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Hazel Gordy, formerly married to Jermaine Jackson, is widely recognized as an accomplished American model. Her professional success and association with Jermaine significantly contributed to her rise in fame.Originally hailing from Detroit, Michigan, in the United States, Hazel has transitioned her career and is presently employed as a licensed real estate agent. She diligently serves within the Beth Styne Group, leveraging her expertise in the real estate industry.

Early Life

Hazel Gordy was born on August 24, 1954, in Detroit, Michigan, as the eldest child of Berry Gordy and Thelma Coleman. Her father, Berry, is renowned as the founder of Motown Record Corporation, credited for launching the careers of iconic artists like Stevie Wonder and the Jackson 5. Hazel has two brothers, Berry IV (born October 1955) and Terry James (born August 1956). Additionally, she has four half-siblings from her father’s subsequent marriages and relationships.Growing up surrounded by music, Hazel developed a profound love for it from an early age. Homeschooling provided her with the opportunity to nurture her passion for music. Given her father’s influential position in the music industry, pursuing a career in music seemed accessible. Despite this, she didn’t achieve significant success in the field and later found her path alongside Jermaine Jackson.

Hazel Gordy: Education, School/ College University

Regarding Hazel’s educational background, she showed a strong interest in business studies from an early stage in her education.Additionally, she pursued music studies at a private level, further exploring her passion for music.

Hazel Gordy: Professional Life

During her upbringing, Hazel harbored an interest in pursuing a career as a social worker. However, she eventually became involved in her family’s business.Initially, she actively engaged in various social activities. Notably, she gained significant recognition for her successful modeling career.In her leisure time, Hazel finds enjoyment in horse riding and fishing. Additionally, she has a penchant for cooking noodles and underwent culinary training to enhance her culinary skills.

Hazel Gordy’s Relationship and Family Life: Spouse and Kids

Hazel Gordy, a divorced individual, tied the knot with her beloved, Jermaine Jackson, on December 15, 1973.Their marriage lasted nearly 15 years, but unfortunately, the couple decided to part ways in 1988 due to personal issues, notably Jermaine’s infidelity. They share three children: Jermaine La Juane Jackson Jr., Autumn Joi Jackson, and Jaimy Jermaine Jackson.

Reason for divorce

Hazel and Jermaine first crossed paths in 1968 during a recording session.

Initially, there were no romantic feelings between them, and marriage wasn’t on their minds when they met for the first time.

However, fate had other plans. They embarked on their journey together by exchanging wedding vows on December 15, 1973.

Their extravagant wedding, hosted at the Beverly Hills Hotel in California, incurred costs exceeding $2 million.

The couple shares three children. Their firstborn, Autumn Joy Jackson, arrived in July 1978, followed by their son Jay Jackson Jr. born in January 1977. Their third child, Jaimy Jermaine Jackson, came into the world in March 1987.

Initially leading a happy family life of five, Hazel’s world shattered upon discovering Jermaine’s infidelities.

In 1986, she learned about Jermaine’s affair with Margaret Maldonado, who was carrying his child. This revelation led Hazel to make the difficult decision to end their marriage in 1988.

Her anguish deepened as she later found out about Jermaine’s prior affair with Whitney Houston dating back to 1984, while he was still married to her.

After the Divorce of Hazel and Jermain

After the divorce, Hazel obtained primary custody of her three children. Meanwhile, Jermaine Jackson, the father of her children, continued his relationship with Margaret Maldonado post his divorce from Gordy. Together, they had another child, in addition to the one born during an affair.

Jermaine and Maldonado, known for their association in the music industry, parted ways in 1993. Subsequently, Jermaine married Alejandra Genevieve Oaziaza, but their marriage ended in divorce in November 2004. Three years later, he married Halima Rashid, following which Rashid filed for divorce from the Grammy nominee in June 2016, citing irreconcilable differences.

What is Hazel Gordy Net Worth

Hazel’s diverse work across multiple industries has evidently secured her a comfortable livelihood. Her modeling endeavors, encompassing various shows, likely contributed significantly to her income. Besides modeling, she also engages in singing and songwriting, further adding to her earnings.

Reports suggest that Hazel earns an estimated annual income of around $15,000 from her music pursuits. However, her precise net worth remains undisclosed. Despite this, her lifestyle suggests a content and opulent existence.

On the other hand, her ex-husband, Jackson, boasts an estimated net worth of $5 million, amassed entirely from his career as a musician, singer, and songwriter.

What is Hazel Gordy’s present occupation? Her Role in Real Estate

Hazel Gordy, known as Jermaine Jackson’s former spouse, currently holds a license as a real estate agent affiliated with the Beth Styne Group.

Her intrigue in real estate was sparked during her father’s occasional travels to visit remarkable homes worldwide. It was during her former husband, Michael Jackson’s, global musical tours that she reignited her passion for architecture and communities.

Her extensive travels abroad exposed her to diverse cultures and various architectural styles, shaping her approach to real estate even today. Motivated by her interest in architecture and interior design, she pursued studies at UCLA.

Further Insights into Hazel’s Career as a Real Estate Agent

In 1989, Gordy decided to explore a different passion outside the entertainment industry and obtained her real estate license.

According to Hazel, her diverse life experiences, keen eye for design, and extensive network within the entertainment industry have significantly contributed to the success of her real estate business. Notably, she often caters to high-profile clients, including several A-list celebrities.

Described by her clients as discreet, protective, and innovative in problem-solving, Hazel is known for her dedication to securing the best deals for her customers.

During her leisure time, Hazel finds joy in the company of her three adult children, grandson, and two pocket Pitbulls when she’s not actively involved in real estate transactions.

Social Media

Regarding her presence on social media platforms, there are no official pages or accounts attributed to Hazel Gordy on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram.

Final Words

Hazel Gordy’s journey embodies a multifaceted life shaped by her familial ties to the music industry, her personal pursuits, and her resilience through life’s challenges.

Despite her initial aspirations in music and modeling, Hazel Gordy’s pivot towards real estate showcased her adaptability and passion for architecture. Her transition into the world of real estate, fueled by her experiences and global exposure, highlights her commitment to diversifying her career.

Beyond her achievements, Hazel’s life is a testament to strength in the face of adversity, especially evident in her personal life and the challenges she confronted within her marriage to Jermaine Jackson.

Her commitment to her children, her dedication to her profession, and her discretion in handling high-profile transactions underscore Hazel Gordy’s remarkable character. Her success as a real estate agent, leveraging her keen eye for design and extensive network, reflects her ability to excel in diverse domains.

While maintaining a private presence on social media, Hazel Gordy continues to navigate her professional endeavors with a focused determination, embracing her passions and creating a legacy distinct from her family’s musical heritage.

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