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Who is Lee Asher? The Asher House Girlfriend, Wife, Past Relations, Gay Rumors Know Every Thing

The Asher House, which is more than just a name, was founded by Lee Asher. He is an American corporate trainer and one of the original members of “The Asher House.” On August 25, 1988, Lee was born in the United States. Due to his amazing efforts to save dogs, he has attained enormous popularity.

Recently, Lee Asher has been in the news for an inspiring decision he made. He demonstrated his intense love for assisting these helpless animals by quitting his corporate career to devote himself to animal rescue.

Many people assume he must be married or in a special relationship because of his sympathetic and gentle attitude. This has sparked a lot of curiosity about The Asher House Girlfriend and his current relationship status in the year 2023.

In this blog, we’ll delve into the details of The Asher House’s relationship status, providing you with the latest information about his love life.

Some Quick Details About Lee Asher

Full NameLee Asher
Birth dateAugust 25, 1987
Birth PlaceUnited States
ProfessionInstagram Star
Youtube channelThe Asher House
Youtube debut2017

Is Lee Asher Married?

As of 2023, Lee Asher, the owner of The Asher House and a well-known corporate trainer and dog rescuer, is not married and appears to be single. It seems that he is currently not involved in any romantic relationships.

Lee currently prioritizes his career and cause. He kept his personal life private. In interviews, he rarely discusses his relationships, which intrigues admirers.

Although learning that Lee is unmarried may surprise some people, it is important to realize that Lee is content with his life and has given his all to his career.
He is a handsome corporate trainer and a devoted dog rescuer, and his passion for his professional endeavors likely brings him fulfillment and purpose.

It is possible that Lee prioritizes his mission of rescuing and advocating for dogs in need, leaving little room for romantic distractions at the moment. His focus and dedication to making a difference in the lives of animals seem to be his main priority for now.

Are Lee Asher and Ana Rubiolo still together?

In the past, The Asher House was in a relationship with Ana Rubiolo, and she played a crucial role in supporting his mission to help animals. Together, they embarked on many adventures and experiences, showing their love and dedication to animal welfare. However, as of 2023, they have decided to go their separate ways in a friendly manner, choosing different paths for their lives while maintaining a friendship. While their romantic journey has come to an end, their shared passion for rescuing animals continues to flourish.

Lee Asher’s Relationship with Luke Barton

After The Asher House’s breakup with Ana Rubiolo, he found love once again, this time with Luke Barton, who shared his deep passion for animals. They both connected over their mutual love for helping animals and started an amazing journey together. Luke became a significant part of Lee’s life, accompanying him on numerous rescue missions and charity events, further solidifying their bond.

Their romantic relationship flourished for a while, but as life is full of surprises, they eventually reached a decision to part ways as partners. However, their love for animals and dedication to animal welfare remained unwavering. Despite the end of their romantic partnership, Lee and Luke chose to preserve their strong friendship and continue their shared mission to make a positive impact on the lives of animals in need.

Lee Asher With Sydney Ferbrache

After parting ways with Luke Barton, The Asher House discovered a special connection with Sydney Ferbrache, a kindred soul who shares his passion for animals. They have embarked on thrilling adventures together, exploring new horizons while also spreading the message of pet adoption and rescue. Their bond has not only strengthened their partnership but also deepened their commitment to The Asher House’s mission.

Lee and Sydney support each other individually and in animal welfare campaigning. They work tirelessly to help animals in need. Their love for animals drives them as they make a lasting impact with The Asher House.

Sydney, Lee’s alleged partner, instead dated another man

In the past, Sydney Febrach worked as an events manager, and her then-boyfriend was a chef. It was actually Sydney who came up with the idea of living the van life, and they decided to give it a try together. They purchased a Mercedes Benz Sprinter for $18,000 and transformed it to better suit their outdoor lifestyle. This experience marked the beginning of Sydney’s discovery of van life, and she was really into it.

They began their road journey in September 2017, after a year together. As time went on, Sydney’s passion for van life rose, but her boyfriend didn’t. They eventually split up.

