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All about Celebrity child Margot Claflin: The daughter of Sam Claflin

Margot Claflin, a renowned English celebrity child, gained prominence as the daughter of prominent English actor Sam Claflin and his former spouse Laura Haddock, who is herself a notable English actress. Since her birth in 2018, she has garnered significant attention and adoration from the fans of both artists. These fans have showered her with affection and love. However, Sam and Laura are cautious about exposing their daughter to the public eye and media, as they prioritize safeguarding her development from the potential negative effects of constant attention. 

Margot Claflin, Daughter of Sam Claflin

Born on January 6, 2018, in England, Margot Claflin is set to turn 5 years old in 2023. Despite her parents no longer living together, Margot continues to be co-parented by both of them. Belonging to a celebrity family, she is definitely enjoying a luxurious lifestyle.

Furthermore, she is of English, 1/16th French-Canadian, distant Scottish, Irish, and Welsh origin from her father’s side, and pure English descent from her mother’s. Margot is also a British citizen. 

The most significant advantage of being a celebrity child is that they do not have to wait to grow up; they are surrounded by admirers and the media from birth. The same thing happened to her parents’ little angel, Margot Claflin, who was showered with so much love and care.

Quick information about Margot Claflin

NameMargot Claflin
Date of birth6, january 2018
Birth Sign Capricorn
Place of birthUnited States
Age5 year old
Height1m, 2 feet
Eye colourBlue
Parents6, January 2018
SiblingsPip Clafin (brother)
ProfessionCelebrity kid

Sam Claflin’s comments regarding her daughter birth

Soon after Margot’s birth, her father Sam discussed her arrival on BBC Radio 2’sepisode The Chris Evans Breakfast Show and said:

“She’s (Margot) very new and shiny.” But I am not.” 

Margot Claflin Education

Concerning Margot’s educational background, no information is provided. She may be attending a community school in England.

Marriage and Divorce of Claflin

Claflin’s parents married on July 30, 2013, then chose to divorce six years later in August 2019. Sam married the woman he desired right away. The situation took a downturn as Margot’s parents’ relationship faced further challenges. The specific reason for their divorce was not disclosed.

“Sam and I have come to the decision to formally separate,” they jointly announced. “We will continue to nurture our family with affection, empathy, and true regard for each other.” 

Sam and Laura unmistakably remain connected in each other’s lives, collaborating as co-parents for their children.

As previously reported by DailyMail, Margot’s father, Sam Claflin, is currently seeing Leonardo DiCaprio’s ex, Cassie Amato. Her mother, Laura, is dating White Lines co-star Tom Rhys Harries. 

Pip, Margot Claflin’s brother 

Pip Claflin, Margot’s elder brother, was born on December 8, 2015. At present, he is 7 years old. Although there isn’t a wealth of information available about him currently, there exists a captivating tale behind his name, Pip.

Actually, he was named Pip after his mother discovered his size in the womb at an early scan. His moniker stuck when his parents’ friends started calling him Pip as well. During an interview, his mother, Laura, explained, 

“We initially bestowed upon him a different name upon his birth, but it simply didn’t seem to match his personality.”

All of our friends were texting us, asking if Pip had arrived. ‘How weight is Pip?’ So we asked ourselves a few days later, “Shall we just give up?” Isn’t that Pip?’ Pip, Margot’s older brother, is now studying in a school in England. 

Margot Claflin Is Brave And Hilarious

Her daughter Margot is 5 and the White Lines actor. She is mature for her age, according to her mother. Claflin’s mother called her powerful and funny. When wishing Margot on her 3rd birthday, her mother posted on Instagram: “Margot, you are a strong, funny, clever, kind, beautiful little soul.” My wise warrior, you came first. Being your mama is the greatest adventure and I enjoy seeing the world through your eyes.”

Some Interesting Facts

  1. Margot Claflin is most known for being the daughter of famous English actress Laura Haddock.
  2. Reports say Margot was born in 2018, although her birthday is uncertain.
  3. Margot Claflin is gorgeous, smart, funny, sweet, and strong.
  4. She is about 1 meter tall, but she will grow for years.
  5. Six years after marrying in 2013, her parents divorced amicably.
  6. Pip, her younger brother, lives with Laura after their marriage.
  7. Samuel Claflin, her father, stars in Peaky Blinders on Netflix.
  8. Her parents have tried to keep her information, including her latest photos, private despite her fame and inattention.
  9. She’s too young for Instagram because she’s not very social.
  10.  She has no wiki-bio.

Margot Claflin Promotes Brands

Margot has not endorsed or collaborated with any brands at this time.

Honours and Nomination

The intelligent Margot is studying. No honors or titles have been awarded to Margot.

The best of Margot is yet to be seen. Additionally, we expect Margot to win multiple accolades. Sam Claflin, her father, won the Glamour Award for “Man of the Year” in 2014.


As of 2023, Even though Margot Claflin is young, her parents are wealthy. Samuel Claflin, her actor father, is worth $9 million. Also, her mother Laura Haddock has an estimated $6 million net worth from her long acting career. 

Haddock appeared in Guardians, Transformers: The Last Knight, and White Lines. Her further small-screen credits include The Capture, The Level, Strike Back: Project Dawn, Upstairs Downstairs, The Musketeers, Dancing on the Edge, and more.

Similarly, Sam Claflin has a $8 million net worth in 2021. At fourteen, Sam started earning. Before becoming famous, he worked part-time for pocket money.

Samantha appears in The Quiet Ones, The Hunger Games: Catching Fire, Pirates of the Caribbean, Peaky Blinders, Rosie, Enola Holmes, and Me Before You. With his movie money, Claflin bought a London property.

Relationship Status

She said her celebrity parents always tried to shield their kids from negative media. Her parents, Sam Claflin and Lauda Haddock, don’t want the spotlight to affect their daughter’s development, despite her star status.

Her famous parents divorced after 6 years. Margot’s mother Laura cares for her and Pip.

Body Measurements

Margot’s parents always try to keep her out of the spotlight despite her growing fame. No one should see their daughter Margot’s new images. Margot’s appearance is hard to predict.


There are no rumors or scandals about Margot that have been linked to her in any way.

Social Media 

Margot, being a young child, does not have any presence on social media platforms as she doesn’t use them. However, her parents, who are notable figures, have substantial followings on different social media channels.

How does Margot Claflin spend her time these days?

Margot stands out from most other celebrity children as she avoids the spotlight, preferring to stay away from cameras. Margot’s parents are discreet about her private affairs, which can make it challenging to determine her whereabouts. Considering her age, it’s probable that she’s currently enrolled in a nearby English kindergarte

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