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American actor, director, and producer Tim Matheson divorced Megan Murphy Matheson. Their 25-year marriage produced three children. They divorced in 2010.

Megan worked hard to succeed in the entertainment world. She became a film star thanks to her dedication.

Megan hasn’t remarried since her divorce from Tim Matheson, and her dating status is unknown. However, her ex-husband, Tim, has moved on and married Elizabeth Marighetto, an American stage actor and scriptwriter with a renowned filmography.

It’s clear that Megan Murphy Matheson has had a fascinating life, both professionally and emotionally, leaving a mark in the entertainment world with her talents and dedication.

Some Quick Details About Megan Murphy Matheson

Full NameMegan Mary Murphy Matheson
Nick Name Megan
Place of birthUnited States of America
Currentresidence United States of America
Height in feet5’2″
Weight in kilograms 57 kg
Hair colourBrown
Eye colourBlue
Marital status Divorced
Famous ForBeing the ex-wife of Tim Matheson
Zodiac SignCapricorn

Early Life of Megan Murphy Matheson

Megan Murphy Matheson, born in 1988, is currently 34 years old as of December 2022. Her zodiac sign is Capricorn because she was born in December or January. American and white, she is from the US.

Megan was raised in a Christian family. Details about her parents remain undisclosed, but she comes from a well-established background. Any information regarding siblings, if she has any, is also unknown.

Regarding her education, she completed her schooling at a local school in the United States. However, whether she pursued further education in college is not clear. Megan’s early passion for entertainment inspired her to pursue acting.


Megan Murphy Matheson always had a deep passion for the performing arts, which naturally led her to pursue a career in the world of film. She pursued her aspirations despite having three children. She had a few film roles, although none were noteworthy.

In 1992’s “Brain Donors,” Megan was an extra. In the movie, she portrayed the role of an assistant choreographer, and her ballet background allowed her to perform admirably in the part.

After her debut in “Brain Donors,” Megan took a break from acting that lasted for 14 years. However, she made a comeback in 2007, directing an episode of the cooking show “Dinner: Impossible” and making an appearance in it as well. Later that same year, she was seen in another TV show titled “A Hollywood Ambush: Premier Impossible.”

Megan, unlike her ex-husband Tim Matheson, failed in cinema. Despite her perseverance, she gave up on becoming a professional actor.

When did Megan Murphy Matheson first meet Tim Matheson, her ex-husband?

Megan Murphy Matheson has always preferred to keep her personal life away from the limelight, so she rarely discusses her relationship with Tim Matheson in public. However, Tim was a cast member in a 1979 film where they met.

American actor Tim Matheson produces. “National Lampoon’s Animal House,” a 1978 comedy, made him renowned for playing Eric “Otter” Stratton.

Interestingly, their initial meeting didn’t spark love at first sight. Megan didn’t feel an immediate attraction to Tim, and it took quite some time for them to come together romantically. According to one version of the story, Megan’s initial disinterest spurred Tim’s desire to marry her.

Tim’s determination to marry Megan led him to woo her persistently for a remarkable six years before he finally began to see positive results. Eventually, Megan agreed to marry Tim, and without wasting any time, he swiftly organized their wedding. Their love story had its ups and downs, but their dedication to each other led to a long partnership.

Melissa Murphy married Tim Matheson in 1985

Tim and Megan Matheson married six years after meeting. They married on June 29, 1985. Tim was famous for playing Eric “Otter” Stratton in “National Lampoon’s Animal House,” a 1978 comedy when they married. Despite his prominence, the couple kept their wedding private and shared a few details.

Tim and Megan had a wonderful marriage. Megan played the role of a responsible homemaker, and their household ran smoothly with clear rules for everyone to follow. One important family rule was that during family dinners, all family members, including the children, had to be present both physically and mentally. This meant no distractions like mobile phones were allowed at the Matheson dinner table.

Megan attributed the success of their family bonding during meals to these set rules. Even Tim, despite his busy work schedule, made a sincere effort to join the family for dinners. He embraced the importance of this family time.

Moreover, the Matheson family had regular family meetings every two weeks. During these meetings, both parents and children could openly discuss any issues they were facing. Megan believed that these discussions helped them release frustrations, ease tensions, and prevent emotional outbursts. The meetings always ended on a positive note, often accompanied by moral quotes and sayings that left everyone feeling uplifted.

Overall, Tim and Megan’s family life was built on love, respect, and open communication, creating a warm and supportive environment for their family to thrive.

She Has Three Children

After Megan Murphy Matheson’s marriage to Tim Matheson ended, the most precious aspect of their relationship that remains is their three wonderful children. Two daughters and a son were born during their 24-year marriage.