Presently, Sydney Febrach is in a relationship with a new partner named Henry Friedman. Henry shares her passion for van life and is also involved in animal rescue, much like Sydney. Together, they continue to explore the van life lifestyle and pursue their shared interests and adventures.

Lee Asher Wikipedia

“The Asher House” launched Lee Asher’s career on YouTube. Born in 1976 in Florida, he is 47. He became famous for saving over 30 dogs while working as a corporate gym trainer.

But Lee’s efforts go beyond just rescuing animals; he goes the extra mile to ensure their well-being. In fact, he invested $65,000 to buy a bus and allocates a monthly budget of $8,000 to provide proper care and support for the animals he saves.

Interestingly, many might not be aware of Lee Asher’s previous ventures. He once owned a company and served as a trainer for NoLimitFitness AZ, starting back in 2008. Later on, he transitioned to the Anthony Robbins Companies, where he worked as a senior peak performance strategist. He also had a stint at Community Loans of America. However, it’s his TV show, “My Pack Life,” which has catapulted him to significant fame since last year.

Lee Asher Age

Lee Asher, aged 47, is a true testament to his commitment to the welfare of animals. His genuine love and dedication to these creatures are evident through his actions. Lee doesn’t just rescue dogs from unfortunate situations; he goes above and beyond to ensure they have a nurturing and safe environment to thrive in.

His decision to invest in a bus and provide ongoing financial support showcases his unwavering dedication to offering these rescued animals a comfortable and loving home. It’s clear that his efforts extend far beyond just saving lives.

Lee Asher’s genuine responsibility for animal welfare inspires others. His activities show his impact on the pets he saves and the community. His enthusiasm for animal welfare inspires us and shows how one individual can improve the lives of these lovely creatures.

It was once rumored that the founder of Asher House was gay

Lee Asher, the founder of The Asher House, faced unfounded rumors about his sexuality in the past. Some people speculated that he might be gay, and there were rumors suggesting that his good friend Luke Barton, who had joined him on an RV drive in 2018, was his same-sex partner.

The rumors might have surfaced because Lee had always kept his personal life private, never discussing his sexuality in public. He hadn’t publicly dated a woman in a while either. However, this lack of public openness does not excuse unwarranted speculation about his personal life and relationship with Barton.

These rumors faded as they were proven incorrect. Since 2018, there have been no further reports or evidence to support the alleged relationship between The Asher House and Luke Barton. It serves as a reminder that rumors and speculations can often be untrue and should not be taken as fact without substantial evidence.

What Does Lee Asher Do?

Before he made a decision that would change his life, Lee Asher worked a routine job in the corporate world. He frequently changed employment before realizing that his genuine interest lay elsewhere. He, therefore, made the audacious decision to entirely leave the corporate world behind. Let us introduce you to Lee Asher’s recent pursuits if you’re interested in finding out what he does now.

As previously reported, Lee Asher resigned, yet he’s still working. Instead, he dedicated himself to his passion: animals. In Estacada, Oregon, he built a sizable shelter where many dogs have found loving homes. The Asher House Animal Shelter has gained a lot of popularity among animal enthusiasts. You can always get in touch with the Asher House if you live nearby and want to adopt a gorgeous dog.

All of the dogs in this shelter receive excellent care and never go hungry. Every dog in the shelter is given the individual care and consideration they require by Lee, the shelter’s owner. He pays close attention to the welfare of the dogs entrusted to his care.

The transformation of Lee Asher from a successful businessman to a passionate animal rescuer and carer is very inspirational. He has built a safe haven for canines in need thanks to his altruistic deeds, and he remains alert and dedicated to giving them the best life possible.

How Did Lee Asher Become Well-Known?

Lee Asher’s fame has been primarily built through his various television appearances. His YouTube channel, which has an incredible 448k subscribers from all around the world, is one of the key factors in his fame. His widespread recognition is largely due to this platform.

