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Carrie Ann Edwards (Shania Twain’s sister) Age, Height, Weight, Biography, Career, Life, Parents

Shania Twain, a well-known Canadian singer, songwriter, and actress, has a sister named Carrie Ann Edwards. They share the same parents, Sharon and Clarence Edwards. Unfortunately, their parents passed away in a tragic accident back in 1987. Shania also has two other siblings named Carrie Edwards and Jill.

Following their parents’ divorce, Shania Twain and her siblings relocated from New Jersey to the town of Timmins in Ontario.

Shania Twain described her difficult childhood. Her parents struggled financially, making childhood difficult for her and her siblings. They often had food shortages at home.

Who is Carrie Ann Edwards

She is a well-known celebrity personality, believed to have been born in 1963, hailing from Canada. Her sister, Eileen Regina “Shania” Twain, brought her into the spotlight on April 20, 1993, when she released her debut album. Professionally, her sister is known as Shania Twain.

Carrie Ann has also been seen at some live music events with her sister, who is also recognized as an actress. Their parents are Clarence Edwards and Sharon Morrison. Carrie Ann has four siblings, namely Darryl Twain, Jill Edwards, Mark Twain, and Shania Twain. She is also an aunt to Eja Lange and has an uncle named Henk Wijngaard.

Carrie Ann Edwards Early Life

Carrie Ann Edwards was born to parents Sharon (née Morrison) and Clarence Edwards. Jill and Shania, her sisters. Her mother moved her daughters to Timmins, Ontario, after her parents divorced at three. Later, Sharon married Jerry Twain, who belonged to the Ojibwa community from the nearby Mattagami First Nation. They had a son named Mark together.

Jerry decided to adopt Carrie Ann and her sisters, legally changing their surname to Twain. During that time, Jerry and Sharon also adopted Darryl, Jerry’s baby nephew, after the unfortunate passing of Darryl’s mother. Due to this connection with Jerry, some media outlets have mistakenly reported that Carrie Ann is of Ojibwe descent.

In an interview, Carrie Ann Twain addressed this misconception and clarified her background.

Jerry Twain, who also adopted Carrie and her sisters, and her mother’s second marriage

After Ann Edwards’ mother, Sharon, moved to Timmins, she met and married her second husband, Jerry Twain, in 1971. Jerry was an Ojibwa forester and mining prospector, becoming Carrie’s stepfather. After getting married, Sharon and Jerry had two sons together, Mark and Darryl, who are Carrie Ann’s half-brothers.

Later on, Jerry decided to adopt all of Sharon’s daughters, including Carrie Ann, and he also secured their membership in his First Nation tribe.

Despite this new family dynamic, the relationship between Carrie Ann’s mother, Sharon, and her adoptive father, Jerry, was often tumultuous, and they would frequently engage in arguments when together. Sharon also battled with depression during this time. At one point, the situation became so difficult that Carrie’s sister Shania took her mother and siblings to a homeless shelter in Toronto for a brief period. However, in 1981, Sharon returned to her second husband, Jerry, and the family continued to navigate through their challenges.

In a car accident, both her mother and stepfather perished

Sadly, an automobile tragedy claimed the lives of Carrie Ann’s stepfather, Jerry Norman Twain, and mother, Sharon Morrison Twain. Carrie’s sister Shania, a country music singer, was only 21 years old when she was involved in the tragedy.

When the accident happened, her mother Sharon was 42 years old and her stepfather Jerry was 40. Their loved ones remember and honor them in the Timmins Memorial Cemetery, where they were laid to rest. Undoubtedly, the loss the family experienced was traumatic.

Jerry Twain, Carrie’s stepfather, was an abusive

According to her sister Shania Twain, Carrie Ann’s stepfather, Jerry Twain, subjected her to both physical and emotional abuse while they were living together. Shania, the country singer, even mentioned that she used to flatten her breasts in an attempt to avoid drawing attention to herself and escape the abuse during her childhood in that house.

Carrie and her sisters have triumphed despite the challenging and unpleasant situations they have faced in the past. All of them are thriving now and have made important contributions to their fields. They have demonstrated incredible fortitude and tenacity by advancing and creating prosperous lives for themselves.

How Did She Handle Her Stepfather’s Verbal and Physical Abuse?

According to Shania Twain, her sister Carrie Ann’s stepfather, Jerry Twain, subjected her to both physical and emotional abuse while they lived together in the same house.

Shania, the country singer, has also bravely shared her own experience, admitting that she used to conceal her femininity and hide from the abuse. She would press her breasts against her chest, wearing small bras or even layering two bras to make them less noticeable. She said she tried to hide her femininity to avoid harassment.

