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Joel Michael Singer is not a well-known figure in the public eye. He was born in Florida, USA, in 1989, and for the most part led an unremarkable life without gaining much notoriety online. However, a contentious episode that happened in a restaurant did bring his name to public attention.

Joel was simply an ordinary citizen who was quietly going about his life before to this tragedy. He preferred to keep his private life private, thus there isn’t a lot of online information about his family or past.

A physical confrontation that took place in a restaurant is what made Joel famous. He got into a heated argument with two restaurant staff members. A video of this occurrence soon gained popularity online. As a result, people began discussing and sharing information about Joel.

Interestingly, while the video of the fight gained notoriety, it’s no longer available on the internet today. Joel took measures to protect his image by copyrighting the video on various platforms, leading to its removal. He did this in response to the immense backlash and criticism he received from the public, as he was the one seen initiating physical contact with a restaurant worker.

Who is Joel Michael Singers? 

Joel Michael Singer is actually not an American neurosurgeon; there seems to be some confusion. He gained notoriety for a widely shared video of a physical altercation that took place in a restaurant.

Joel hails from Florida, as mentioned by a user named Karla Kristina on Quora. The incident occurred when Joel got into a heated confrontation with two restaurant employees. Security cameras and witnesses’ phones recorded this confrontation, and Joel later claimed ownership of the footage, which sped up its online distribution.

On the video, Joel can be seen headbutting one of the fight’s participants. He made an effort to flee the structure, but Steven restrained him and made him fall to the ground.

Such violent deeds should never be accepted. Any violent altercation, such as headbutting, pushing, or punching, might result in significant consequences.Someone’s life could change or perhaps end in a split second.

It’s indeed tragic that such videos can gain popularity on the internet. Many people watch and share these incidents, perpetuating a culture of violence.

On Quora, numerous users expressed similar sentiments, with some echoing the same thoughts about Joel Michael’s identity. It appears that he may be attempting to alter or conceal his online presence through various platforms.

Joel Michael Singer Childhood

The individual involved in the Fort Lauderdale fight, Joel Michael Singer, was 31 years old in 2020, indicating a birth year of 1989. Although there isn’t much information accessible regarding his family history, he is a native of the state of Florida.

Some reports claim Joel has a college degree. He supposedly graduated from the University of Florida with a master’s in business administration. is attempting to find out more about Joel Michael Singer’s parents, siblings, and other relatives.

Joel Michael Singer Bio

Joel Michael Singer, born in 1989, is an American who unexpectedly rose to fame after a video of a brawl in an American restaurant went viral. Before this incident, he was just an ordinary person leading a quiet life. However, this particular video changed everything, thrusting him into the limelight across America. But why did this one fight video catapult him to such notoriety?

In the American city of Fort Lauderdale, Florida, a YOLO restaurant is where the incident took place. It all started when Joel got into a physical argument with two individuals who just so happened to work at the restaurant. It’s intriguing how little is known about Joel’s family and how he has made the decision to keep his personal life hidden from prying eyes in public.

Some stories claim that Joel punched a restaurant employee to start the fight. This first strike sparked a full-fledged altercation that was documented on camera.  However, once Joel recognized himself in the footage, he decided to claim copyrights for the video. As a result, it was removed from various online platforms.

As of now, Joel Michael Singer is single. If you’re seeking more information about him, you can delve deeper into this article.

Joel Michael Singer Wiki

Joel Michael Singer, an American man hailing from Florida, made quite a name for himself when a video of a restaurant brawl at YOLO in Fort Lauderdale went viral. In this infamous incident, Joel found himself in a heated altercation with two restaurant employees. He took an unusual step by claiming copyright ownership of the viral video, which led to its removal from various online platforms.

The video itself captured Joel arguing with the two men, with one of them accusing Joel of throwing a punch. Matters escalated as Joel approached the men, delivering a headbutt to one of them. He met Steven Heflin while fleeing.

Steven put Joel in a headlock and fell him. Steven later explained that he was reacting to Joel’s initial hostility and used his high school wrestling knowledge to handle the situation.

Joel is well-educated and from a good family. On a Reddit thread, he said the video uploader had been threatened and assaulted, prompting him to file complaints that removed the video from different platforms.  Interestingly, in May 2020, the video reappeared on YouTube and on a website called “” The website revealed that Joel had been an employee of “Coastal Wealth Financial Planners,” a financial company in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. The company’s website doesn’t list Joel, and his Facebook page is gone. Joel was arrested by police after the fight.

Steven Heflin, a normal Florida man, became an internet star overnight. People are curious about him, and according to available information, he wrestled in school and competed. During the altercation, he said he was shielding himself.

According to accounts, Joel has a Master’s in Business Administration and graduated from a nearby high school.