Additionally, Lee launched a show called “My Pack Life,” which revolves around his shelter house and his work with dogs. The show has received immense appreciation and has earned a remarkable rating of 9.5/10 on IMDb. About 90% of the viewers liked the show, further boosting his fame.

While his appearance on television undoubtedly helped him gain notoriety, it’s crucial to recognize the significant work Lee Asher does for the dogs under his care. He merits praise for his animal welfare and rescue work. Given his TV appearances and charitable work, Lee Asher’s fame is unsurprising.

Lee Asher’s Net Worth

Lee Asher is not only the founder of the nonprofit organization, The Asher House, but his relentless hard work and dedication have also brought prosperity to his life. As of 2023, Lee Asher’s efforts have resulted in a commendable net worth of $1.5 Million, a testament to his remarkable career accomplishments.

The Asher House Details

The Asher House is situated in Estacada, Oregon, and it’s a place filled with dogs who have received names lovingly given by Lee Asher himself. At the Asher House, you have the opportunity to not only make donations to support their cause but also adopt one of these precious dogs into your own family.

Lee Asher cares about abandoned and abused dogs. These dogs receive safety, attention, and a second chance at happiness at the shelter house.

Visit The Asher House’s website to learn more about their incredible work. This article’s website link is easily located at the top. So, whether you want to donate to the shelter or adopt a new pet, The Asher House is a great place to discover and help these beautiful animals.

A Journey of The Asher House Through Time: Past and Present

Lee Asher’s passion for animals and desire to have a good influence led to the humble beginnings of The Asher House as a personal endeavor. In order to raise awareness about animal adoption and rescue, he set off on a unique cross-country journey and decided to live in his van. In the course of his travels, he met many committed people and paid a lot of visits to animal shelters, sharing their testimonies and bringing awareness to the significance of giving abandoned or neglected animals loving homes.

The Asher House has developed through time into a dynamic neighborhood that brings together people who are passionate about animals from all around the world. Social media, open events, and community groups keep the Asher House relevant. They advocate for animals, provide funds for shelters, and encourage adoption.

Lee Asher’s story and The Asher House show that one person’s love for animals can change the world. They continue to be a driving force behind the goal of giving every neglected or abandoned animal a chance to find a devoted and enduring home.

Best Activities and Attractions at The Asher House

A visit to The Asher House opens up a world of animal rescue and offers a truly unique and charming experience. Here are some of the top activities and sights you can enjoy at The Asher House:

Adoption Events: The Asher House frequently hosts adoption events, bringing together rescue organizations, potential adopters, and adorable pets seeking loving homes. These events provide a fantastic opportunity for people to interact with different animals and find their perfect furry companions.

Volunteer Programs: If you have a heart for animals and want to make a difference, The Asher House warmly welcomes volunteers. You can contribute your time and skills to support the animal rescue efforts. Whether it’s feeding, grooming, or organizing adoption events, volunteers play a vital role in improving the lives of these animals.

Merchandise and Donations: Buying apparel, accessories, and pet supplies support The Asher House’s fundraising. As an alternative, you can donate to support and increase the effect of their projects.

Animal Sanctuary Tours: In collaboration with local animal sanctuaries, The Asher House offers guided tours where visitors can learn about the sanctuary’s mission, meet rescued animals, and hear inspiring stories of rehabilitation and second chances.

Educational Workshops: The Asher House is committed to promoting responsible pet ownership and animal welfare. They organize educational workshops covering topics such as pet care, training, and understanding animal behavior. These workshops equip attendees with valuable knowledge to become compassionate and informed pet owners.

Inspirational Stories: The Asher House’s website and social media channels include inspirational rescue, rehabilitation, and adoption tales. These stories display compassion and inspire animal rescue.

Community Engagements: The Asher House actively engages with its online and offline communities. Followers can meet like-minded people, share experiences, and work on animal rescue projects through social media and meet-ups.

Fundraising Events: The Asher House hosts fundraising events to support animal shelters and rescue organizations. These events bring together animal lovers and advocates, often featuring live music, auctions, and opportunities to donate to the cause.