Carrie and her sisters overcame early hurdles and now thrive in their fields. They overcame adversity and found success and happiness.

Carrie Ann Edwards Career

Carrie, unlike her sister Shania, keeps certain details about her profession a bit confidential, but she is doing well in her own unique way. In fact, she is following in Shania’s footsteps, carving her own path to success.

In 2015, Carrie had the opportunity to be a special background vocalist in her sister Shania’s Vegas show, which premiered on CMT. Carrie described this as a turning point for her, realizing that Shania was supportive of her participation and not just having her behind the scenes, but encouraging her to take the plunge into the spotlight.

Shania, proud of her sister’s talent, posted a video on her Facebook in April 2015, introducing Carrie as her new backup singer. Beyond their musical abilities, Carrie and Shania share a very close bond with each other.

Carrie Ann Edwards’s Net Worth

Based on the available information, it is reported that she has a net worth of $1.5 million. However, there is no specific information provided about her profession or how she earns a living.

Personal Life & Relationship

Carrie Ann Edwards is a mature individual who is passionate about her interests and is motivated by great ambition. Because her older sister is Canadian singer and songwriter, Shania Twain, she plays a huge role.

Since nothing is known about Carrie’s personal life, she may be happily married with children. She appears to prefer keeping her personal affairs private nevertheless, and she rarely gives the media any information.

Shania, who is her sister, is known to have wed Frédéric Thiébaud in 2011. Being one of the Twain family’s four siblings is a luxury for Carrie Ann Edwards.

Carrie Ann Edwards is currently where? Are They Married? Kids of Hers

Currently, Carrie, who is sometimes known as Carrie Ann Brown, resides in Huntsville, Ontario. As for her relationship status, it appears that she is in a committed partnership. Given that her last name is ‘Brown,’ it suggests that Carrie is likely married to her husband.

Not only is she Shania’s sister, but Carrie is also a mother to her children. However, similar to her husband’s details, information about her children is not widely publicized in the media. It seems that Carrie values her privacy and chooses to keep her family life away from the spotlight.

Favorite Things

Favorite City/CountryVirginia, United States
Favorite SportsFootball & Hockey


High SchoolShe completed her education at a public high school
College or UniversityNot found

Some Interesting Facts About Carrie Ann Edwards

  • The birth of Anna Carrie occurred in the midst of the 1960s.
  • Her family tree include Irish, English, and French strands.
  • In the background, Carrie adds harmonies.
  • She loves cats.
  • She has a college degree.
  • She currently resides with her family and is a very content woman.

FAQs about Carrie Ann Edwards

Who is Carrie Ann Edwards?
Internationally famous Carrie Ann Edwards is Canadian. She’s Shania Twain’s sister.

What is Carrie Ann Edwards’ relationship with Shania Twain?
Carrie Ann Edwards is the sister of Shania Twain. They share the same parents, Sharon and Clarence Edwards.

What happened to Carrie Ann Edwards’ parents?
Carrie Ann’s parents, Sharon and Clarence Edwards passed away in a tragic accident back in 1987.

How did Carrie Ann and her siblings cope after their parent’s death?
Following their parents’ divorce and the tragic accident, Carrie Ann and her siblings relocated from New Jersey to the town of Timmins in Ontario. They faced financial struggles and food shortages during their childhood.

Is Carrie Ann Edwards of Ojibwe descent?
No, despite her stepfather Jerry Twain’s Ojibwa background, Carrie Ann is not of Ojibwe descent. She was adopted by Jerry along with her sisters and took on the Twain surname.

Did Carrie Ann Edwards have a difficult childhood?
Yes, Carrie Ann and her siblings faced a difficult childhood due to financial hardships and their parents’ passing.

What is Carrie Ann Edwards’ profession?
Carrie Ann’s profession is not widely known or publicly disclosed. However, she has been a special background vocalist for her sister Shania’s shows.

Is Carrie Ann Edwards married and does she have children?
Carrie Ann may be married with children. However, she prefers privacy.

Where does Carrie Ann Edwards live?
Carrie Ann currently resides in Huntsville, Ontario, Canada.

What is Carrie Ann Edwards’ net worth?
Her occupation and earnings are unknown, however, her net worth is around $1.5 million.

Does Carrie Ann Edwards have a close relationship with her sister Shania Twain?
Yes, Carrie Ann and Shania share a close bond with each other.

What are some interesting facts about Carrie Ann Edwards?
Some interesting facts about Carrie Ann include her love for cats, her background harmonies in music, and her mixed heritage of Irish, English, and French ancestry.

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