Full NameJoel Michael Singer
Age (as of 2023)34 years old
ProfessionEx-employee of Coastal Wealth Financial Planners, Media Face, and Entrepreneur
Birth Date1989
BirthplaceFlorida, United States
Alma MaterThe University of Florida
Marital StatusMarried
WifeName Not Known
ChildrenWill Update
ParentsFather– Name Not Known
Mother– Homemaker
SiblingsBrother– N/A
Sisters– Will Update
Height5 feet 8 inches (approx.)
Weight75 Kilograms (approx.)
Hair ColorDark Brown
Eyes ColorDark Brown
Net Worth (approx.)$500K (as of 2023)


Joel Michael Singer, the individual whose notoriety began with that viral brawl video, has managed to keep much of his academic background hidden. He now appears to be trying to disappear into the background ever since that episode. In fact, a lot of academics have proposed that he deleted a substantial portion of his social media profile in response to public outcry.

Joel is depicted in the ad sporting a suit, which does give the idea that he is grounded and perhaps has a college education. It’s quite likely that he might have pursued multiple degrees and holds considerable qualifications.

However, unraveling the full scope of his education and family background remains a bit of a mystery. Joel seems intent on keeping these aspects of his life private, leaving us with only hints and speculations about his true academic and personal history.

Joel Michael Personal Life

Joel Michael Singer has been exceptionally secretive about his personal life, mainly because of the legal troubles he’s been entangled in. He’s taken measures to maintain a low profile by filing DMCA claims to have online information moderators remove details about his identity and other personal matters.

Rumors suggest he may be secretly dating. No proof has developed to support this theory. His personal life appears to be prosperous, suggesting financial security.

Age, Height & Weight

Joel Michael Singer, born in 1989, is currently around 34 years old as of 2023. Born in Florida, he lived there his whole childhood with his parents.

Joel is 5 feet 10 inches (180 cm) tall and 80 kg. He appears to be quite sturdy and in good shape, although specific details about his fitness routine are not widely known. Some sources suggest that he dedicates time to exercise both in the early morning and late at night to maintain his overall health.

While his exact body measurements are reported to be around 42-40-41, information about his shoe size remains elusive and hasn’t surfaced on the internet.

Family (Father, Mother, Siblings)

Following the infamous incident, Joel Michael Singer found himself in the spotlight once again, this time for his alleged involvement in the college admissions scandal. He was reportedly part of a scheme offering affluent families a “side-door” entrance into some of the nation’s most prestigious universities.

While the identity of Joel Singer’s father remains unclear as of the time of writing this article, various sources suggest that the Singer family is quite affluent, sparking curiosity among many.

As for Joel Singer’s current whereabouts and his market value, information on these aspects is rather scarce. Furthermore, details regarding Joel Singer’s Twitter account are unknown. Some estimates based on the video suggest he may be around 5 feet 10 inches tall and weigh approximately 85 kg, but these measurements are tentative at best.

The Viral Video

Back in January 2020, the internet was abuzz with a video that put Joel Michael in the spotlight. This viral video depicted a physical altercation between Joel Michael Singer and another man inside a Fort Lauderdale, Florida restaurant.

In the footage, Joel Michael Singer can be clearly seen engaged in a heated argument with the man, and tensions quickly escalated as he threw a punch. The punch sent the man sprawling to the ground, where he unfortunately hit his head. Joel Singer could be heard cursing at his rival the entire time. A lot of people shared this video after it instantly caught their attention on social media.

Naturally, curiosity was aroused, and individuals started to ponder Joel Singer’s identity and the events that had brought about this altercation.

Reason for fight

The incident unfolded at the YOLO hotel in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, USA. It all started when a restaurant worker complained to his manager that Joel had punched him. When the manager confronted Joel about the allegation, things took a heated turn.

Joel, visibly angered, questioned the worker, saying, “Did I punch you?” The worker didn’t hesitate and confirmed, “Yes, you did.” When Singer started to leave the scene at that point, he abruptly turned around and headbutted the manager.

Joel Michael Singer was attempting to flee the commotion when he got into yet another altercation, this time with a man who was sporting shorts and a T-shirt. The disagreement escalated rapidly; at last, the man gained control, placed Singer in a headlock, and brought him to the floor.

The moment the police showed up, the situation changed because they were able to take control after that.

Joel Michael Singer Career

Joel’s personal life is still unknown. His neurosurgeon status was discovered after some research.

It’s logical to assume that he followed this career after completing his undergraduate education because becoming a neurosurgeon is surely a financially rewarding career.

Why did the fight start?

Here in the United States, the event took place at the YOLO Hotel in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Everything began when a server at the restaurant told Joel’s manager that Joel had punched him.

Things quickly escalated when the manager decided to confront Joel about the allegation. In a heated exchange, Joel questioned the employee, asking point-blank, “Did I punch you?” The employee, not mincing words, replied with a resounding, “Yes, you did.” It was in that charged moment that Singer began to step away from the situation, but suddenly, he turned around and delivered a headbutt to the manager.

Joel Michael Singer made an attempt to escape as the tension in the room continued to build, but he soon got into a fight with another man instead. He was sporting a T-shirt and shorts at the time. In this second confrontation, things took a dramatic turn when Singer was quickly subdued and placed in a headlock while lying on the ground.

Joel Michael’s Rise to Fame

Joel Michael was fortunate to come from an affluent family, which enabled him to pursue a highly specialised education, particularly in the field of business administration. Although his education and credentials are well recognised, nothing is known about his work career.