For animal welfare advocates, the Asher House offers several chances. Every contribution supports animals in need, whether you volunteer, attend events, or raise awareness.

Who is Asher House’s creator?

The Asher House is the visionary behind the Asher House. The idea of starting this sanctuary came to him after the passing of his beloved pitbull, Stella. In her memory, he decided to create a safe haven for animals in need, and thus, the Asher House was born. While the primary mission of the Asher House is to rescue and care for dogs, Lee couldn’t resist adopting a few furry companions along the way.

The core purpose of the Asher House is to rescue dogs from challenging situations and find them loving forever homes. Their social media sites raise awareness of shelter dogs and encourage pet adoption. Lee Asher also hosts “meet and greets” so prospective adopters can meet the dogs and see if they’re a good fit. Additionally, he shares valuable dog training tips to help new adopters create strong bonds with their new furry family members.

Through Lee Asher’s dedication and the Asher House’s efforts, numerous dogs have found love, care, and a new chance at life. His inspiring journey stands as a reminder that even after experiencing heartbreak, one can channel their grief into a positive force to make a difference in the lives of animals in need.

Lee Asher’s family

Lee Asher’s parents are Louise and Mark Horowitz. His father, Mark, had an interesting combination of professions as he managed an optometric practice while also being a semi-professional magician. It seems that magic runs in the family as Lee’s father learned the art of magic from AI Flosso and Lou Tannen in the bustling city of New York during the 1960s.

Lee has a sibling, a sister named Alexis, who shares the family bond with him. With such a fascinating background, it’s clear that Lee Asher grew up in a unique and enchanting environment that might have contributed to his own creative and passionate pursuits.

what is There That we know about Lee Asher?

Playing cards are Lee Asher’s specialty as an American close-up magician. As a respected member of the American Card Collectors’ Club, he advises other magicians. Lee has over 160,000 Instagram followers, rivaling Twitter’s popularity.

“Amazing Magicians” has featured his magic skills. Lee also built a successful footwear firm that made him wealthy.

Lee Asher has worked with top magicians for over 20 years. As CARD CULTURE’s editor-in-chief, he contributes to magic. He hypnotizes crowds with his sleight of hand. He was featured on Magic magazine’s cover for his card tricks.

Lee Asher is performing at Caesar’s Palace in Las Vegas, a remarkable feat for any magician. Oregon is where he lives. He’s lived in Lily, KY, Manchester, KY, London, KY, and Corbin, KY. He enjoys life and spreads his magic at events like the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival.

Lee Asher’s House is funded in what manner?

The ASF (Asher Student Foundation) provides a range of offerings, and one of its significant services is providing residential housing for Christian Scientists of all ages. They currently have seven active Asher houses located in various cities, including San Francisco, Los Angeles, Seattle, Boston, Boulder, and New York City.

In addition to its housing facilities, ASF also extends its support to various other Christian Science organizations and events. They have a substantial budget but an even more substantial heart, as they operate as a nonprofit without government funding. Their dedication to the cause of Christ is evident through their support for programs like the Compass Program, Longyear Museum tours of Mrs. Eddy’s historic homes, and the Principia Upper School Junior Class trip to Boston. They also back Christian Science camps and Bible trips to Israel. Notably, ASF is home to the largest Christian Science nursing school in the country, the Asher Cottage.

ASF takes pride in hosting a school-to-career transition initiative, indicating its commitment to empowering young individuals. They are continually striving to expand their reach and impact, with plans for a new Asher in the Community initiative, a revamped website, and a fresh e-newsletter on the horizon. Through their various initiatives and support, ASF exemplifies their dedication to nurturing and fostering Christian Science communities and individuals.

Asher Is The Host Of My Pack Life

Since starting his new life, Lee has been actively engaging with people through both television and social media platforms. He currently hosts a TV show called ‘My Pack Life,’ which airs on Animal Planet and Discovery+. The series premiered on February 13, 2022, and takes viewers on a journey with Lee and his 15 rescued dogs as they travel in an RV on a 25-acre plot of land in Oregon. The show beautifully documents his life as a passionate traveler and animal lover.