In 1987, Molly Matheson was born, delighting the family. The following year, in 1988, they welcomed their second daughter, Emma Matheson, further filling their lives with love and happiness. Finally, their youngest, a son named Cooper Matheson, was born on August 12, 1994, completing their beautiful family.

As the kids prefer to maintain a private life away from the media spotlight, not much is known about them. However, their father, Tim Matheson, has spoken about them in an interview with Melissa Parker from Smashing Interviews, expressing his love and pride as a parent.

Tim Matheson and Megan Murphy Matheson split up in 2010

Megan Murphy Matheson and Tim Matheson had been married for a remarkable twenty-five years before their relationship faced difficulties and eventually came to an end in 2010. The legal proceedings surrounding their divorce took a couple more years, with the process being finalized in 2012.

Throughout their divorce, Megan preferred to keep the real reasons behind their split private, avoiding any public display of the details. However, rumors began circulating about Tim Matheson’s alleged secret affair with actress Kirstie Alley during his marriage to Megan. According to Alley, they were dating in the early 1980s while Tim kept his engagement to Megan hidden. Their relationship supposedly ended abruptly when Megan unexpectedly visited Tim’s house while Alley was there, leading Alley to escape through a window.

As the speculation grew, it was widely believed that Tim rekindled his relationship with Kirstie Alley after his divorce from Megan. These assertions are unconfirmed.

Megan and Tim remained caring and supportive parents despite their personal struggles. They successfully navigated co-parenting and ensured their kids received love and care from both sides. Tim has made a point of remembering and wishing his children well on special occasions, and in return, the children reciprocate the gesture, showing that despite the divorce, the family’s bond remained strong.

Tim Matheson’s first wife was not Megan

Megan Murphy Matheson was not Tim Matheson’s first wife; she was actually his second wife. Before meeting Megan, Tim had already experienced marriage and divorce with another woman.

His first wife was a Canadian actress named Jennifer Leak. They married in September 1968 and divorced in 1971. Tim later admitted that his first marriage was a hasty decision made in his youth, which ultimately led to its short duration. Contrary to media reports that suggested they were together for a longer period, Tim clarified that they only lived together for six months before separating, and the divorce was finalized in 1971.

Tim Matheson’s first wife Jennifer Leak Details On Goolge

After his first marriage ended, Tim remained single for about 14 years before finding love again with Megan Murphy Matheson. They were married for over two decades before their relationship faced challenges and eventually ended in divorce.

Following his divorce from Megan, Tim went on to marry Elizabeth Marighetto, making her his third wife. The Hollywood-based pair married in 2018. Tim has begun afresh in love.

How much money does Megan Murphy Matheson have?

Megan Murphy Matheson’s 2023 net worth is close to $2 million. Her net worth rose from $1 million a year earlier, demonstrating her prosperity.

Megan’s major income comes from her longtime performing career. Her profits from her career in the entertainment sector have greatly increased her net worth.

Megan had a prominent role on the reality television program “Dinner: Impossible,” which turned out to be a fruitful chance for her and increased her income.

Megan also made a sizable income through her choreography work and performing roles in several motion pictures. Her abilities and commitment in these two areas have paid her monetarily.

Megan Murphy Matheson’s divorce from Tim Matheson likely increased her net worth. Tim, valued at $9 million as of 2023, may have granted her a large divorce settlement and child support due to their long marriage and his professional success.

Overall, Megan’s combination of successful acting projects, choreography work, and possibly a significant divorce settlement have contributed to her impressive net worth of around $2 million.

Physical Stats

Megan Murphy Matheson’s beauty is unquestionable, and she maintains her fitness by adhering to a healthy diet. While specific measurements were not provided in the given text, it’s evident that she takes care of her appearance and well-being to stay in great shape.

Heightint Inches – 5’2″
WeightKilograms – 52 kg
Body measurements34-24-32
Eye ColourBlack
Hair ColourBlack
Dress Size4 (US) or 36 (EU) or 8 (UK)
Shoe Size6 (US) or 36.5 (EU) or 4 (UK)


Megan Murphy Matheson has a favorite color, which is Red. When it comes to leisure activities, she enjoys Traveling, Photography, and Reading. These hobbies likely bring her joy and allow her to explore different interests in life.

Hobbies Traveling, Photography,
Favorite animalRed

Melania Trump controversy involving Tim

Tim Matheson has a successful acting career in addition to a keen interest in politics, which has occasionally resulted in contentious circumstances. His Marxist politics have earned him criticism. His comments on Melania Trump, the former first lady, stirred up political ideas.

The incident happened soon after Joe Biden won the American presidential election, becoming the new president, and Jill Biden the new first lady. Tim expressed his opinions on Twitter, and in doing so, he appeared to make a covert jab at Melania Trump. His post sparked a stir, and several people accused him of exhibiting bigotry.

