1984, the American entrepreneur and businessman Ray Kroc had a staggering net worth of $600 million. If the money were to be converted to today’s dollars and adjusted for inflation, it would be roughly $1.4 billion.

When Ray Kroc passed suddenly from heart failure on January 14, 1984, at the age of 81, his widow Joan Kroc received his sizable fortune. Joan, on the other hand, was well renowned for her giving nature and chose to donate almost all of her income to assist various charitable projects.

Without donating it to charity, the Kroc family’s wealth would have been $18 billion at McDonald’s current stock price.

Ray Kroc’s influence goes beyond money. His innovative approach to McDonald’s expansion impacted the fast-food industry. His entrepreneurial spirit inspires future business leaders.

Early Life of Marilyn Kroc Barg, a native of Chicago

In 1919, Ray and Ethel met. Both in their early 20s, they fell in love and started a relationship. They cherished their love for three years before deciding to tie the knot in 1922. Two years later, they were blessed with the arrival of their daughter, Marilyn.

As parents, Ray and Ethel lovingly raised Marilyn and enjoyed their roles as husband and wife, cherishing their union for many years. They gracefully navigated through life together. After 39 years of marriage, their relationship deteriorated, and they divorced in 1961.

Marilyn’s mother, Ethel, remained single after their divorce. In contrast, Ray decided to walk down the aisle two more times. He married Jane Dobbins Green as his second wife and later tied the knot with Joan Beverly Kroc as his third wife.

Throughout their lives, the paths of Ray and Ethel took different turns, but they left a lasting impact on the life of their daughter Marilyn and on the history of McDonald’s, a legacy that continues to be remembered today.

Ray and Ethel, her parents, are no longer alive

In San Diego, California, Marilyn’s father Ray Kroc died of heart failure on January 14, 1984. At 81, he died. His remains were buried at El Camino Memorial Park in Sorrento Valley.

Marilyn’s mother, Ethel, died in Chicago at 66 on December 2, 1965. Marilyn’s death of both parents was profound, and their memories lived on through her and their legacy.

People Also Ask (FAQs)

Here Are Some (FAQs) About Marilyn Kroc Barg:

Who was Marilyn Kroc Barg?
Marilyn Kroc Barg was the daughter of Ray Kroc, the renowned American businessman who acquired McDonald’s in 1961. She played a crucial role in McDonald’s success through her philanthropic work and also had a passion for horses, actively participating in equestrian sports and horse breeding.

When did Marilyn Kroc Barg pass away, and what was the cause of her death?
Marilyn Kroc Barg passed away at the age of 48 on September 11, 1973. She died due to diabetic complications in Arlington Heights, Cook County, Illinois.

Was Marilyn Kroc Barg married?
Yes, Marilyn Kroc Barg was married twice in her lifetime. Her first marriage was to Sylvester Nordly Nelson in 1949, and after their divorce, she married James W. Barg in 1960. Her children are private.

What was Ray Kroc’s net worth at the time of his death?
Ray Kroc’s net worth was $600 million in 1984, which would be $1.4 billion now after inflation.

How did Ray Kroc impact the fast-food industry?
Ray Kroc’s inventive expansion and partnership with the McDonald’s brothers changed the fast-food industry. He led McDonald’s to global dominance.

Where are Marilyn Kroc Barg’s parents buried?
Ray Kroc was buried at El Camino Memorial Park in Sorrento Valley, San Diego, California, after his death. Ethel Kroc, Marilyn’s mother, was buried in Chicago, Illinois.

Did Marilyn Kroc Barg have any children?
There is no public information available about Marilyn Kroc Barg’s children. She led a private life, and her family details have not been disclosed.

How did Marilyn Kroc Barg contribute to McDonald’s success?
Marilyn Kroc Barg was a board member of McDonald’s and actively participated in the company’s charitable activities, contributing to its philanthropic endeavors and helping the company thrive.

What was Marilyn Kroc Barg’s passion outside of the business world?
Outside of her involvement with McDonald’s, Marilyn had a strong passion for horses. She engaged in equestrian sports, and horse breeding, and competed in various competitions.

How is Marilyn Kroc Barg remembered today?
Marilyn Kroc Barg’s legacy endures through her philanthropic work and contributions to McDonald’s success. Despite living a private life, she left a positive impact on society and the business world.

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