In addition to his television endeavors, Lee is also the co-founder of a non-profit sanctuary called Asher House, located in Estacada, Oregon. Together with Luke Barton, they have created a sanctuary that provides a safe haven for rescued animals. On the official Asher House website, they share their dedication to animal rescue and finding forever homes for their furry companions.

Apart from ‘My Pack Life,’ The Asher House also hosts another show called ‘Ruff Life With Lee Asher.’ This show, which debuted in August 2022, follows Lee and his nine rescued dogs on their daily adventures. The first episode, titled ‘Mickey the Pom,’ gives viewers a glimpse into the heartwarming journey of Lee and his beloved furry friends.

Through his television presence and work with Asher House, Lee continues to inspire and bring attention to the importance of animal rescue and care. His dedication to creating a better life for animals is evident in his actions and endeavors.

Asher was formerly employed by a corporation

Lee Asher was raised in Delray Beach, Florida. After high school, he studied communications and business at Arizona State University.

Soon after completing his academic journey, Lee ventured into the corporate world, taking on the role of a Senior Peak Performance Strategist at Anthony Robbins Companies. He dedicated three years of his life to this position, from April 2010 to July 2013, assisting individuals in achieving their peak potential and personal growth.

Subsequently, Lee transitioned to a new role as a leadership development manager at Community Loans of America. Before this, he had made his mark as the founder of NoLimitFitness AZ, showcasing his entrepreneurial spirit and passion for fitness.

Lee Asher’s professional journey reflects a diverse and enriching path, combining his expertise in communications, his interest in business, and his dedication to helping others realize their full potential.

In 2017, he left his job and paid $2,500 per month in rent

Lee Asher quit his lucrative corporate training position in September 2017. After quitting, he explored alternative opportunities before joining a corporation. He was renting in Los Angeles at $2,500 per month.

Lee had an amazing idea—van life—during this time of soul-searching. He imagined traveling and exploring on a converted school bus. He used Kickstarter to raise $40,000 to realize this idea. Lee raised more than $57,000 thanks to wonderful donors. He bought a 37-foot RV to start van life with the extra money.

People Also Ask (FAQs)

Is Lee Asher married?
As of 2023, Lee Asher is not married and appears to be single. He has chosen to prioritize his career and his passion for animal rescue.

Are Lee Asher and Ana Rubiolo still together?
As of 2023, Lee Asher and Ana Rubiolo have decided to go their separate ways but remain friends. They both continue to share a deep passion for animal welfare.

What happened between Lee Asher and Luke Barton?
Lee Asher and Luke Barton were in a romantic relationship for a while but eventually decided to part ways as partners. However, they still maintain a strong friendship and continue their shared mission to help animals.

Who is The Asher House Girlfriend?
As of the latest information available in 2023, Lee Asher is in a relationship with Sydney Ferbrache, who shares his passion for animals and supports his mission at The Asher House.

Is Lee Asher gay?
Lee Asher’s sexuality was rumored, although there is no proof. Lee Asher never disclosed his personal life.

What does Lee Asher do now?
Lee Asher left his corporate career and dedicated himself to animal rescue. He founded The Asher House, a nonprofit organization that rescues and advocates for dogs in need.

How did Lee Asher become well-known?
Lee Asher gained fame through his YouTube channel and his TV show, “My Pack Life,” which showcases his work with rescued dogs and animal welfare efforts.

What is Lee Asher’s net worth?
As of 2023, Lee Asher’s net worth is estimated to be $1.5 Million, earned through his career as an animal rescuer and advocate.

Where is The Asher House located?
The Asher House is located in Estacada, Oregon. It serves as a shelter for rescued dogs and also facilitates adoption events.

How can I support The Asher House?
You can support The Asher House by making donations, adopting a dog from the shelter, attending their adoption events, or volunteering your time to help with their animal rescue efforts. Additionally, purchasing merchandise and pet supplies from The Asher House’s fundraising initiatives also contributes to their cause.

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