Tim apologized and deleted the tweet after receiving criticism. However, his apologies weren’t enough to repair the harm.

Tim Matheson’s politics and public comments have sometimes enraged opponents. Such events show the difficulties public personalities may encounter when expressing their political views because they may encounter both support and opposition from various demographic groups.

Death threats were once made against Megan’s ex-husband

Most people used Twitter to voice their displeasure at Tim Matheson’s views during the issue surrounding his tweets. One individual went overboard. Tim said someone had threatened to murder him and demanded a lot of money.

Tim reported this worrying scenario to the Los Angeles Police Department in order to get protection and have the person making the threats dealt with. The incident brought to light the darker aspects of social media, where dissent and political prejudice may reach lethal heights.

Due to his strong political views, Tim Matheson is controversial among US right-wingers. He admitted to being a leftist and supporting only Ronald Reagan.

The episode highlights the challenges public personalities face when expressing their political opinions, which can garner both support and criticism from different groups. Tim was right to report the threats to the authorities to safeguard his safety. Threats and harassment should never be tolerated.

Some Details About megan murphy matheson Husband Tim matheson

Actor, director, and producer Tim Matheson is American. He is most known for his performances as Dr. Brick Breeland in the 2011–2015 CW series Hart of Dixie and Eric “Otter” Stratton in the 1978 comedy film National Lampoon’s Animal House. He also played Vice President John Hoynes in the 2000s NBC drama The West Wing.

Glendale, California, birthplace of Matheson. He debuted in The Twilight Zone and The Fugitive in the early 1960s. In 1978’s Animal House, he played a Delta House brother. Matheson’s performance made the film succeed critically and commercially.

Matheson has been in several movies and TV shows since Animal House. He repeated Hart of Dixie, Burn Notice, and The West Wing. He directed episodes of Psych, White Collar, and The West Wing.

Matheson’s business career is successful. He led the National Lampoon board and co-founded The Matheson Company.

Matheson has starred in various films and TV shows. He has played serious roles in The West Wing and Hart of Dixie, despite his reputation for comedy. Matheson is a talented filmmaker and actor who has advanced entertainment.

The ex-wife of Tim Matheson is currently where?

The majority of Megan Murphy Matheson’s life has been kept secret and out of the spotlight. She has been able to keep her present activities and endeavors a secret because she dislikes receiving attention from the public. Megan was given custody of their children following their divorce and continued to live with them as they grew and embarked on their own lives.

Despite raising her children in America, Megan’s current life is unknown. Her relationship is private.

Her ex-husband, Tim Matheson, is engaged. While Tim’s life and love have been public, Megan has kept hers private. Because of this, many details of her life are unknown, which gives individuals interested in her career and personal journey plenty of area for speculative thinking.

People Also Ask (FAQs)

Megan Murphy Matheson: who is she?
American actress and writer Megan Murphy Matheson works in both fields. She rose to fame as Tim Matheson’s ex-wife, an accomplished American actor, director, and producer.

When did Megan Murphy Matheson and Tim Matheson meet?
Tim Matheson, who was in a 1979 film, met Megan Murphy Matheson. They didn’t start dating right away. It took six years of persistent wooing from Tim before they eventually started dating and eventually got married.

How long were Megan and Tim Matheson married?
Tim Matheson married Megan for 25 years. They divorced in 2012.

How many children does Megan Murphy Matheson have?
Megan and Tim Matheson have three children together: two daughters named Molly and Emma, and a son named Cooper.

What is Megan Murphy Matheson’s net worth?
Megan Murphy Matheson’s 2023 net worth is projected at $2 million. Her income comes from acting, directing, and choreography.

Did Tim Matheson have any previous marriages before Megan?
Yes, Tim Matheson was previously married to Canadian actress Jennifer Leak. 1968 marriage, 1971 divorce. Megan Murphy Matheson was Tim’s second wife.

What controversies have Tim Matheson been involved in?
Tim Matheson, a political tweeter, was criticized for tweeting about Melania Trump. He reported a political death threat to the police.

What is Megan Murphy Matheson’s current status?
As of the latest available information, Megan Murphy Matheson’s current whereabouts and activities are not publicly known. She keeps her life private.

Did Megan Murphy Matheson continue her acting career after her divorce from Tim Matheson?
Megan Murphy Matheson stopped performing after her divorce from Tim Matheson. After 14 years as an actress, she retired.

Is Megan Murphy Matheson involved in any philanthropic or charity work?
Information about Megan Murphy Matheson’s involvement in philanthropy or charity work is not available in the provided details. Her private life is private, making it difficult to determine her charity efforts.

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