However, he only became noteworthy and came to the public’s attention because of a widely reported brawl that occurred at a chic restaurant in Fort Lauderdale.

CCTV footage of the incident showed Joel engaged in a heated altercation with two males, however the specifics of the argument are still unknown. In a moment that shocked many, Joel briefly walked away, only to swiftly turn around and deliver a headbutt to one of the restaurant staff.

The situation took another twist when a 60-year-old Redditor named Steven Heflin intervened, engaging in a 15-minute wrestling match with Singer before the arrival of the police, who escorted Joel out of the establishment and to the nearest police station.

Joel Michael Singer took a unique approach to address the situation. He filed copyright violations against popular platforms like Vimeo and Google, successfully identifying himself as the individual in the video. This legal action led to the removal of the video from multiple online platforms. His first copyright claim was made in September 2019, and later, in April 2020, he attempted to argue that the video upload constituted an enticing threat against him.

Despite these actions, Joel remained displeased with the ongoing public comments on the Reddit thread, which continued to circulate despite the video’s removal from the platform.

Joel Michael Singer’s Net Worth

Various sources have consistently estimated Joel Michael’s net worth to be around $2 million as of 2023. This amount has been painstakingly computed and is generally accepted to be correct.

Joel’s considerable abilities and the fact that he is currently working for himself are reflected in his excellent net worth. Additionally, his family’s considerable wealth, particularly his father’s significant assets, plays a substantial role in boosting his financial portfolio. As a result, Joel enjoys a lavish lifestyle that befits his financial standing.

Controversy and Legal Issues

In the wake of an explosively viral video, Joel Michael Singer found himself thrust into the epicenter of an unprecedented tempest of public indignation and censure. His conduct in the footage garnered widespread opprobrium, with an escalating clamor for him to be held accountable for his actions. The individual whom he assailed, formally identified as Dimitri Zafirov, bore the brunt of his physical aggression, enduring a severe concussion that necessitated immediate medical intervention.

Following this, Joel Michael Singer faced apprehension and was charged with battery, linked to the aforementioned altercation. In the judicial arena, he firmly entered a plea of non-culpability, and presently, his legal saga remains unresolved, in anticipation of a verdict.

The repercussions stemming from this incident also reverberated significantly within the contours of his professional life. He experienced the forfeiture of his employment at an advertising agency, a direct consequence of the intense public scrutiny and legal entanglements that materialized subsequent to the viral exposé.


Joel Michael Singer hasn’t confirmed his girlfriend status, but there are rumours. He may be keeping a low profile to protect his family from his questionable deeds.

To learn more about this mysterious personality, internet researchers continue to investigate his personal life despite his efforts to remain secret.

Social Media Appearance

Joel Michael’s journey to fame took an unexpected turn when a video of him headbutting a restaurant employee went viral on social media in early 2019.

He went from unknown on social media to famous overnight. Naturally, many curious people tried to find his social media profiles but failed.

However, Joel swiftly took action to protect himself from the expected deluge of public backlash. He promptly deleted his social media accounts in the aftermath of his videos going viral, a move aimed at shielding himself from the intense scrutiny and criticism that would inevitably follow his controversial actions.


Joel Michael Singer, a relatively obscure person, became famous after a viral video of a restaurant fight in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. It discusses his life, the incident that made him famous, his personal life, and his legal difficulties.


  • Joel Michael Singer, born in 1989 in Florida, led a private life before his public incident.
  • Joel headbutted one of two restaurant staff after a heated altercation in the viral footage.
  • Joel copyrighted the video on several platforms to protect his image, removing it off the internet.
  • Joel kept his family and personal history confidential.
  • The University of Florida awarded him a master’s in business administration.
  • Joel Michael Singer is single and secretive about his dating life.
  • As of 2023, his family’s riches undoubtedly contributed to his $2 million net worth.
  • Joel was charged with violence after the restaurant fight.
  • He erased his social media accounts to avoid condemnation after the viral video.
  • Joel’s surprising ascent to prominence and behaviour in the video spurred online concerns regarding violence.


Joel Michael Singer—who?

Joel Michael Singer became famous after a viral video of a Fort Lauderdale restaurant fight.

What happened in the viral video?

The footage showed Joel headbutting a restaurant staff after a heated altercation.

Joel copyrighted the video—why?

After public criticism, Joel copyrighted the video to remove it from web sites and preserve his image.

Joel’s educational background?

Joel allegedly has a University of Florida MBA.

Has Joel Michael Singer wed?

Joel is unmarried and his dating life is unknown.

Joel’s estimated net worth?

His 2023 net worth is projected at $2 million.

Did Joel have legal issues?

He was charged with battery for the restaurant fight.

Joel deleted his social media accounts—why?

His social media accounts were erased after the viral video to avoid public scrutiny and condemnation.

Joel’s family’s reaction to the controversy?

Not much is known about Joel’s family’s response to the dispute.

How has the viral video affected Joel?

Joel became famous after the video, but he also faced legal issues and criticism. He has since avoided attention.

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